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    Originally posted by inbetween View Post
    Do you leave the oats in the yoghurt for at least a couple of hours? This way it's healthier (phytic acid gets neutralized).
    ​​​​​​Well, no, I didn't even know such thing exist.

    I'm vegetarian, and I eat a lot of organic vegetables (I make them )
    I don't really follow any diet, I eat (in my opinion) too much fried meals.
    I don't care what I eat, like pizza every Sunday (homemade, but it's still pizza). I thought that oats and yogurt will be a good idea to start, and I need to make another step.

    I'm​​​​​ still searching the web, doing some research, but I guess I need a little bit guidance.


      Well home made pizza IS a good thing And it can be healthy, too, if you add more than just tomato sauce and cheese We throw into our home made pizza pretty much everything: eggs, spinach, meat, seafood, corn, bell peppers, zucchini, anything we have (not all together, though).

      Try soaking the oats in the yoghurt overnight. You can add some dry fruits and nuts. It's very good and healthy, your body will receive more nutrients this way.

      Do you know millet? It's a very healthy grain and you can add it to sweet breakfasts or to your lunch as a non-sweet gluten-free carb source It's very versatile.

      If you feel you fry to much, have you thought about using oven more often? Roasted veggies are just so delicious. A couple of days ago I roasted pretty much every kind of vegetable I had at home: onions cut into halves, garlic (unpeeled), tomatoes, pumpkin cut into the shape of french fries and sprinkled with olive oil, zucchini cut into random pieces... oh, and the beet root cut into rather small cubes (2 cm). I sprinkled it all with olive oil and some salt. It was all insanely delicious. We had some octopus with it but since you are vegeterian you might not be interested in more details

      If you like dairy, consider adding natural kefir to your diet. It's like a protein shake, but with a bonus (natural probiotics and good bacteria). You can mix it with some fruit.

      If you want to gain weight, add more fats (healthy fats) to your diet: good quality mayonnaise, natural butter, olive oil. Roasted seeds and nuts are great, too.

      Well. I could go on an on, I love to cook and discover new parts of the culinary world.

      Oh, one more advice: you could try to convert desserts into something nutritious. Want a cookie? Bake it yourself, with ots, seeds, nuts, little flour and little to no sugar. This way even the treats become something that nourishes you that's at least my way of doing it

      There are so many more things I could write, so if you have any specific questions just ask!

      If you're new to cooking and baking, don't get discouraged, we all had to start somewhere. The good news is, there are so many simple and exquisite recipes!!! Cooking doesn't have to be complicated


        inbetween thanks for long and helpful answer.

        Today is awful weather, is cold windy and rainy.
        This causes my shoulder to hurt.
        So, for today only:

        -DD 60 Standing Shoulder Taps + EC

        -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 10

        -WQ Defend the Crate (+100)

        I think I got cold today. So, medication and jump to warm bed.

        Good night/day bees.


          I had tough day.
          But today I've told myself "Oh no, you can't rest more than one day. I must admit that medication I took yesterday before sleep really helped me.
          So, for today:

          -DD 40 Hook Kicks+ EEC

          -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 11
          ​​​​I felt burn in biceps and triceps. It's getting really hard, but I've enjoyed it, for the first time (during this challenge) my arms were really tired.

          -Military Fit Day 23: Cardio & Stealth (lvl II)
          This one showed me that I need to quit smoking right now. It's easy to talk.
          Anyway, that was fun, really.

          -WQ Defend the Crate (150 reps)
          Well I don't know if I manage to get 1000 reps.
          For now is 650/1000

          Overall that was nice day, tough, but nice.

          Good night/day bees!​​​​​​​


            aveoturbo talked about vap maybe you could give it a try? I saw a very interesting documentary where they tested the vap and it is 96% less harmful than the cigarette. Maybe it wil not make you quit but at least it will be "healthier"


              You can do it on the smoking I-Matanjah!

              And I reckon one of the best things you can do is just do it.


              Never have another cigarette.


              That's what I've ended up doing. The other morning I was sitting at my desk having a cigarette, and I felt the crap in my lungs and in my throat and I just decided I'd had enough, ran downstairs, ran my tobacco and stuff under the tap and threw it all out.

              If you want to join me, please do! I'd be happy to have someone along for the ride!


                Best way is cold turkey like Colin is doing. I have quit cigs myself but like Mr. Octopus said I now use a vaporizer or otherwise known as an e-cig and I have been titrating my nicotine levels down and frequently go long periods of time with out using it and haven't had a cig in over a year.

                You can use gum and patches to quit too. There is no wrong way of quitting other than not quitting. Check out Colin 's thread in the chat room, we can support each other there. Or here. Doesn't matter to me.

                ​​​​​​​The thing with quitting tho, is you have to be ready to quit. Otherwise immediate failure is most likely to happen. Not saying you will fail and that your not ready, just telling it like it is as a grateful recovering addict/alcoholic. I'm not completely clean if count nicotine, but drugs and alcohol are spectacularly difficult to overcome.


                  Matan , I stopped smoking a long time ago and I fully support you in this challenge. You can do it !


                    Well. I've asked myself a question "Do I really want to quit smoking?". The answer is: yes and no.
                    I know that smoking isn't good for my health and my endurance. But it's a part of my whole adult life (it may sound ridiculous, but I've started smoking when I was 13).
                    It's all sits in my head.
                    My longest non-smoking period was 3 months (it was this year).
                    I'm fighting with my thoughts.
                    My mind is the biggest problem.
                    And second thing, my mom and my brother smokes a lot, there is always a open pack of cigarettes in kitchen, it's just hard for me to resist.

                    Thank you all for your support (but i think I need a little more motivation).


                      Originally posted by I-Matanjah View Post
                      I need a little more motivation).
                      I hope you'll find it... someday.


                        That's tough to be around regular smokers, I-Matanjah. If you do decide to quit can you ask them to hide their cigarettes from you - at least for a while?

                        I've had a big mental block about this too. I expect all of us do. In the end I recognised what I thought of as the identity value of smoking to me (I identified myself as an independent adult very much as a "smoker" because - in contrast to you! - it was one of the only things I'd ever done in my life without my parents' approval) as the addiction rationalising. It's not a good identity.

                        I won't go on at you, it's not fair or right* - we're all here to get fitter! - but if you can do anything in terms of harm reduction by vaping or using nicotine replacement stuff just to cut down the number of cigs you smoke I reckon you'll see improvements in Darebee, and perhaps that'll give you the motivation to go the rest of the way!

                        Apologies for the journal bomb! I promise to leave it there!

                        *(Particularly not as I was a smoker myself at 10:30am on Wednesday!)


                          I have an idea, but I can't share it right now.
                          I had stressful day, and really hard workout.

                          -DD 12 Archer Push-ups + EC

                          -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 12

                          -Military Fit Day 24: Century Road
                          Lunges, squats even jump squats were OK (I don't say easy) but push-ups were disaster, I've did all 100 reps, but I don't get it I'm doing so many push-ups and I don't see any progress, it's getting even worse. If you have any ideas why is that, please share.

                          -WQ Defend the Crate (50 reps)
                          Today only 50 (better than nothing), after sit-ups and flutter kicks my abs don't want to "hear" about Crunch Kicks.

                          Tomorrow is day off (finally), so I'll can focus on workouts.

                          Have a good night/day bees!


                            If you do the push-us every single day, or very very often (and a lot of them), your muscles may simply be tired. Try to rest for a couple of days (push-ups-wise) and then see if it's easier. It happened to me, too (with push-ups also). Good luck! You could also try different grips to challenge your body in a new way
                            Last edited by inbetween; October 8, 2016, 09:47 AM. Reason: typooo


                              Lazy and quite depressive (rainy and cold) day.

                              -DD 40 Prone Fly Extensions + EC

                              -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 13
                              I've made some changes again, bicep curls are still doubled, but push-up are normal amount. Half close grip and half wide grip (thanks inbetween )

                              -Military Fit Day 25: A Cup of Tea (lvl I)
                              I'm still feeling yesterday's workout, so I didn't push myself too much today. BTW One leg squats were fun, I didn't know that I can do them.

                              -WQ Defend the Crate (200 reps) 900/1000

                              Good night/day bees.​​​​​​​


                                Hope you're feeling brighter soon!