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    Perfect, Colin!

    No workout today (at least so far) - I slept horribly and just couldn't get myself to get up that early. Oh well...

    Have a nice weekend!


      Hoping you slept better this night.


        Yes, PetiteSheWolf, luckily I did.

        Tuesday, 10th March:
        Zero Hero, Day 17, Level 3
        DD w/ EC (60 s Back Arch Balance Hold)

        34 DD done, 29 with EC


          Wednesday, 11th March:
          Zero Hero, Day 18, Level 3
          DD (2 min Overhead Clench/Unclench)

          35 DD done, 29 with EC.


            Thursday, 12th March:
            Zero Hero, Day 19, Level 2

            Hard work, slaying that dragon... The story always manages to crack me up early in the morning!


              Friday, 13th March:
              Zero Hero, Day 20, Level 2

              Have a great weekend!


                As I was alone this weekend, I was able to stick to my routine:

                Saturday, 14th March:
                Zero Hero, Day 21, Level 3
                DD w/ EC (40 Crunch Kicks)

                Sunday, 15th March:
                Zero Hero, Day 22, Level 3

                Monday, 16th March:
                Zero Hero, Day 23, Level 3 (done in 3 sets)


                  Well, on Monday afternoon we got the news that all employees not working in the labs or in production are now working from home.
                  I quite like it as I have more free time (that's then used for the thesis...) as I don't need to commute.
                  Other than that I'm trying to stick to my routines and to move as much as possible as I'm now sitting in front of a computer all day long in a small flat instead of a bigger company...

                  Tuesday, 17th March:
                  Zero Hero, Day 24, Level 3

                  Wednesday, 18th March:
                  Zero Hero, Day 25, Level 1.5
                  Chest & Shoulders Light (WOD)

                  I pinched something in my left shoulder while doing all those step jacks... Annoying! But in the evening, I felt fine again, so I did the WOD to loosen up a bit before sitting down in front of the computer again for another hour with my thesis.

                  Thursday, 19th March:
                  Zero Hero, Day 26, Level 1


                    Crazy times... Spent the whole weekend in front of the computer, writing my thesis... but fortunately, the end is near.

                    Thursday, 19th March (cont'd):
                    Vitality, Day 1, Level 1

                    Friday, 20th March:
                    Zero Hero, Day 27, Level 3

                    Saturday, 21st March:
                    Vitality, Day 2, Level 1

                    Monday, 23rd March:
                    Vitality, Day 3, Level 3

                    Tuesday, 24th March:
                    Vitality, Day 4, Level 3
                    I had planned to finally continue with Zero Hero this morning... instead I slept horribly this night, my boyfriend got up at the same time as me and then we had cake... Oh well. But even if there will be no guest and no celebration due to all the restrictions, there will be more cake for me. And of course for you bees!



                        Happy birthday


                          Happy birthday!!!


                            Happy birthday !


                              Happy Birthday!