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    -DD 60 Seconds Side Star Plank + EC

    -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 14

    -Military Fit Day 26: Endurance (lvl II)

    -WQ Defend the Crate (100 reps)

    Good night/day bees!


      Sorry for not commenting yesterday's workout.
      I felt really bad yesterday's evening, but I've slept well and today I feel quite good.

      So, for today:

      -DD 20 Shrimp Squats without EC,
      I couldn't touch floor with my knee more than two times.

      -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 15
      Again Bicep Curls were doubled, and I've added 40 push-ups to WQ.

      -Military Fit Day 27 Full Circuit
      Nice workout, isn't hard but I'll surely feel it in my shoulders tomorrow.

      Only 3 Military Fit days left and then...

      Have a good night/day bees.


        Today my shoulders (and core) burn!!!

        -DD 20 Pike Push-ups + EC
        That was pretty tough.

        -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 16

        -Military Fit Day 28: Gravity
        Only 2 DAYS TO GO. That was reeeeeeealy tough. Especially back extensions and upward dog stretches.

        With Military Fit and DD I've made 200 reps for WQ

        Im really tired.
        ​​​Good night/day bees​​​​​​​


          Whole day was raining.

          -DD 60 Seconds Swimmers + EC
          Every exercise that I need to lie on my stomach is like a path through hell.

          -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 17

          -Military Fit Day 29: Cardio & Core
          I wanted to quit after first set, I thought that I can't do it. I can't give up on the very end of this program. Done on level I.

          Hey, IronBoy what you think about doing Strength Protocol together?

          Good night/day bees! ​​​​​​​


            Yes, yes, yes!!!
            I've made it!!!
            Military Fit finished!!!

            -DD 30 Cossack Squats + EC

            -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 18

            And of course:

            -Military Fit Day 30: Power Circuit (lvl I)
            That was hard. Each set brought different thoughts:
            Set 1 Oh boy, this is hard.
            Set 2 I don't want to do this
            Set 3 I'm gonna die
            Set 4 I'm gonna die, resurrect and die again
            Set 5 This is easy

            When Military Fit was announced I've dreamed that one day I'll conquer it.
            I didn't even believed in that, I though I'll never have enough strength.
            How I like to be wrong sometimes.

            Now, it's time for a well deserved beer and my favourite salad

            Good night/day bees




                Fantastic work Matan!!
                Happy badge day to you


                  Great job!!! I am right now where you were before, I can't believe I could do it. I know I couldn't do it right now. But I hope to prove myself wrong, hopefully next year!

                  Enjoy the Strength Protocol, it's fun!


                    Nice badge Matan! Military fit is a great accomplishment enjoy SP


                      Congratulations !


                        Happy badge day!


                          Matan dirst of all: congratulations on your badge
                          And when do you want to start Strength Protocol? I thought about starting after this weekend... if that's alright with you, I'd really enjoy doing it together


                            Thank you all You're awesome!

                            ​​​​​​Today I had a rest day.

                            -DD 20 Side V-Ups + EC
                            -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 19

                            IronBoy I wanted to start SP on Sunday, but if you want we can start it on Monday
                            Yeah, Monday sounds good
                            ​​​​God night/day bees ​​​​​​​


                              Let's do it, we can start together on monday
                              I'm really looking forward to it! (The program and doing it with you )


                                IronBoy Alright, Monday, I can't wait ​​​​​​​