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    alleycat yeah, I don't think there's any groups where I am. And maybe I dont have good enough imagination but there are not so many places where you could practice parkour that much (roofs close together, fences etc. ) My city's version of parkour would be a lot of running and a couple of vaults : D

    I managed to get a broken finger some two years ago. I can't imagine how breaking something bigger would affect me and my training.


      20.12.2018 - THURSDAY

      Morning push ups: 12+10+10 pike push ups; 10s rest (32)
      Pull ups (lazy day): 3x7 normal grip pull ups; 3x7 close grip chin ups; 5+5+6 wide grip pull ups; 1 min rest between sets (58 altogether)
      Epic Five Day 7 - EPIC
      Advent Calendar Day 20
      Ab Challenge Day 21
      Hollow Hold Challenge Day 28
      Balance Challenge Day 28
      Fit Christmas Day 8 - lvl. 3; 30 s rest between sets
      Calves of Steel Day 28
      20ish push ups with 5kg, 10kg and 15kg extra weight. And some one arm push ups.



        21.12.2018 - FRIDAY

        Morning Push ups: 15+10+10 pike push ups; 10 s rest (35)
        Hollow Hold Challenge Day 29
        Ab Challenge Day 22
        Advent Calendar Day 21
        Epic Five Day 8 - EPIC
        Fit Christmas Day 9
        Calves of Steel Day 29
        Balance Challenge Day 29

        Felt very, very tired today so skipped the pull ups.

        22.12.2018 - SATURDAY

        Epic Five Day 11 - EPIC
        Ab Challenge Day 23
        Hollow Hold Challenge Day 30
        Advent Calendar Day 22
        Balance Challenge Day 30
        Calves of Steel Day 30
        Fit Christmas Day 6

        SNOWBALLS DODGED TODAY (ALTOGETHER): 39/+11 yesterday (133)


          Hwestneth Heya haven't heard from you in a long while I hope you are ok


            BlackButler Thanks for worrying! I had some really busy times (exams, sickness etc.). But now I'm (hopefully) back


              LONG VERSION
              I've been away for awhile, so let's start from the beginning, shall we? In December and January I had 8 exams and a "short" (5-page) essay. Taking into account that I had 3 courses where I went to lectures only about 3-4 times during the course, then I had a lot to learn. I took on an easier workout program, that was less time consuming which consisted of Epic Five, Ab Challenge, Combat HIIT and weighted pull ups three times a week. I did this pull up program around two and a half weeks before I realised that this really didn't work for me. I'd fallen from 15 pull ups in one go to 13 pull ups in one go. So I switched back to the old program. Around mid-January, more or less after the exams, I had started training more heavily. My training included a morning workout (3 sets of push ups to the max, 20 squats, 20 V-ups, yoga), pull ups five times a week, a program (Combat HIIT and a bit of Full Circuit), Handstand Push-Ups training, some combat workout, dips and straight bar dips, ab workouts (Brute Abs, Concrete Abs, Rockin' Abs), running, back workout, The Smiter.
              And then I fell sick Perfect timing, as always. I had to rest for a week and coming back from it, I actually wasn't in a bad shape. I actually managed to do assisted one arm pull ups (holding with one hand from my wrist) and got complimented in the gym for it. So really, not bad! And I decided to try and train my push ups a bit more differently, because I wanted to have a bit more control and build some endurance instead of pushing them out at high speed. So I started doing push ups according to this video. And I'm thankful that I did.
              Then I went to a mountain skiing trip to Sweden, from which I just returned. And this is where it went to hell. I tried to continue with some form of upper body training, but my body was quite exhausted by the end of the day and my morning push ups started to fall also. I found a fun upper body bodyweight only training video which was actually really fun to do and good. But. But. Somehow, during skullcrushers I managed to hurt my elbow, so it was painful to do push ups. So I decided to not train my upper body during the trip.
              Just now, I did 3x20 push ups with one minute rest between sets. I did them slow and controlled to test out my elbow and, well, it is very sketchy. There's a weird feeling and a kind of weakness there, that lets me know that if I try to do anything extreme with it or do some sudden movement, then it will start hurting again. Now I'm kinda torn. Should I do pull ups? Should I leave it for now? Should I do them, but not give my all?

              SHORT VERSION
              Had to study for exams, switched programs, messed up my training a bit, started to develop again, got sick, form wasn't actually that bad when I had recovered (could do assisted one arm pull ups), changed my training a bit. Went on a mountain skiing trip, couldn't really train my upper body, messed up my elbow.

              What should I do with my upper body training? I can feel that the elbow is still weak and will start to give me pain if I do one wrong move. I can do slow controlled push ups in low amounts (in around sets of 20, any more and my elbow will show me the middle finger). I can do some pull ups (did two to test the movement, elbow feels weird, but at least then seemed to hold up. I haven't felt so weak in a long time and it's actually quite distressing. What should I do?


                Hwestneth Welcome back! Holy cow you have been busy! sorry you feel ill but glad you're better now! Still getting 13 in one go is epic! Look forward to the rest of your journey Great to have you back For the elbow it might be wise to rest it maybe or maybe get it checked out


                  Welcome back, although it seems you have had time to working out.


                    Great job on the workouts despite the illness and exams!

                    Five exams and an essay? Consider each of these emojis to be a "badge" for one of those courses:


                      BlackButler Cabriel Joomju Thanks you guys!
                      Yeah, 13 in one go is still quite good, but once you know you can do more then it is not enough
                      Thank you for the badges, Joomju It was a hellish time
                      The elbow seems to be getting better every day, I tested pull ups yesterday and it seems that my elbow doesn't like only those exercises that remind it of skull crushers


                        27.02.2019 - WEDNESDAY

                        Morning push ups: 3x20; 1 minute rest
                        Pull ups: 3x4 normal pull ups; 3x4 close grip chin ups; 3x4 wide grip pull ups; 1 minute rest between sets (36 all together)
                        2 one arm assisted pull ups
                        Combination of flex hang, deadhang and negative pull ups challenge: 5s flex hang + 2 negative pull ups + 10s deadhang + 5 flex hang + 1 negative pull up + 10s deadhang + 5s flex hang + 1 negative pull up
                        Ab Master
                        Cardio Trim Day 1 - lvl. 3 (3/3 trophies unlocked)


                        Elbow seems to be quite okay with doing pull ups - at least then when they are slow and very controlled. I decided to see whether I still can do those assisted one arm pull ups and yeaah! I could! To develop my strength and also help the elbow to get used to being used, I took on three pull up bar challenges and combined them into a workout. It was quite nice
                        And I took on Cardio Trim! Again... This is, like, I think the fourth or fifth time now that I've tried?
                        See ya!


                          Glad to see you here again I wanted to drop by earlier, but I was busy...

                          Healing vibes for you and your elbow (Also, I'm glad that it's getting better )


                            KYRO Thanks! it's good to be back! Thanks for the healing vibes as well!


                              I hope your elbow is completely back to normal soon! And welcome back, you wonderful BEAST


                                Maegaranthelas Thanks! Elbow is getting better every day