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    Thanks for the info, BuurmanSven, unfortunately, I learned that the hard way.

    Today: Combat HIIT Day 8: Done on Level 1

    Sooo tired this morning. Went to bed at the right time, slept well, but seems like it's just not enough at the moment.
    Combat HIIT made me feel a little bit more awake and dead at the same time...


      The footboard on my bed is exactly kneecap height That doesn't give either. I can't count the number of times it's brought me to tears.


        Well, breaking wooden boards is a skill that does require some training. I'm not sure practicing on furniture is the best way, though.

        Let's hope your throat will feel better soon, Knirin!


          Redline I CAN break wooden boards... but it's not very wise to try that using the table edge...
          K e l l y I hear you... push-ups from my knees in training yesterday hadn't made the bruise any better... only more colorful...

          So, yesterday evening martial arts training left me quite exhausted... This morning I was really thinking about skipping Combat HIIT... but I didn't:
          Today: Combat HIIT Day 9: Done on Level 1

          Added the DD, I'm now at 42 DDs and 31 DDs with EC.
          Tomorrow, the first third of Combat HIIT will already be done! :-O


            Good morning!
            Today: Combat HIIT Day 10: Done on Level 3 (!)

            First third of Combat HIIT is done! And my shoulders are dead... Push-ups and punches, what a "nice" combination. But it still was fun and I quite enjoyed it. Yes, even the push-ups - 10 seconds is just enough for me to be able to do them! Even regular ones!
            Well, it's the little things, right?

            (And on time for the weekend all that beautiful sunshine and spring is gone again and it's raining... *sigh*)


              Monday again...

              Saturday: Combat HIIT Day 11: Done on Level 1
              I don't like high knees... but other than that, it has been fun. The DD has made my shoulders burn...
              After that 2.5 hours in the car to get to a friend's birthday. Was a lot of fun, especially as we were playing ninepins in an old hotel. Felt quite nostalgic.

              Sunday: Combat HIIT Day 12: Done on Level 1
              Short workout before spending some time with my parents, including a long walk through town to look at everything that has changed since Christmas. ;-) After getting home, I just got to the couch and went to bed early. Currently, I'm just not able to get myself motivated to do anything else than "nothing"...

              Today: Combat HIIT Day 13: Done on Level 1
              Working on my kicks again, that's really something I feel that I'm making progress. With today's DD, I'm now at 46 and 34 with EC. If the DDs are not too mean in the following days, I'm probably able to claim the 50 DD badge at the end of this week.


                Woohoo! Keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll have that DD badge on friday!


                  Today: Combat HIIT Day 14: Done on Level 1

                  Burpees... and high knees... I don't know which of the two I like less.
                  But I really like the videos that come with Combat HIIT; that makes it really easy to get an overview on how to perform everything - thanks Damer! Although I'm only using the timer when doing it myself as I can't watch the video while doing all those things.

                  And another DD done! Thanks, BuurmanSven, for the encouragement!


                    Today: Combat HIIT Day 15: Done on Level 1

                    Ouch, my shoulders!! They already felt fried after the frst 30 seconds of each set...
                    But hey, half of the program is already done!

                    Afterwards, the DD (no. 48)... I know that one already from training, luckily it's the "easy" version. Try that with sticking your leg out sideways and then going up and down... rarely used muscles and so on.


                      Oh, yeah, day 15 of Combat HIIT is murder for the shoulders. When I did it with lpf and Sevalys, we all hated it with a passion.


                        I'm sore, I'm bruised, I'm tired... Training was fun yesterday. But I made the mistake to start listing to the podcast of CapableCivilian and Damer before training and as it was really interesting and fun, I listened to the rest of it afterwards... oh well,it's a long podcast, so I stayed awake way past my "bedtime" - it was well worth it! Thank you, guys!

                        Today: Combat HIIT Day 16: Done on Level 3
                        Seems like I like abs days in Combat HIIT. Even after all the planks and leg raises we did yesterday in training.... And hey, progress! I still remember how I struggled with my first sit-ups in Hero's Journey... Now they are a lot more fun and doable!
                        Added the DD afterwards, a perfect fit after all those abs stuff! Only one DD left for the badge!


                          We pay for our gains with the only coin we have and that is usually pain Knirin glad you enjoyed the podcast. CapableCivilian did a great job guiding me with his questions I sympathize on the pain. Coming off a sprint training session myself and a standard late night so yeah we suffer. But we persevere.


                            Originally posted by Damer View Post
                            we suffer. But we persevere.
                            Pain is life, suffering is optional, or something like that. Also, without perseverance, what would life be? Survival is just perseverance in the big picture.


                              That stupid cold is trying it again... or another one? Well, a bit of a sore throat and sneezing quite often won't keep me from my workout!

                              Today: Combat HIIT Day 17: Done on Level 1
                              I'm really enjoying all that practice because I can see the benefit and the gains in every training. My kicks are already a lot more stable.

                              Aaaaand: I did it, 50 DDs are done and dusted! I love my new badge. 39 ECs are done, so in the foreseeable future, there could even be the DD+ badge looming.


                                Happy Badge Day