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    What a great day (positive thinking is a half of success).
    I'll say it again. Small things can completely change mood, and I'm not talking about nice workout.
    There's some news on my routine. I've decided to do Upperbody+ Challenge once again, but this time I've doubled the reps.

    -DD 5 Minutes Bounce on the spot + EC
    Good for wake up.
    100th Daily Dare with EC
    Next goal 150

    -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 1
    The first day was already tough.

    -Military Fit Day 16: Primal (lvl II)
    This one was quite easy.
    Military Fit is right now one of my favourite programs. It's challenging, but after 16 days I see a little change.
    For sure I'm getting stronger.
    -WQ Broken Bridge (+300 reps)
    ​​​​​​I'm feeling it in my shoulders and back. Ouch...

    ​​​​​Oh, I almost forgot, I'm also trying to change something in my diet, but cooking isn't my strong point.

    Good night/day bees​​​​


      For today:

      -DD 40 Squat + Step Back + EC

      -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 2

      -Military Fit Day 17: Full Circuit
      Another circuit, abs this time.
      It was challenging (especially 3rd set), but it wasn't a killer
      -WQ Broken Bridge (+400 reps)

      Good night/day bees
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        Today I had a bunch of nice workouts.

        -DD 60 Seconds Chest Squeeze + EC

        -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 3
        Oh boy. This is already tough, but it can give very good effect.

        -Military Fit Day 18: Power Circuit (lvl II)
        That was fun, to be honest I really like workouts with smaller amount of exercises (easier to remember).
        Ouch... I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

        -WQ Broken Bridge (+400 reps)

        I hope that I'll have time for workouts tomorrow.
        ​​It'll be a tough day (again )

        Good night/day bees


          I hate thursdays. This is a day of headache.
          For today only:

          -DD 40 Side Plank Rotation + EC

          -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 4.

          No WQ because my left wrist hurts a little, I've did hand workout few times today, and it's better.

          Good night/day bees


            I screwed this up Normally I'm doing DD and Challenge in the morning. Today I didn't had time (I didn't slept well, and woke up late). So I've decided to do this just before main workout, it wasn't the best idea.

            -DD 40 Jumping Lunges + EC

            -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 5

            -Military Fit Day 19 (1 set, yes ONE)
            After all those bicep curls and push-ups, I just couldn't do it. After one set I'm barely moving. Everything hurts.

            Do you think I should do it again tomorrow, but this time at least 3 sets for level I (not 1/3)

            Good night/day bees


              Never let workout beat you. Do it again tomorrow


                Originally posted by Shadow View Post
                Never let workout beat you.
                ​​​​​You're right! I'll conquer it tomorrow!

                (Sometimes we need only few motivational words)


                  I didn't know that you had opened this thread ! I subscribe !


                    I still remember this day, it was... insane


                      What a crazy day.

                      -DD 10 Cross Tricep Extensions + EC

                      -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 6

                      -Military Fit Day 19 (again) (lvl I)
                      This was more than insane... but I did it
                      The key to this workout is good warm-up.

                      Have a really good night/day bees


                        I woke up today with swollen eyelid, I don't know why. I only hope that's not a return of my allergy. When I was child, every contact with chemicals ended with swollen eyelids.

                        -DD 40 Bridges + EC

                        -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 7

                        -Military Fit Day 20: Trials
                        To be honest I've didn't even met minimums. But that was fault of the eyelid.

                        I hope that swelling will disappear soon.

                        Good night/day bees!


                          I hope you'll feel better tomorrow.


                            Thanks Louve rose it's a bit better today, but swelling is still there. I hope in the next few days it'll vanish.
                            -DD 100 Calf Raises + EC

                            -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 8

                            -Military Fit Day 21: Power Circuit (lvl I)
                            I see big progress in squat hops, but again something cracked during second set. I was able to finish 3 sets.

                            -WQ Protect the Crate (200 reps)

                            From about month I eat yogurt with oats and fruits at least once a day. I already feel and see the effects.
                            I have a lot things to change in my diet. I'm going forward with really small steps.
                            During the winter I want to gain few kilograms (I'll appreciate any help).

                            Good night/day bees.


                              Done today:​​​​​​

                              ​​​​-DD 30 Infinity Circles + EC
                              For sure this isn't my favourite exercise.

                              -Upperbody+ Challenge (doubled) Day 9
                              It's getting harder. Sometimes I think it wasn't the best idea to double the reps.

                              -​​​Military Fit Day 22: 8-Count (lvl III)
                              I'm a little bit disappointed. I thought it'll be harder. Well maybe it's a rest day.
                              That's nice too.

                              -WQ Defend the Crate (+200 reps)

                              ​​​I hope swelling will vanish tomorrow.

                              Have a really good night/day bees


                                Do you leave the oats in the yoghurt for at least a couple of hours? This way it's healthier (phytic acid gets neutralized).
                                And what would you like to change in your diet? What does it look like now? Maybe I could help, but I need to know what you already know and do