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    I don't think so...


      Today: Hero's Journey, Day 51: Part 1 done on Level 1

      Points earned today: +100
      Points total: 9300

      Today's workout has been annoying.
      60 side kicks per set? Really? That's just boring - yes, it killed my quads and it's a nice exercise for balance, but 60 isn't fun or anything... I packed up the rest (backfist, knee strike and ellbow strike) as a combo to keep me from quitting the workout due to complete boredom.
      Part 2 didn't happen - Level 1 of part 1 already took me 30 minutes (thanks, sidekicks...) and I definitely don't have the time in the morning to get in 50 minutes of exercise or more! But don't worry, I'll get my exercise tonight in martial arts training.

      9 workouts left...


        Today: Hero's Journey, Day 52: Part 1 and 2 done

        Points earned today: +150
        Points total: 9450

        I'm sooooo sore... Training yesterday evening was a lot of fun, especially as we weren't a lot of people and could concentrate on the new techniques.
        "Workout" this morning... well, slight imbalance in the journey, yesterday I would have needed at least an hour to do everything, today 20 minutes would have been more than enough including the optional subquest! And I didn't even do that, I cancelled the meditation after 4 minutes. Shortly past six in the morning is not the right time for such a thing, at least for me.
        Now I'm sitting in the office and I hope that I don't have to get up and walk up/down the stairs too often today... ;-)


          Friday: Did nothing... Sore in the morning, missed training in the evening. Oh well...

          Saturday: Hero's Journey, Day 53: Part 1 done on Level 1 + weapon's training

          Points earned: +150
          Points total: 9600

          That was fun! Yes, I know, push-ups... but, still, it was fun! I even thought about going for Level 2, but then I would have struggled to do the weapon's training.

          Sunday: Hero's Journey, Day 54: Part 1 (on Level 1) and 2 done

          Points earned: +300
          Points total: 9900

          Well, that's something new. I wished for a bigger room, so I was always waddling around in circles... ;-) Left out the army crawl after the first set as it required my knee to touch the floor just in the one place I received a big purple bruise in training on wednesday...
          Part 2 was interesting. Standing still for 20 minutes? Not that hard, isn't it? Well, not so much for the body, but for my brain. I got myself a nice spot where I was able to look out the window and watch the cars go by, the birds struggle with the snow and the chicken of our neighbour running around. The first minutes were fun, especially as my brain sorted some things out and I calmed down. But then... It was really hard to stay there standing while the brain was screaming at me: "That's useless, stop standing there, go and have a look at your mobile! Or at that book over there! Didn't you want to dust that shelf?" Phew... I managed to stay still for the whole 20 minutes and it left me with an amazing sense of accomplishement...

          Today: Hero's Journey, Day 55: Work in Progress...

          Points earned today: +-0
          Points total: 9900

          Honestly, I was looking forward to today, even though it involves push-ups. And wow, it's hard! Had to stop a little after midway through it - because I was running out of time and because I started feeling faint and dizzy and craving my breakfast... So, I definitely need to continue tonight as I'm currently at:
          50/100 push-ups
          60/100 shoulder taps
          60/100 climbers
          50/100 sit-ups
          60/100 squats
          60/100 lunges
          That's feasible, but it's going to be hard work... (Especially as tonight my brain will be awake and it doesn't like exercise that much... ;-) )


            I DID IT!! I CONQUERED DAY 55!!

            Today: Hero's Journey, Day 55: Done on Level 1!!

            Points earned today: +100
            Points total: 10000

            Yes, I had my brain into doing this and not just "forgetting" about it - but it was good! Especially seeing how my sets of 20 or 10 paid off and suddenly there was only one set left and then I started being able to cross off the exercises already finished! Awesome! Finished with a set of 10 push-ups and one of 10 sit-ups - they were probably the best sets in the whole workout!

            Ok, enough party, there are 5 days left till badge day!


              Congratulations! Those last 5 days aren't going to know what hit them!


                I'm still happy about yesterday! I did 100 push-ups!! Ok, still on my knees and in sets of 10, but I did it! And as of yesterday, I've got 10.000 points!

                Today: Hero's Journey, Day 56: Done!

                Points earned today: +100
                Points total: 10100

                Nice, easy and relaxing; this has been a nice morning workout. Although I left out the optional subquest of meditation, I probably would have fallen asleep again... ;-)

                4 workouts left - thanks Joomju, I'll give it my best.


                  100 push-ups is still a big thing. Great!!


                    Yesterday, I overslept, so no chance for Hero's Journey to happen. But I went to training in the evening and had my exercise for the day.

                    Today: Hero's Journey, Day 57: Done? Only Part 1...

                    Points earned today: +100
                    Points total: 10200

                    Well, Day 57... I have to admit, I'm going to be glad when Hero's Journey is over, it starts getting on my nerves a lot as the days get longer and longer (more time consuming) but more boring at the same time. Nice combo today (jab-jab-cross + squat + knee strike), but 60 reps... for at least 5 sets (on Level 1). Phew, that's boring and time consuming!
                    So, unfortunately, I didn't have time for weapon's practice... I'm going to do it probably on Saturday where I should have more time at my hands.

                    The good thing: if nothing changes my plans, Sunday will be badge day!

                    I'm already thinking about the next programme.... There are so many choices available!


                      Today: Hero's Journey, Day 58: Done on Level 1

                      Points earned today: +100
                      Points total: 10300

                      Phew... done. ;-)
                      I'm really looking forward to finishing this journey! Only two days left!

                      Still haven't made a choice with which programm I want to continue on Monday... I "narrowed" it down to either Athena's Playbook, Ironborn, Combat HIIT or Fighter's Codex... they all look interesting!


                        Originally posted by Knirin View Post
                        I "narrowed" it down to either Athena's Playbook, Ironborn, Combat HIIT or Fighter's Codex... they all look interesting!
                        Yeah.... "narrowed" down indeed.


                          Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                          Yeah.... "narrowed" down indeed.
                          Hey, that's only 4 out of all 25 available programs!


                            I've been thinking about Ironborn or Foundation myself, though Athena's Playbook sounds nice in name so I might look into that.


                              Saturday: Hero's Journey, Day 59: Done on Level 1 + weapon's practice of Day 57

                              Points earned: +300
                              Points total: 10600

                              Sunday: Hero's Journey, Day 60: Done!

                              Points earned: +400
                              Points total: 11000

                              Saturday has been fun; thanks to Karma on one of the past days, I even ended up having to do one set less. The weapon's practice I had to leave out due to time constraints on day 57 has been fun, too, and it really pushed me. All in all, day 59 has been quite good.
                              Yesterday, I finished this journey for the time being! Not really good as I only did 4 sets (the Boss has at least some bruises now), but my left decided at the beginning of the 5th set, that it didn't like all that jumping squats and lunges anymore...

                              But hey, it's done!!!


                                Today: Combat HIIT, Day 1: Done on Level 1

                                Started nice and slow - probably Level 2 would have been feasible without a lot of problems. But... I'm tired, feel like I've got no energy and I lost balance all the time during kicks. Annoying. That stupid cold still can't decide whether it should vanish or get a grip on me... that's wearing me out, especially as my lungs start wheezing with the smallest bits of action... and I'm so tired and slept horribly that night. Oh well, it's monday, I'll get through.

                                BuurmanSven Good luck with your decision for a new program!