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    Originally posted by Colin View Post
    Say no to Burpees!
    I'd love to! But I want to earn that badge... So I need to do them... *sigh*


      Monday, 11th January:
      30 Days of HIIT, Day 5, Level 2

      Tuesday, 12th January:
      30 Days of HIIT, Day 6, Level 3
      DD (40 Squat Hold Side Bends)

      Wednesday, 13th January:
      30 Days of HIIT, Day 7, Level 3
      DD w/ EC (40 Knee Crunches)

      Thursday, 14th January:
      30 Days of HIIT, Day 8, Level 3
      DD w/ EC (3 min Arm Extensions)
      Keeper (WOD), Level 1 w/ EC

      Keeper was a nice workout to get myself warm again - I'm sitting in front of the computer watching a recording from a conference and I was so cold... But not anymore.

      69 DD done, 59 with EC.


        Friday, 15th January:
        30 Days of HIIT, Day 9, Level 3
        DD (30 Full Bridges with reach)

        The 30 Days of HIIT was easier than I thought on first look and the DD was way harder - my shoulders hate me.

        70 DD done, 59 with EC.


          Monday, 18th January:
          30 Days of HIIT, Day 10
          DD w/ EC (2 min Elbow Clicks)

          And another week...Tomorrow the construction works in our kitchen will start, to get the wall dry again. So, I still need to clean out some of the kitchen cabinets this evening.
          Other than that, quite a bit of snow and it's cold....

          71 DD done, 60 with EC.


            Sending strong nerves for the construction work!


              Good luck with the construction!


                Thank you, sleep_twitch and Anek! Much appreciated and needed... It's an old building, so the ceiling behind the wooden panels looks completely different from what was expected, so a lot more dust and dirt and probably work. Oh well... I'm so tired.

                Tuesday, 19th January:
                30 Days of HIIT, Day 11, Level 3
                DD w/ EC (60 Knee-to-Elbow Twists)

                72 DD done, 61 with EC.


                  Wednesday, 20th January:
                  30 Days of HIIT, Day 12, Level 1

                  Friday, 22nd January:
                  30 Days of HIIT, Day 13, Level 1

                  Monday, 25th January:
                  30 Days of HIIT, Day 14, Level 1

                  Yes, I know, only level 1 and no DDs or additional workouts... but that was the maximum of what I was able to do in the last days. All this kitchen construction stuff takes a bigger mental toll on my than I expected. Probably because of all the working from home stuff - I'm currently working, eating, working out,... in one room; or put otherwise, I only leave our living room for sleeping and going to the bathroom. Oh well, at least week 1 with the dryers is already nearly over and additionally, these work on an infrared basis, so they are nearly soundless! That's such a relief! Tomorrow, they'll finally pull down the wooden ceiling and have a look what needs to be done in there... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are no more bad surprises.
                  Sorry, lots of rambling and not a lot of workouts in here at the moment...


                    Tuesday, 26th January:
                    30 Days of HIIT, Day 15, Level 3

                    That was fun, somehow...


                      Happy Badges, Knirin!


                        Thursday, 28th January:
                        30 Days of HIIT, Day 16, Level 3

                        Well then, finally all dryers are up and running (and already getting on my nerves ). Three weeks to got (at least)... At least I now know where to go when I'm getting cold in front of the computer - into my kitchen! We have around 30°C in there, with only 30% of humidity...


                          OK. I'm an idiot and read 30 Days of... as Day 30! Early congratulations for two weeks' time then!


                            Aw, no problem at all, Colin, I just took it as belated wishes for my little pre-Christmas badge collection.

                            Friday, 29th January:
                            30 Days of HIIT, Day 17, Level 2


                              Monday, 1st February:
                              30 Days of HIIT, Day 18, Level 3
                              DD w/ EC (80 Side Leg Raises)

                              Another Monday... but luckily, my mood is getting better after a weekend of not doing much and reading a lot. Might also be because the days are definitely getting longer again. Only the weather gets on my nerves - way to warm for the beginning of February and lots of rain. I'm not a winter person, but sunshine, cold and snow are definitely better than grey and rainy weather!
                              Have great week!

                              73 DD done, 62 with EC.


                                Tuesday, 2nd February:
                                30 Days of HIIT, Day 19