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    Friday, 5th February:
    30 Days of HIIT, Day 20, Level 3

    Monday, 8th February:
    30 Days of HIIT, Day 21, Level 1 (soo hard!!)
    DD w/ EC (50 squat hold calf raises)

    74 DD done, 63 with EC


      Tuesday, 9th February:
      30 Days of HIIT, Day 22, Level 3

      Woke up a bit before my alarm rang with a nice cramp in my neck... Argh! Definitely left me awake and annoyed this morning.


        Healing vibes for your neck!


          Thank you, sleep_twitch

          Thursday, 11th February:
          30 Days of HIIT, Day 23, Level 1
          DD w/ EC (30 Clamshells)

          I probably should start my own "Getting Out Of Bed On Time"-Challenge, like sleep_twitch... I'm defnitely struggling with that in the last weeks, especially on days when I'm alone at home...

          75 DD done, 64 with EC


            Friday, 12th February:
            30 Days of HIIT, Day 24, Level 3
            WOD: Dexterity, Level 3, w/ EC

            Looked at the DD, disliked it; looked at the WOD and immediately liked it... That's how things sometimes work

            Monday, 15th February:
            30 Days of HIIT, Day 25, Level 2
            DD w/ EC (40 Knee to Elbows)

            76 DD done, 65 with EC.


              Daerebee is creating a new language:

              "Didn't DD with EC but did WOD"


                So true, Colin! As I'm a technical writer, some part of my brain was definitely going" No, you can't write that, way too many abbreviations, nobody will understand you [...]!"

                Tuesday, 16th February:
                WOD: Chest & Back Light
                30 Days of HIIT, Day 26, Level 2

                The WOD was definitely a nice and much needed warmup for today's 30 Days of HIIT. So many planks... but I'm a little bit proud, I even managed the push-up plank hold and even a second set.


                  Wednesday, 17th February:
                  30 Days of HIIT, Day 27, Level 3
                  DD w/ EC (40 climber taps)

                  Seems like I should start looking for my next program... I don't really have an idea yet, but I'm sure I'll find something to keep myself busy, right?

                  77 DD done, 66 with EC


                    Thursday, 18th February:
                    30 Days of HIIT, Day 28, Level 1

                    Monday, 22nd February:
                    30 Days of HIIT, Day 29, Level 3

                    Tuesday, 23rd February:
                    30 Days of HIIT, Day 30, Level 1
                    DD w/ EC (60 s Single Leg Hops on the Spot)

                    I'm tired and just not in a really good mood, despite the wonderful warm and sunny weather... Some health news that weren't expected (but won't kill me) and the wall in the kitchen isn't dry yet, so three more weeks of luckily only the infrared dryers (noiseless). Oh, and lots of coming and going of workers to get a new ceiling into the kitchen, upgrade the electrics and all that stuff... I'm so fed up with all of it.

                    78 DD done, 67 with EC.


                      Congrats on 30 Days of HIIT badge day


                        Yay for the badge!

                        ..and for the bad stuff:


                          Congrats. and of course:


                            Happy Badge Day!
                            for your kitchen woes!


                              Thanks a lot, Fremen, sleep_twitch, TheLibrarian and Mamatigerj

                              Tuesday, 23rd February (cont'd):
                              Tempered Steel, Level 3 (WOD)

                              Wednesday, 24th February:
                              Reboot, Day 1, Level 2
                              Power Grip Challenge, Day 1
                              DD w/ EC (20 prone reverse flys)

                              79 DD done, 68 with EC.


                                Belated happy badges, Knirin, and sorry for your inconveniences!

                                Enjoy Reboot!