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    Cool. Sounds like some nice time off


      Now that's a Monopoly game I could play


        Gandhalfit KYRO

        10.07.2019 - WEDNESDAY

        Parkour day! Practiced monkey vaults and wall climbs again. And tried tic-tac. Got it a couple of times, but it really needs practice. But it was the first time so... Also practiced precision jumps and climbed a tree and under a bridge and jumped over a few rails. Loved today's session, wish I could've stayed longer. But I had to go to the cinema to watch Annabelle Comes Home

        See ya!


          Sounds fun, really


            noname it is​​​​​​

            11.07.2019 - Thursday

            Push ups:40+20 normal+10 archer; 1.30 rest
            Pull ups: 3x5 normal; 3x5 close grip chin ups; 3x5 wide grip pull ups; 1 min rest
            At least 3 hours of stacking firewood


            I forgot to mention that when i tried tic tac for the first time yesterday, then I managed to smash into the wall with my whole body. Today my abs feel like I tortured them yesterday. Stacking firewood kinda took most of my energy today, so my training was really light. I can't believe im saying this but i'm already looking forward to september, because I get a fixed schedule and it motivates me to train properly. There's so much going on right now that I can't seem to find the right moment to train and end up with little to no training. So conflicted about what to do with it

            See ya!



              Oh, and I got addicted to army rolling all my clothes so now basically everything (to think of it... Literally everything) im going to take on my trip is nicely rolled up and stacked into a pile on my desk


                Originally posted by Hwestneth View Post
                Oh, and I got addicted to army rolling all my clothes so now basically everything (to think of it... Literally everything) im going to take on my trip is nicely rolled up and stacked into a pile on my desk
                Haha, I can see that I'm not the only one It's very helpful, especially if you are trying to pack for a week into a small backpack there is


                  "Well good luck to me, because I'm a lazy perfectionist and I lose interest in activites pretty fast."

                  I feel that on a personal level

                  Good luck!! You can do it!!

                  With Focus and Intention, anything is possible.


                    KYRO Oh yeah, my little backpack is accommodating 4 T-shirts, a pair of jeans and a hoodie and my training clothes in addition to much other stuff so it's really awesome

                    XxXKiarraXxX Thanks! I'll be keeping that in mind


                      12.07.2019 - FRIDAY

                      Pull ups: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+6+5;10s rest per every pull in previous set (56)
                      2 wall handstand push ups
                      Dips: 15+13+12+11+10; 2:30 rest (61)
                      1 wall handstand push up


                      Quick little workout before last preparations and heading to the American Beauty Car Show.

                      See ya!


                        No workout on Saturday or Sunday, except for walking. American Beauty Car Show.

                        15.07.2019 - MONDAY

                        Morning push ups: 40+20+20; 1:30 rest (80)
                        Pull ups (to failure): 12+7+6+5+7; 1:30 rest (37)
                        Strength Protocol Day 1 - Push ups: 60+10+10; Diamond push ups: 8+8+7; Tricep extensions: 10+10+10;Tricep Dips: 20+20+10

                        Had to wake up around 5am. I don't know whether it was because of laziness, tiredness or the fact that the pull up bar rolled around, but I didn't make it past 12 pull ups. Then I was angry with myself and decided to take a new program and push a new push ups record out of me. That lifted my spirits a bit. The start of my trip to Austria.

                        16.07.2019 - TUESDAY

                        Strength Protocol Day 2
                        Extreme Abs

                        We drove the whole past day and arrived to our accommodation in Poland around 6am and got around 3 hours of sleep and had to drive again. Did the workout in the evening in our accommodation in Austria.

                        17.07.2019 - WEDNESDAY

                        Push ups: 20 archer + 20 normal
                        Strength Protocol Day 3

                        I managed to pile all the unpleasant things to one moment in time, including sickness, travelling in a way I can't train properly and some other stuff.

                        18.07.2019 - THURSDAY

                        Strength Protocol Day 5 - raised leg push ups: 30+14+12; raised pike push ups: 10+6+6; Tricep Dips: 20+20+20
                        Pull ups (pyramid): 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+6+5; 10s rest per every pull in previous set (47)
                        Straight bar dips: 10+8; 1 min rest

                        I FOUND A PULL UP BAR!!!! ....kinda. It wasn't a pull ups bar, rather a playground construction and a pretty large bar at that. BUT IT DID THE JOB AND I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND IT. I'm waiting forward to being able to do pull ups normally again, because I feel kinda weak when I don't.

                        I will update you on the trip a bit more if you wish and I have more time. Right now I have very little time


                          Take your time (and take pictures) and have fun

                          12 pull ups is a lot on it's own (even if you are used to more) and for that time of morning. Remember the body can't really do 100% or push past it every time.


                            Gandhalfit Thanks! I'll try to keep that in mind

                            19.07.2019 - FRIDAY

                            Pull ups: 4+6+5 normal; 3x5 close grip chin ups; 3x5 normal; 1min rest
                            And hiking

                            Tight on time again, so I didn't have the chance for push ups and honestly, I was too tired anyway. Somewhere along the road I found a thing that I could use to do pull ups and on we went again.

                            20.07.2019 - SATURDAY

                            Area 47 - Swimming and rock climbing

                            We went to Area 47. There are lots of fun stuff to do, but unfortunately you have to book in advance to use many attractions, so we went to the water area. We swam a bit and then my brother found a pool with a rockclimbing wall over it that was around 5m tall. There were five different tracks you could climb and I climbed them all That was a lot of fun. I think I want to start rock climbing now


                            I haven't trained yet today. I'm sitting in my room and just quietly unpacking. This dorm also has a gym, so I'm gonna check that out later. Maybe I don't have to go to that calisthenics park if that has a pull up bar. I'll go for a walk later and find the places I have to go to. I'm so excited

                            See ya!


                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


                                Happy birthday (again)!