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    Oh, inspired by all the planning done by lpf, I did a bit of spreadsheet-planning, too...
    If I keep it up, I'll finish Hero's Journey at the 24th January! (So, hopefully at least at the end of January... ) But it sounds doable and I'm looking forward to it.
    (Well, unless tomorrow, there I saw some push-ups coming up... )


      Originally posted by Knirin View Post
      Oh, inspired by all the planning done by lpf,
      Me? An inspiration?

      (Well, unless tomorrow, there I saw some push-ups coming up... )
      Oh, I had some push-ups done yesterday and I feel them today... but it's worth it.


        Originally posted by lpf View Post
        Oh, I had some push-ups done yesterday and I feel them today... but it's worth it.
        Yeah, I read about YOUR push-ups... *sigh* If I'm ever able to something like that, I've reached every goal.


          Today: Hero's Journey, Day 25: Done on Level 1 and hammer weapon's practice

          Points earned today: +250
          Points total: 4550

          My shoulders and arms feel a bit destroyed... I definitely like the shoulder taps way more than the push-ups. I split weapon's practice into sets as "throughout the day" just doesn't work for me, especially not with the lack of dumbbells in my office.
          It's nice to see all that definition evolving in my upper arms and my shoulders! I'm not that much better at push-ups... but at least it's looking good!

          Oh, and the christmas ornament is still a work in progress, I'm nearly have way through with the 10,000 punches. Definitely need to work on that the next days - that's my secret little workout every time I need to visit the restrooms... And I drink lots of water and tea...


            I actually feel the same way about "Totals" / "reps throughout the day" - I can't work out at the office because everyone would be looking at me, so my only choices to work out are either early in the morning or in the late afternoon / evening after work. And if I'm at the climbing gym in the evening, I don't like doing something like punching / kicks (also because of people watching ), so I sometimes have to switch program days.

            Doing punches at the restrooms is a funny idea But I really shouldn't do the kicks for the current Weekly Quest there so I don't accidentally kick in the door


              Today: Hero's Journey, Day 26: Done on Level 1

              Points earned today: +100
              Points total: 4650

              Burpees... I was really scared of them. Luckily, according to the pictures, it's the ones without a push-up, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to complete it. Amazing, how fast those... things... get my heart rate up! I was sweating a lot and it's been the first time I really used and needed the Dragon Bonus Minute resttime. Oh... and they made me get cramps in the arch of my right foot... annoying!
              But it's done! Day 26 is in the books and only four more days until I'm half-way through Hero's Journey!

              Tonight, it's training time again.

              sleep_twitch: I'm lucky, our toilet cubicles are just big enough to do some front snap kicks. But seeing the face of your colleagues after you kicked in the door could perhaps be worth a try...


                Training yesterday has been fun. First in a long time, there have been a lot more colored belts than black belts (yeah, must be Christmas soon... ). So we did a lot of partner changes, teaching and revising the techniques of the lower color belts. Got a chance to make a start on the new pattern I need for the next belt. That made my brain turn into mush...

                We spent the last half hour a bit more like in an examination situation, presenting the techniques and doing the patterns according to our belts. I really like the "street fighting" we then did (and also have to do in a real belt examination): Two people are attacking (one after the other) one, who has to defend himself using everything he/she knows, so using common knowledge and all the techniques as they come to one's mind. That's a nice practice to realize which techniques are really automated yet, too - because these are the ones you'll use in such a case.

                Well, as planned, no workout this morning to give my body some rest. Fortunately, my wrists don't look as bruised as they feel... I'm still waiting for somebody to comment on my bruises one day...

                Christmas tree ornament is at 2960 punches left. Should be doable!
                Last edited by Knirin; December 15, 2016, 07:48 AM. Reason: Edited to add current status of christmas tree ornament


                  I didn't read the entire thread. so maybe you already wrote it: Do you do your martial arts in a Dojo, or in a sports club, or martial arts club..? The reason I'm asking is that I'm really jealous when I read all those posts about martial arts training from other Darebees - I'm not really satisfied with my Muay Thai classes at the gym and I'd like to find some new place to train, maybe get back to Aikido or try something new..


                    sleep_twitch It's a martial arts club, offering Taekwondo, Allkampf-Jitsu (what I am doing) and since a few months kickboxing.
                    Why shouldn't you, especially if you're not satisfied? Have a look around what's offered in your area and then just try it out. For example, I stumbled upon "my" club as they were offering a class "Kampfkunst für Einsteiger" via the local VHS. ;-) I did this class and then continued.


                      Well, yes, I think that's definitely going to happen in 2017! I've always loved Aikido, but after a very bad accident (two bones of my right foot broken) and a chronic shoulder problem, I realized I'm damaging myself. On the other hand, I miss the nice people and the feeling of belonging to a group and being "in this together" - in bouldering, you don't really have that because in the end, everyone is training on their own. That's why I started Muay Thai classes, but I hate the partner training, as there seems to be a large part of the group not willing to train with "newbies" (and "newbies" shouldn't train with them either, because they're not taking care of not damaging their partners) and we have to stick with the same partner for the entire drills. Google tells me there's a martial arts club close to where I live and I'm definitely planning to try that in January


                        Today: Hero's Journey, Day 27: Done - 5 attackers fought off.

                        Points earned today: +500
                        Points total: 5150

                        That has been fun! Well, except for the side kicks, they started killing me towards the end. Couldn't fight off all 7 attackers because of my legs and hips starting to get really tired of the side kicks and my form getting sloppy... and because I was running out of time unfortunately. :-/
                        But hey, 5 attackers fought off, that's not too bad, is it?
                        Tonight there will be no training, instead my boyfriend's band has a gig and I need to be there of course.


                          Have fun at the concert! What kinda music? Sorry for your legs, is Hero's Journey that tough?


                            Well done Knirin! 5 attackers

                            Stilks Hero's Journey is reasonably tough, but not overly so. Just what I'd expect from a program. It has its lighter and its tougher days, of course, but it's all very doable.


                              *Comes in yawning*
                              Well, that's been a weekend!

                              Friday evening I spent with the band. Nice location, three bands in total ranging from soft rock to alternative/indie rock to more of hard rock/metal. Has been a lot of fun, although there weren't that many people (as usual if there are only small, local bands playing). We got home at half past midnight... well, I got into bed after three, we were sitting in the kitchen, snacking things and tasting 4 different sorts of rum our visitor brought with him...
                              Yes, I have to admit, I skipped the workout on Saturday... ;-) (Not completely, I finished up the last missing 600 punches for my Christmas tree ornament)
                              Instead we spent a lot of time talking, eating things, cooking, and in the evening drinking some more rum... ;-)

                              Sunday: Hero's Journey, Day 28: Done.

                              Points earned: +150
                              Points total: 5300

                              I suddenly realized that the effort is starting to pay off - 14 leg raises per set? No problem! Rest of the day spent with preparations for Christmas - writing some Christmas cards, baking some Christmas cookies,...

                              Today: Hero's Journey, Day 29: Done on Level 1 + hammer weapon's practice (with 6 kg dumbbells)

                              Points earned today: +150
                              Points total: 5450

                              I'm tired this morning. Some weird dreams this night didn't really help. I still hate push-ups...


                                Originally posted by Knirin View Post
                                I still hate push-ups...
                                Hey Knirin,

                                May I advice taking a look at several advices you can find here in Darebee and elsewhere on the web about improving your push-up form?

                                It's worth the investment to spend a few days doing just 2 or 3 push-ups concentrating on tips about better form, and then increase the number little by little (as per the corresponding monthly challenges) rather than trying to do a lot of push-ups with "bad form" and hating them

                                The best advice I found recently (since I'm also working on that right now) was about "ghost push-ups": you basically stand up, put your hands next to your shoulders, and push the hands forward and backwarrds a few times. The elbows stay naturally quite close to the body. Then, you do the same thing on the floor, and suddenly your push-up form is much better and it hurts in different muscles than before.