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    Interesting looking through the different spells and choosing, right?! I aimed at things that had additional chances of success, or group effect.


      PetiteSheWolf Yes, there's so much to look at and choose from!

      Sunday, 23rd August:
      Spellbound, Chapter 6


        Monday, 24th August:
        Spellbound, Chapter 7
        Spellbound, Chapter 8

        Nice, first a workout, then a little meditation. Haven't done any real meditation in nearly a year. But I quite enjoy it from time to time.

        Tuesday, 25th August:
        Spellbound, Chapter 9 - part 1, Shield


          Wednesday, 26th August:
          Spellbound, Chapter 9 - part 2, Earth Rift

          Now all attack spells that do not require me to get down on the floor are charged... Yes, I'm lazy. And yes, I probably should do one of those planks and whatever workouts. But I don't really want to if I have a choice...


            Thursday, 27th August:
            Spellbound, Chapter 10

            I got lucky with the probability: a 12!


              Wehay! A partner up! I look forward to sharing the badge with you

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                Friday, 28th August:
                Spellbound, Chapter 11

                Push-ups done from my knees and admittedly cut a bit shorter than those 5 sets. Might also be because I'm still tired and my brain is running in overdrive - vacation is coming up and there's still so much to do and think about


                  Back from holidays! Well, at least physically... mentally I'm still struggling a bit - it was a wonderful week by the seaside and currently a lot of things back home feel annoying and so much worse than being on holidays. Oh well, I'll get over it.
                  At least I'm trying to get my routine and life back to "normal". This week, I'm working from home again... and so I just did a little restart.

                  Wednesday, 9th September:
                  Ten, Day 1 (6 sets)


                    Well, well... not the most productive weeks, but I did more than I posted on here so far! All in all, I'm already annoyed by the darker season of the year (although it's quite nice weather atm) and I'm constantly tired... And I have to do lists that would be enough for the next weeks, but those things just keep growing, like weeds in the garden!

                    Thursday, 10th September:
                    TEN, Day 2
                    TEN, Day 3

                    Friday, 11th September:
                    TEN, Day 4

                    Monday, 14th September:
                    TEN, Day 5

                    Tuesday, 15th September:
                    Spellbound, Chapter 12

                    Wednesday, 16th September:
                    Spellbound, Chapter 13 / Spell 1: Wind Blast

                    Thursday, 17th September:
                    Spellbound, Chapter 13 / Spell 2: Lightning Bolt
                    Spellbound, Chapter 13 / Spell 3: Restoration

                    Tuesday, 22nd September:
                    Spellbound, Chapter 14
                    Spellbound, Chapter 15


                      Wednesday, 23rd September:
                      Spellbound, Chapter 16


                        Thursday, 24th September:
                        Spellbound, Chapter 17

                        Tuesday, 29th September:
                        Spellbound, Chapter 18 - Silent Step charged

                        We spent a nice long weekend at a relative's place 400 km away. The only things that bothered me were the cold and wet weather and the feeling, that I am getting allergic to dogs...


                          Wednesday, 30th September:
                          Spellbound, Chapter 18 - Invisibility charged

                          Another chapter done.


                            Thursday, 1st October:
                            Spellbound, Chapter 19

                            My knee push-ups are pathetic... oh well, but I did them.


                              Friday, 2nd October:
                              Spellbound, Chapter 20

                              Those climber taps look deceptively easy - until you realize that you need to take one foot and one hand off the floor at the same time... But it went alright.

                              btw: neilarey: Did Darebee change any bank account details? My monthly transfer to the German account was just returned to me saying "account closed"...


                                Knirin hi, yes - our EUR account details have changed, see the new ones here. I hope this helps and thank you so much for supporting the resource