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    At least today was some sunshine. Oh, how I needed that. My mood improved 200%
    So for today:

    -DD 50 Standing W-Extensions + EC
    That was surprisingly hard at the end.

    -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 26

    -Strength Protocol Day 6: Back and Biceps
    I'll not lie. That was tough. Reverse grip push-ups stretched my forearms in a pretty painful way, and bridges and bridges with rotations were unforgiving.
    Luckily, I felt this workout right there where I should feel it.

    Oh, I've almost forgot, another 550 reps for the Weekly Quest.
    Maybe we have won, but I still have some reps to do.

    I hope tomorrow also will be sunny. I want to go for a walk (and take some photos), or play outside with my dog.

    Good night/day bees!


      I had a first aid lesson yesterday and went to my girlfriend's directly afterwards but pretty late so I didn't want to check in anymore. But yeah, I did my workout session very early (for my conditions at least, not compared to Mr. Octopus ) at 8:00 am but it went well and felt good, maybe I'll get to do it more often And I'm glad you feel better now, I-Matanjah!

      Balance Challenge: Day 6 (100 side leg raises) ~ I like them more and more although I miss the balance holds a little every day I do them
      DD: 50 Standing W-Extensions in one go with EC ~ they were harder than I thought but cool
      Strength Protocol: Day 6 (back & biceps) ~ I like the upper body workouts the most and this one was challenging, expecially the reverse grip push-ups but I love them Aaaand I've never been doing ful bridges before but they worked well and felt good
      Jump Rope Challenge: Day 6 (too... surprise!) ~ it was 3 sets of 1 minute with a one minute breack inbetween again which went well (the third set not exactly but I could finish it)


        Thanks for caring IronBoy.
        Sunny day, great mood. I've ran about 1k on my front yard while playing football (soccer) with my dog.

        ​​​​Done today:

        -DD 30 Roll-Ups + EC

        -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 27

        -Strength Protocol Day 7: Legs
        ​​​​​​I thought this will be easy, no s​​quats, one leg squats etc.
        I was wrong! Lunges were easy, side lunges sort of. I'm surprised that the hardest exercise were T-Stretches. Hamstrings hurt a little right now.

        Another 150 reps for WQ just to met my goal. So, done 3500/3500

        Have a really good night/day bees!


          Balance Challenge: 5 Minutes of Balance Hold (Day 7)
          DD: 30 Roll-Ups ~ after holding my arms up for 5 minutes before I rather felt my arms than my abs but it felt good though
          Strength Protocol: I also found the legs focus harder than expected but the exercises were (although exhausting) very great and I liked all of them as well as doing something for my legs
          Jump Rope Challenge: Day 7 (4 mins rope skipping)

          I'm tired, good night


            Today I had some time and energy so I turned the workout into kind of a big one and I wish I could do that every day

            Balance Challenge: Day 8 (100 side leg raises in one go) ~ I still like them, they're not too hard but feel good afterwards
            DD: 60 Slow Climbers ~ today is my 50th day on here and with that I did my 50th DD with EC
            Strength Protocol: Day 8 (abs) ~ I rarely train my abs by myself and every time it's the focus on my program I enjoy it and am happy to have done something for them although they burn a little afterwards. And I didn't expect that I'd find the windshield wipers and butt kicks the hardest
            Additional Pull-Ups: Wanting to get back to my 17 pull-ups and even top that I added 3 sets of pull-ups to my workout session today (16/10/9)
            Demolition: I did this workout once before and really liked it so searching through my collection of workouts I saw it and wanted to do it again. I did it on lvl 1. Especially the power push-ups always get me and by doing the workout I already did 360 punches for the WQ

            WQ: To make it an even number I added 140 punches afterwards making it 500 punches for today
            Jump Rope Challenge: Day 8 (2 minutes in one go) ~ doing the whole two minutes in one go wasn't easy but luckily it was only 2 minutes, it could have been destroying otherwise (I noticed that I have more difficulties with rope skipping than expected, especially after doing a lot of strength training... I think that being so exhausted makes concentrating much harder)


              Congratulations IronBoy! Well done!

              Today was a good day, but my legs (and butt) still sore after yesterday's workout.

              -DD 60 Slow Climbers + EC
              That was tough (because of soreness)

              -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 28
              I'm quite happy that this challenge is going to end. I have enough of bicep curls.

              -Strength Protocol Day 8: Abs
              The first three exercises (leg rises, hundreds and crunch kicks) were hardest for me.
              I've survived it on level III.

              -WQ Break the Crate (1000 reps)
              I'm sure that inside is Totals program.

              Good night/day bees!


                Thanks, I-Matanjah! And I think you're right, the day the WQ ends is the one Totals is supposed to be published on


                  Another rainy day.

                  Done today:

                  -DD 50 Seal Jacks +EC

                  -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 29
                  This was the last day with bicep curls and push-ups. I'm thinking about next challenge.
                  I want to choose some burn/HIIT. Any suggestions?

                  -Strength Protocol Day 9: Shoulders, Chest & Triceps
                  ​​I should say that I'm stupid, I think that level III was too much for me (we'll see tomorrow).
                  That was extremely hard, and it's just 9th day. During roll-ups I've hit my head on the floor (twice). I should consider lowering the level.
                  I'm really afraid what will be tomorrow...

                  I've also added another 400 punches for Weekly Quest, better than nothing.

                  ​​​​​​Wish me luck on tomorrow workout.

                  Good night/day bees! ​​​​​​​


                    Yesterday I muped my toe pretty hard so that it started bleeding and had some difficulties walking today So I was hoping that working out wouldn't be a problem and gladly it wasn't!

                    Balance Challenge: 5 Minutes Balance Hold in one go
                    DD: 50 Seal Jacks with EC (51/51) ~ they weren't very tough for me and I think I like them even better than normal jumping jacks
                    Strength Protocol: Day 9 (shoulders, chest &triceps) ~ the three-point push-ups in the beginning were very hard but I finished them (as well as the whole workout) on lvl lll. The rest was tough too and I think it was the hardest day for me so far but it was fun
                    WQ: I added 1500 punches today which takes me to a total of 2000 so far
                    Jump Rope Challenge: Day 9 (3 sets of 1 Min.) ~ it was the same as a few times before again and I still like it a lot (although it's hard for me sometimes) but we'll see how doing 400 skips works out tomorrow (I did 170 today)


                      That was a looooong day. I had a lot work on farm (planting strawberries).

                      So, done today:

                      -DD 2 Minutes Uneven Plank + EC

                      Upperbody+ Challenge Day 30
                      Finally, the last day. Now I want to do few days rest from challenges, and then... who knows...

                      -Strength Protocol Day 10: Back & Biceps (lvl III)
                      Which devil invented bridge extensions? That was very hard (and long) workout. I hope that tomorrow I'll be able to move. But there one thing that is great, my posture instantly improved.

                      Also another 700 reps for WQ and 40 for Pumpkin Crusher 2016.

                      I've just checked forward​​​​ for tomorrow's workout and I'm really afraid (legs still sore after last one). But thinking positively is a half of success.

                      Good night/day bees!


                        Do you work on/have a strawberry farm?


                          Vliegendegieter I have organic vegetable/fruit farm. So, strawberries are one of many crops.


                            Oh that's so cool! I was just interested because my own father and one of my brothers have a strawberry farm so I just grew up with it, so that's why I asked it.



                              Balance Challenge: Day 10 ~ 120 side leg raises throughout the day, I did them in one go (60/60)
                              DD: 2 Minutes Uneven Plank with EC
                              Strength Protocol: Day 10 (Back and biceps) ~ the bridge extensions in the beginning were a bitch and I did the bicep extensions because I couldn't do pull-ups (logistically) and they were unexpectedly good
                              WQ: Only 200 punches because I was done and it was late
                              Jump Rope Challenge: Day 10 (400 skips in one workout) ~ I was really scared of them and went outside to do them (because my mother was already sleeping) and I just pushed through (8 sets of 50) and it felt great


                              Balance Challenge: 6 Minutes Balance Hold in one go (3/3)
                              DD: 2 Minutes Elbow Clicks with EC - never saw those before but I really enjoyed them
                              ​​​​​​​Strength Protocol: Day 11 (legs) ~ leg day is always quite challenging for me but I really liked the exercises today so I actually really loved it
                              WQ: Because I felt stronger today I added 1000 punches although I really felt it in my arms
                              ​​​​​​​Jump Rope Challenge: Day 11 ~ 4 sets of 1 Minute

                              I am exhausted now, good night and day, everybody ​​​​​​​



                                Today I want to say only: OUCH!

                                -DD 2 Minutes Elbow Clicks with EC

                                -Strength Protocol Day 11: Legs
                                Funny, exercise that I though it'll be hardest turned out to be the easiest one. I'm talking about Pop-ups. Side leg raises (lying), that always hurt.
                                Survived this workout on level III and I guess that'll be less soreness than on last leg day.

                                Also 1000 punches (Weekly Quest) and 100 jump knee tucks (Pumpkin Crusher).

                                I'm tired and really sleepy.

                                Good night/day bees

                                PS: Where's IronBoy?