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    Oh, there he is


      Originally posted by I-Matanjah View Post
      Vliegendegieter I have organic vegetable/fruit farm. So, strawberries are one of many crops.
      Ah! My husband and I work for an organic fruit farm in Michigan. We are right in the middle of pressing a bunch of cider. It's a part time gig but we love it.

      Also- to be clear, we live in the city and help sell produce at the farmer's market but lend a hand during the fall since they have a million apples to press. FREE APPLES FOR LIFE.


        KaseyRose03 ​​​​​​It's so cool that you're helping on the farm. It's good to get some clean country air. Unfortunately, we don't have any apple trees (yet). We focus on vegetables.
        Today I had really busy day.


        -DD 50 Reverse Lunges with EC
        It was much easier than I thought, even after yesterday's leg day.

        -Strength Protocol Day 12: Abs
        I don't say that was easy, but it wasn't too hard.
        For sure V-Ups and Hollow Hold were pretty challenging, but the planks, EASY.​​​​​​

        I've also did some reps for WQ (200) and Pumpkin Crusher (20)

        Tomorrow is organic market in nearest city. Hope to earn some good cash

        Good night/day bees


          The organic market was OK. Not perfect, but not bad.

          Done today:

          -DD 12 Knee-to-Elbow Push-ups + EC
          That wasn't too hard, I think I could do few reps more.

          -Strength Protocol Day 13: Shoulders, Chest and Triceps
          Extremely tough workout (except get-ups and get-up hold).
          Barely did cross tricep extensions, and L-sits. But, anyway done on level III (I'm surprising myself, how I survived so far on lvl III, I'll try to keep it that way till the end)

          Unfortunately I didn't had time today for WQ and Pumpkin Crusher I'll try to make up tomorrow.

          I'm all sore, and only thing I want right now is

          Good night/day bees!


            Although holidays have started for me and I should have more time I wasn't able to check in yesterday so I'll justdo that now (again)

            October 28th
            Balance Challenge; Day 12 (120 side leg raises) ~ they felt good (as always)
            DD: 50 reverse lunges with EC (54/54) ~ because of the leg focus the day before they were harder than I had expected
            Strength Protocol: Day 12 (abs) ~ oh, how I love and hate those days... doing something for my abs felt great but the 100 v-ups were a real pain
            WQ: Didn't have much time so I added only 200 punches
            Jump Rope Challenge: Day 12 (6 minutes in total througout the day)

            October 29th
            Balance Challenge: 6 Minutes Balance Hold ~ I think I'm going to do them right before my workout session now and then even when I've finished the challenge
            DD: 12 knee-to-elbow push-ups with EC ~ I've never done this variation before but I enjoyed it
            Strength Protocol: Day 13 (shoulders, chest and triceps) ~ the power push-ups were easier for me than I had expected but the cross tricep extensions and he L-sit were hard but I'm able to keep up lvl lll too so far
            WQ: today I had more time, I added 1000 punches
            Jump Rope Challenge: 3 minute skips non-stop


              Long, lazy and boring Sunday.

              Done today:

              -DD 20 Raised Leg Crunches + EC
              Last few reps were pretty challenging.

              -Strength Protocol Day 14: Back and Biceps
              Done of course on level III. Wasn't that hard. Ok, maybe except archer and reverse grip push-ups. This workout put a lot of pressure on my shoulders elbows and wrists.

              I didn't do much today, but I feel more tired than usual.
              Laziness is exhausting
              Good night/day bees.


                Leg day! Today was sunny for about 10-15 seconds, but it was enough to improve my mood.

                Done today:

                -DD 60 Seconds Prone Hold with Clasp + EC
                It was good (painful) stretch day after back workout.
                After first 10 seconds I wanted to surrender, but luckily I've survived.

                -Strength Protocol Day 15: Legs (level III)
                Cross squats were pretty challenging, put a lot pressure on my knees (but without any pain). I thought that Shrimp Squats will be harder. Calf raises were tough as always (+100 for WQ ​​​​)

                I'm wondering what November Challenge will be. I want to do it even if I don't like it.
                That'll force me to start exercising twice a day (again).
                Tomorrow is abs day (planks), I need to get enough sleep.

                So, have a really good night/day bees!


                  Holidays are busier than I thought, sorry for the regular delay

                  Balance Challenge: 140 side leg raises (Day 14)
                  DD: 20 raised leg crunches with EC (56/56)
                  Strength Protocol: Day 14 (back & biceps) ~ I loved that day because reverse grip push-ups and archer push-ups are my favorite push-up variations so that was pretty cool The rest was fun too although the star planks were so much harder than expected
                  Jump Rope Challenge: Day 14 (4 sets of 1 minute with one minute break inbetween)

                  Balance Challenge: good old balance hold (7 minutes in total, I did them in one go)
                  DD:60 seconds prone hold with clasp with EC ~ to me it looked harder than it actually was, but it wasn't easy though
                  Strength Protocol: Day 15 (legs) ~ I was a little scared of that day because leg day rarely is easy and the weekly quest and the jump rope challenge added leg exercises but it worked out well. I did it at lvl lll again (as every day so far) which already added 100 calf raises to my WQ contribution I found the shrimp squat easier than expected too
                  WQ: I added 500 calf raises in total (100 from my program) and I am happy with that number but I want to improve it even more
                  Jump Rope Challenge: Day 15 (450 skips in one workout) ~ I always have a lot of respect for those days on which I have to do such hih numbers and afterwards I can laugh about it although it's never easy of course... but I think those are the days I have the most fun with that challenge, I highly recommend it for everyone enjoying or not ejoying rope skipping because you really start to notice progress and it's a great achievement



                    Balance Challenge: Day 16 (140 side leg raises in one go) ~ I'm looking forward to the 200 side leg raises in the end
                    DD: 20 push-ups + jab + cross ~ I really liked that Daily Dare because it's real action instead of just lying on the floor
                    Strength Protocol: Abs Day (Day 16) ~ after the V-ups from 4 days ago I was a little scared but it was only plank variations which was quite good, I really like them, especially doing variations in general
                    WQ: Today I wanted to top my 500 calf raises from yesterday aiming at 700 which is why I did 350 before Strength Protocol but although I already felt my calves I wanted to do some more so I ended up doing 650 getting me to 1000 for today and a total of 1500
                    Jump Rope Challenge: Day 16 (4 sets of 1 minute with 1 minute breaks inbetween) ~ today I got to 268 (I forgot to mention the number of the day before yesterday: 242)

                    I actually wanted to add some upper body strength training but when I was done with the calf raises my girlfriend's parents said that we would eat lunch in 15 minutes so I only had time to round my training session up doing the jump rope challenge but I'm very happy with my progress since I started here so I it's ok... although I would just love to have more time so I could add one or two workouts every day I think I'll upload a progress picture after Strength Protocol (although I have to find one from before)


                      Whole day I've played video games (Farming Simulator )

                      Done today:

                      -DD Push-up +Jab + Cross with EC
                      Something like burpees, but a little bit easier. Good mix of strength and cardio.

                      -Strength Protocol Day 16: Abs
                      Planks, how I "love" them. Wasn't that hard, but I'm feeling it.

                      Also I did first day of Posture Challenge, nice one, but I've expected some high burn or cardio. It was easy, but beginnings are always easy.

                      ​​​​Oh, and 150 reps for Weekly Quest. We almost won and it's only Tuesday.

                      Tomorrow will be hard workout, with exercises I didn't even know.

                      Maybe ​​​​I also should post some photos after SP. We'll see...

                      Good night/day bees!


                        Have you tried ARK Survival Evolved? I am totally addicted.


                          Pandora Unfortunately I have only android device. Well, it's better than nothing.


                            Done today:

                            -DD 40 bridge taps with EC
                            It was a really good stretch for my upper back.

                            -Strength Protocol Day 17: Shoulders, Chest and Biceps
                            I knew it'll be tough workout, but it was nightmare. Wall walk ups were easier than I thought, but then started to be awfully harder. Each next exercise pushed me to the limit, and pike push-ups at the end... (at least this time I didn't hit my head to the ground). Done it on level III, so I'm pretty amazed.

                            -Posture Challenge Day 2

                            I need to rest, yes, rest. Tomorrow's workout should be a little easier.

                            Good night/day bees!



                              Balance Challenge: Day 17 (7 Minutes Balance Hold)
                              Daily Dare: 40 Bridge Taps with EC (59/59) ~ I didn't find them very hard but they were a good warm-up
                              Strength Protocol: Day 17 (shoulders, chest & triceps) ~ I found the wall walk-ups much harder than expected (I did them on a door which doesn't have as much grip as a wall so it was my own fault) but they still felt good. The push-up variations were great too, I didn't even know push back push-ups and liked them a lot. I'm still doing the whole program at level 3 so I had to do 60 push-ups each which was exhausting but a good workout
                              WQ: I added only 300 calf raises this time because I still felt my calves from the 1000 calf raises from the day before but as I had thought the WQ ist finished already: the dragon is tamed
                              Playground Challenge Practice: I wanted to give the Single Leg Wall-Sit a try before sunday and will probably try again soon and I got to 30 seconds on each leg so far (I was surprised that I can hold the same time with my left leg)
                              Additional Workout: Finaly having time to do a workout I decided to look for a HIIT one because somewhere on the advice pages I read that a HIIT workout no and then is good for your body etc. Don't ask me why I chose a difficulty 5 workout including push-ups after having trained my upper body quite good doing a lot of push-ups I don't know if I've done a HIIT workout before but I really enjoyed it although it almost killed me. Who the fuck puts push-ups directly after jump knee-tucks? Anyways, I'm going to do that more often, maybe every week or so. I really recommend it, although I love strength training workouts training speed and so on are a lot of fun too and I feel good having done something for it

                              Jump Rope Challenge: Day 17 (6 minutes in total throughout the day) ~ I did all of them at the end of my workout session (although I was quite exhausted after the workout) which felt good, it's not only good for your body but I just love rounding up my training with some cardio. I didn't go for 1 minute sets this time but sets of 100 jumps. I did 3 sets leaving me with 55 seconds in which I did 62 more jumps so I ended up with 362 jumps in total which I'm very proud of, considering that 3 minutes exhausted me a lot in the beginning, noticing progress is so cool


                                Originally posted by IronBoy View Post
                                Don't ask me why I chose a difficulty 5 workout including push-ups after having trained my upper body quite good doing a lot of push-ups
                                I'm almost certain the answer would be somewhere along the lines of "Because I can!"
                                You're both doing great with Strength Protocol, keep it up