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    Good luck!


      Thank you for all those good wishes!

      Originally posted by xingyiquan View Post
      indeed good luck for the belt examination Knirin what is expected from you ?
      Well, a lot of different techniques - the 8 techniques from the belt we want to achieve plus 4 from ever belt we already have. So that's been 16 plus 8 techniques for our green-blue belt. Then we have patterns to do, a bit similar in concept to Taekwondo. And then there's a few kicks and technique to be performed according to commands plus a free-style fight - defend yourself against two attackers (that is always fun ). And last but not least, there's the board breaking, this time with a jump-sidekick. "Funny" as the boards just didn't break this time, for nearly none of us... Even the ones doing their 3rd and 6th Dan where having difficulties. Probably too much humidity inside the boards due to winter...

      All in all, we all did it and five of us now have the green-blue belt. Now, back to training this week, there are 8 new techniques, a new board breaking and a new pattern waiting for us!


        Oh... and after the belt examination, we had our christmas party. Lots of fun, but it got way too late (we got home at 2:30 in the morning...). Luckily, I hadn't got a lot of plans for Sunday and could relax a bit. But I'm still tired today...

        And the last thing I forgot to mention before: I planned on not working out on Saturday (as I was still a bit sore from training on Friday and because of the examination )... but as I had a look into the Hive on Saturday morning, I had to see that TheRaven had nominated me for the RWC8. Well, bad luck for my plans. But the random button has been in my favour and I got to work out my abs a bit without getting myself completely killed before everything else. So, on to Round 2!

        and today: Hero's Journey, Day 18: Done on Level 2

        Points earned today: +200
        Points total: 3000

        All those high knees and cardio in the morning... done. Added the daily dare and the Advent calendar. Now I want to go back to sleep, but I doubt my office colleagues would let that happen.


          congratulations on your new belt Knirin and thanks for the explanations. My art has between 27 and 32 techniques in total counting all the stuff that has been added over time, my current take and condensed form has 8 techniques in total
          I also learnt something new to me regarding breaking stuff, humidity helps the wood to survive the blow... since I only once broke something made out of wood (as a teenie I had conditionned my shins and with a friend we tested if I could break a baseball bat... I could but lucky I that it was in summer apparently...) I never imagined it could have an impact... On bricks it for sure doesn't but that a practice that I dropped years and years ago when I quit karate...
          In any case grand stuff !


            Well, to get the 1st Dan (the first black belt), there will be 80 techniques... and 6 patterns... But that really differs from art to art. And it takes time... at the moment I plan on getting my first black belt at the end of 2018. We'll see...

            Yes, humidity is definitely involved in the "breakability" of wood... but first and foremost it's the hardness of the wood and our trainer prefers hard wood... that combined with humidity and you need to be strong and exact to break it. Well, luckily, not breaking the board is no criterion to fail the examination. It's just the ego that's annoyed with failing that part of the test. Next time... with a few more months of Darebee, I'll be strong enough! (Hopefully... )


              Good luck! Maybe one day I can be as cool as you sound Good luck smashing wood!


                Congratulations on your new belt. Good job.


                  Thanks a lot, lpf!

                  Thank you, Kaufminator! But honestly, I think, I really do only sound cool, I'm just a normal person trying to do cool stuff.


                    Originally posted by Knirin View Post
                    Thanks a lot, lpf!

                    Thank you, Kaufminator! But honestly, I think, I really do only sound cool, I'm just a normal person trying to do cool stuff.
                    I tend do say the same and no one, really no one ever believes this.
                    So I think, no one will believe you too


                      Hero's Journey, Day 19: Done on Level 2

                      Points earned today: +200
                      Points total: 3200

                      Love those fight days. Has been fun this morning, although at the end I ran out of time. Otherwise that could have been the first day at Level 3. The 1000 punches side quest hasn't been done either. But well... at least I did something. And I added the DD.


                        Nice going Knirin. And belated congratulations on your new belt.


                          Hero's Journey, Day 20: Done, Part 2 on Level 1 with bonus quest

                          Points earned today: +200
                          Points total: 3400

                          Today's workout has been a good start into the day, I liked it! Especially the additional element of keeping your hands behind your back all the time. I added the leg raises in part to Part 1 - I don't have a possibility to do them over the day (they need more space than our toilet-cubicles offer ). Afterwards, I did the Advent calendar and killed my legs completely (still adding some leg raises). Then, to get the blood flowing some more in my "bound" hands, I added the DD...

                          All in all, a lot of fun - and as I was walking down the stairs to get to work, I suddenly felt that I had worked my legs hard... That's going to be fun tonight in training.


                            Realized only this morning that yesterday has seen me do 1/3 of Hero's Journey. Nice!

                            Training has been brutal yesterday evening, lots of bodyweight stuff and leg work for a "warm-up"... Then the new techniques for the new belt (yes, it always goes on ) - they seem to be quite easy and are a lot of fun. First time that we do techniques for defending ourselves against knife attacks!

                            This morning: Advent calendar, daily dare and some punches for the Christmas tree ornament. (Yes, I decided to do the punches - that's a nice thing to be done in the office/the toilet cubicles to get me awake again. )
                            And no, nothing else.
                            I'm tired, I'm sore, my knees are hurting (that's definitely something new to me and nothing I want to keep forever...) and I realized that it's probably not so wise to push through all that - there are only 8 hours between training and my morning's workout on the next day. So I decided to take it easy today and to do the next Hero's Journey workout tomorrow morning. A bit sad; but it's probably best.

                            Have a wonderful day!
                            Last edited by Knirin; December 8, 2016, 09:00 AM. Reason: Edited to add reason for the christmas tree ornament


                              Oh, I just so wasn't motivated to get up this morning... and I'm still feeling tired... BUT I did it. Probably not gave it my all and everything, but better than nothing, or?

                              Hero's Journey, Day 21: Done, Part 1 on Level 1 + hammer weapon's practice

                              Points earned today: +150
                              Points total: 3550

                              I still hate push-ups... but I like weapon's practice. Added the daily dare at the end. The hardest part was keeping the balance...

                              Now it's doing punches all day long and tonight is training. Don't know yet if I'm going... tired, feeling a headache lingering since yesterday and my knee is still feeling weird. Probably all silly excuses... we'll see.


                                Well then, Monday again... I'm soooo tired... and it's grey and rainy...

                                Saturday: Hero's Journey, Day 22: Done on Level 1
                                Points earned: +100
                                Points total: 3650

                                Nice plank variations, that has been something new. But those up and down planks...

                                Sunday: Hero's Journey, Day 23: Done on Level 3 including the bonus quest

                                Points earned: +500
                                Points total: 4150

                                Before starting, I hoped to be able to do Level 1... and then I just did all 5 sets for Level 3! It was hard, yes, but I definitely reached the bonus quest in every set. Although at the end, I got slower and slower and had a hard time getting the knees as high as in the first few reps... Has been a fun workout!

                                Today: Hero's Journey, Day 24: Done!

                                Points earned today: +150
                                Points total: 4300

                                I thought leg raises were hard... but I definitely hated the sit-up punches! Despite that I still like thos ab/core-days in Hero's Journey.

                                All in all, I'm quite happy with the weekend. Didn't go to training on Friday though as I realized that I was trying to do too much at the same time. Nearly two months now with being busy every day, either with work or lots of plans on the weekend have started to wear me out. It's been good to spend Friday at home, together with my boyfriend, watching Dr. Who and eating self-made popcorn!