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    Hang in there - December can be pretty overwhelming with all the planning etc., plus you have your master thesis too. Sending you lots of strength!


      Thank you, sleep_twitch.

      Thursday, 19th December:
      Advent Calendar, Day 19
      Calves of Steel, Day 26
      DD (50 Squat Hold Side Bends)

      19 DD done, 16 with EC


        Last workday before my holidays!

        Friday, 20th December:
        Advent Calendar, Day 20
        Calves of Steel, Day 27
        DD w/ EC (60s Flutter Kicks)

        20 DD done, 17 with EC

        As I don't know if I'll make it into the Hive the next days (there's something planned every day... ):
        Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, see you again in this wonderful place in 2020 for lots of workouts and fitness!


          Have a great vacation and wonderful holidays!


            Happy new year to all you wonderful bees!

            I managed to finish the Calves of Steel challenge as well as the advent calendar on the 24th December. Then I stopped doing anything other than eating and enjoying time with friends, family, my loved one... But as it's a new year by now (doesn't feel thet different yet...), it's time to start at least doing something again.

            December 2019:
            22 days in total doing at least a little bit of something
            on average 4600 steps per day...

            Wednesday, 1st January:
            DD w/ EC (3 min march steps)

            Thursday, 2nd January:
            DD w/ EC (60 sec raised arm circles)
            Baseline, Day 1, Level 3

            Saturday, 4th January:
            Baseline, Day 2, Level 3

            22 DD done, 19 with EC


              Monday, 6th January:
              Baseline, Day 3, Level 3
              DD w/ EC (40 Squat Hold Side Bends)

              I love public holidays on Mondays!!

              23 DD done, 20 with EC.


                Originally posted by Knirin View Post
                I love public holidays on Mondays!!
                Isn't it great? One of the main advantages of no longer living in Northern Germany for me

                Oh, and Happy New Year!


                  Definitely, sleep_twitch. Happy New Year to you, too!

                  Tuesday, 7th January:
                  Baseline, Day 4, Level 3
                  DD w/ EC (60 sec Raised Legs Hold)
                  1-Minute-Cardio-Challenge, Day 1 (jumping jacks)

                  I hate cardio... But just 1 minute, that sounds doable, even for me...

                  24 DD done, 21 with EC


                    Wednesday, 8th January:
                    Baseline, Day 5, Level 3
                    DD w/ EC (40 Plank Leg Raises)
                    1-Minute-Cardio-Challenge, Day 2 (butt kicks)

                    25 DD done, 22 with EC


                      Thursday, 9th January:
                      Baseline, Day 6, Level 3
                      DD w/ EC (2 min Punches)
                      1 min Cardio Challenge, Day 3 (march twists)

                      26 DD done, 23 with EC


                        Friday, 10th January:
                        Baseline, Day 7, Level 3

                        Well, well... first, my little sister got married and then I got sick (sore throat and all)... But I'm back again.

                        Saturday, 18th January:
                        Baseline, Day 8, Level 3

                        Sunday, 19th January:
                        Baseline, Day 9, Level 3

                        Monday, 20th January:
                        Baseline, Day 10, Level 1

                        My blood pressure decided during the workout that it didn't like me going back to work after a week of sick-leave (went down to 91/63 and that's way too low even for my standards )... So I went back to the doctor's...

                        Tuesday, 21st January:
                        Baseline, Day 11, Level 3
                        DD (2 min clench/unclench)

                        Wednesday, 22nd January:
                        Baseline, Day 12, Level 2

                        27 DD done, 23 with EC


                          nice to see you, Knirin! Hope yr doctor's thing is OK.


                            Yes, everything's alright again, thanks for asking, Colin.

                            Thursday, 23rd January:
                            Baseline, Day 13, Level 3
                            DD w/ EC (60 W-Extensions)

                            7 sets of 15 w-extensions plus 60 for the DD... nice.

                            28 DD done, 24 with EC


                              Oh, btw, I thought about my fitness goals for the year 2020, too.

                              What I came up with is the following:
                              1. Start again with Allkampf (martial arts) training after finishing my thesis at the end of April.

                              2. Manage to do at least one belt graduation this year. (I can't actually remember which belt I'm on at the moment... And I realized a few days ago that I've forgotten quite a lot of the moves already... 2 years out of training definitely aren't helping )

                              3. Do at least 6 Darebee programs - one every two months definitely is doable, right?:
                              - Baseline
                              - Zero Hero
                              - Cardio Blast (I hate cardio, but this would definitely help me improve a lot in that area...)
                              - Gravity
                              - Fighter's Codex
                              - Full Circuit
                              But if I can manage it, I'd love to finish 30 Days of HIIT, Spartan Trials, Power Up and Epic Five, too...

                              And then there's still the goal of someday being able to do real push-ups - and to do at least 20 of them in one go. But perhaps that goal has to wait until next year, we'll see.


                                Friday, 24th January:
                                Baseline, Day 14, Level 3