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    In the Lion's den

    I've started my Darebee journey in January. I've finished some programs, and some time ago I've thought that starting check-in thread would be a great idea. So here it is.
    Well, yesterday I've finished Hero's Journey. Today I've started Military Fit program (no time to rest).

    So, ​​​​​for today:
    -DD 3 Minutes Elbow Plank + EC (I'm surprised that I've did it without any issues)
    -Military Fit Day 1: Recruit (level I) (that was tough even on lvl I).

    As a bonus some photos of my overall progress so far.

    Very nice progress Matan and congrats for your new badge!

    Good luck with Military Fit program.



      Thank you Mr. Octopus
      I'll try to do it on lvl II, but we'll see...
      Thanks for subscribing


        For today:

        -DD 100 Side Kicks + EC.
        There is not really much to comment )

        -Military Fit: Day 2 Endurance (level I).
        It asks for few words more. All those squat hops in the spot were terrible, my knees and thighs gonna hate me for this. Luckily planks was a light side of this workout, I even could rise myself from push-up plank.​​​​


          I remember those squat hops followed by squat hold or jumping squats, it was terrible


            Mr. Octopus But what doesn't kill us, make us stronger


              Hard day...
              I was so happy for push-up day 3 from military fit, but unfortunately I couldn't do it, because of little problem with wrist.
              But it wasn't rest day!!!

              -DD 50 Seagulls with EC
              Funny one, and also pretty intense .

              -Wild Five Workout (lvl III)
              I couldn't do push-ups, but I could do cardio. I'm quite surprised, that I did it on level III. I could have better performance if I quit smoking.

              -WQ The Messenger (150 reps)


                For yesterday:

                -DD 40 Glute Flex with EC.
                Well, yesterday I had really tough day. I came home late evening, I had energy only for DD (better than nothing)


                -DD 20 Dragon Push-ups with EC
                I don't know why, but this one was easier than standard push-ups

                -Military Fit Day 3: Equalizer (lvl I)
                ​​​​​​​My wrist still hurts at the beginning of the workout but now doesn't hurt at all. One leg push-ups also seems to be easier for me, and I'm quite surprised that I did clapping push-ups, I didn't even know that I can.


                  Originally posted by I-Matanjah View Post

                  -DD 20 Dragon Push-ups with EC
                  I don't know why, but this one was easier than standard push-ups
                  I found them to be easier, too!

                  And by the way, you really have transformed yourself! Another living proof how great Darebee works! I will be following your thread to see what your impressions are for Military Fit, it seems a great program, I hope to get to the point of being able to do it one day!

                  Edit: And I really like the title of your thread


                    Thank you inbetween. I'll try to post everyday.



                      -DD 100 Side Leg Raises with EC

                      -Military Fit Day 4: Full Circuit
                      That wasn't tough, that was freaking murder.
                      That was my first workout ever without rest between sets. I'm exhausted but really happy that I did it .
                      This is unimaginable, how small things can change our mood. This was a good day

                      Goodnight bees!


                        Another nice day.

                        -DD 3 Minutes Side Splits with EC
                        After first minute I wanted to split it to sets, but I did it in one go. This exercise always reminds me Van Damme Tribute from Fighter's Codex.

                        -Military Fit Day 5: Power Circuit (lvl II )
                        I guess this was a rest day, because it wasn't that hard, maybe except that combo on end of set.


                          Well yesterday I didn't had time at all:

                          -DD 3 Minutes High Knees with EC
                          Better than nothing...

                          For today:

                          -DD 40 Reverse Crunches with EC
                          Nice one. In the end I felt a little bit burn.

                          -Military Fit Day 6: Cardio & Core (lvl II)
                          I'm really surprised that I managed to do this workout on level II, I guess I'm getting stronger .


                            I feel bad, today my head is like a balloon.
                            Morning was OK, but now is even worse than during the day.
                            So for today:

                            -DD 200 Backfists + EC

                            ​​​-WQ Blind Justice (5min)

                            I'll better go to bed earlier today.
                            Sleep is the best medicine .

                            Good night bees!


                              Hard day...

                              -DD 40 Climber Taps + EC

                              -Military Fit Day 7: Power Circuit (lvl I)
                              Barely made it on level I, I'm really exhausted.
                              BTW I still hate squat hops...

                              -WQ Blind Justice (7min)