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    This kind of circuit is hard but it is very good to improve your active rest capacity.


      I would do it on level II, but during second set something cracked in my knee. I had knee injury few months ago, and I don't want to have it again.


        I don't have the time to read your whole thread right now but the progress you've made is really impressive, respect!
        *first subscription*


          Thank you very much IronBoy.



            -DD 30 Superman Extensions + EC
            Each time I doing this my back hurts so much... Weak core...

            -Military Fit Day 8: Cardio HIIT (level I)
            This is what I call cardio workout. Pushing to the limit or even further.
            Unfortunately I had to change clapping push-ups for standard ones (only on last set).

            -WQ Blind Justice +10min



              -DD 40 High Crunches + EC
              This was my 100th Daily Dare, I feel really awesome.

              -Military Fit Day 9: The Crawler (lvl II)
              ​​​​​​​I thought that I'll have problems with jump knee tucks and no problems with army crawl.
              Was quite opposite. I had fun with that one.

              Good night/day bees


                Congrats for your 100th DD!

                I remember that I burned my elbows with army crawl


                  Thank you

                  Army crawl look very easy on picture.
                  Now I know why this is army exercise, it reveals all weaknesses.
                  I noticed that my coordination isn't that good as I thought


                    I've started to like Sundays, the only day off.

                    For today:

                    -DD 40 Get-Ups with EC.
                    I always thought "Oh my, this looks hard". Well, I was wrong.
                    After 30 reps it started to be harder (but, only a little bit).
                    -2-Minute Abs Workout
                    I did it just for fun.

                    -Military Fit Day 10: Survivor (lvl I)
                    I should try level II, but anyway, it was FUN.
                    I've really enjoyed it.

                    -Bring Sally Up Challenge (1:26)
                    Suggested by IronBoy.
                    It seems that I need to train harder to finish this.

                    Have a real good night/day bees


                      Today is a rest day. I've made a day off from Military Fit.

                      -DD 50 Reverse Angels no EC.
                      That was tough...
                      First Daily Dare without EC from long time.

                      -Bring Sally Up Challenge (1:18)

                      -WQ The Sniper (5min)
                      I aim for 35 minutes overall.



                        -DD 60 Seconds Back Arch Balance Hold + EC
                        Nice exercise, good for lower back.

                        -Military Fit Day 11: Power Circuit (lvl I)
                        I was really afraid all those squats, but i was wrong.
                        Dragon Push-ups + Shoulder Taps + Plank hold equals a deadly combo.
                        After calf raises, my calves was so tight that I couldn't move my feet.
                        I've stretched them a ​​​​little and now it's OK.

                        -WQ The Sniper (7:30)

                        Good night/day bees


                          Tough day.

                          -DD 50 Squats with EC
                          Really? My legs gonna hate me.

                          -Military Fit Day 12: Conditioning (lvl I)
                          I need to confess I've skipped today's pull-ups addon. But all those hops and squats exhausted me enough.
                          I was really

                          -WQ The Sniper (+ 5 min)

                          Tomorrow will be a tough day too.

                          Good night/day bees!


                            Rest day.

                            -DD 2 Minutes Chest Expansions

                            -Military Fit Day 13: Flexibility (lvl I)
                            Stretching day. It hurt, but after that felt really good.

                            -WQ The Sniper (+2:30)

                            ​Good night/day bees!


                              Boxing day.

                              -DD 30 Crunch Kicks + EC
                              -Military Fit Day 14: Combat (lvl I)
                              That was tough but I've enjoyed it. 25 min of shadow boxing with active (and not easy) rest. I had to split push-ups to 3 sets of ten with 20sec rest.
                              BTW: It's a great workout if you want to look pumped

                              -WQ The Sniper (+ 6min)

                              Tomorrow another try on "Bring Sally Up Challenge"

                              Good night/day bees


                                Well yesterday wasn't a good day.
                                ​​​​I came home really late, and i couldn't move after MF day 14.
                                So only:

                                -DD 100 Knee Strikes + EC

                                Today i feel a little bit better.
                                -DD 20 Downward Upward Dogs + EC
                                -Military Fit Day 15: Obstacle Run (lvl II)
                                Cardio again, this is weird because I'm starting to like it.

                                -WQ The Sniper (+ 9min)
                                I've made it 35/35 min.

                                Good night/day bees