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    This morning sit up exercises sequence, side lying leg raise 2*10 pistol squats, warrior III, meditation, and at level II with EC:

    1 year 119 consecutive days of exercise.


      Back home ... and readying to get back to work tomorrow. Oh well...

      Friday my running plans got messed up by ... work. Yep. Phone call from work, because my coworkers sooooo have my back , so reading emails, preparing an answer, getting it validated (sensitive topic....), and then forwarding it, while realizing part of the team had changed and I needed to put new people in the loop. Joy.

      So I did some HIIIT workout, can't remember which, and meditation.

      Saturday I did yoga, meditation, and took the train back home.

      Today haven't picked up my exercise yet, will tell you tomorrow.

      So far 1 year 121 consecutive days of exercise (doesn't count today yet).

      Next week is gonna be busy post work - have doctors appointment, appointment with a personal shopper (remember my complaining about not finding stuff at my size? I am trying that path to solve this), and building copropriety meet. So it is gonna be something like
      Monday whole body muscle workout
      Tuesday HIIT workout
      Wednesday crossfit
      Thursday yoga
      Friday HIIT workout
      Saturday weight machines at the gym
      Sunday run.


        Sunday I ended up doing yoga, about 20 mins poses as I felt it.

        Yesterday I did meditation, Warrior III, (one legged bridges included in workout), clamshells, and

        Level II with EC

        Actually, a fun workout, with exercises I do not do often, so one to remember.

        11,192 steps.

        1 year 123 consecutive days of exercise.


          Yesterday I did meditation, warrior III, pistol squats, side-lying leg raises with a resistance band, and at levell II with EC

          13,274 steps.

          1 year 124 consecutive days of exercise.


            Yesterday meditation, and crossfit-like class at the gym.
            The wednesday teacher likes the 20 kg bars to make us to lifts and all (something he calls eagles ?) - it's really at the very upper limit of hard for me ... However, despite "feeling" my lower back (burning kind of feeling, not the bad electric kind - that ones means all stops), absolutly no pain, so I least I must at least have my posture not too bad. He also had to spend a bit of time teaching me how to "feel" the bar to position myself in the center of it, when doing squats - I am a slow learner, but the last reps he didn't have to re-equilibrate me, LOL.

            13,216 steps.

            1 year 125 consecutive days of exercise.


              Yesterday I did restaurative yoga, meditation, and 10,899 steps.

              1 year 126 consecutive days of exercise.


                Yesterday, I did warrior III, sit ups prep, clamshells, one legged bridges, and level II with EC for

                11,224 steps.

                Today, I was supposed to go to the gym, but I had forgotten about the protests in Paris - and heard that they may start around the subway station where ly gym is. I did not want to risk being taken in the beginning of the protests, so instead went for a good 30 mins run in my nearby park. Sun, kids playing, trees inbloom, it was super.
                I will go to the gym tomorrow after church, probably.

                I will post the stepcount tomorrow, as I am going out to restaurant for diner with one of my best friends (away from any area where there lay be protests, if you wonder).

                1 year 128 consecutive days of exercise.


                  So, finally, 13,272 yesterday steps.

                  Today I did go to the gym for the weight machines, good seance. Meditation done, and step count now 8,495 steps.

                  1 year 129 consecutive days of exercise.

                  So, good week since I went twice to the gym, and did meditation and the 10,000 steps goal six days out of seven.

                  Next week is planned to be:
                  Monday darebee tone and strength workout
                  Tuesday crossfit-like class at the gym
                  Wednesday run
                  Thursday yoga
                  Friday weight machines and trainer at the gym
                  Saturday: run
                  Sunday run.

                  I need to stick to it despite the overload at work / to survive it, depend on how you view things! And I will.


                    Yesterday I did meditation, and at level II with EC

                    12,997 steps.


                      Yesterday crossfit-like class at the gym, 11,489 steps, and 1 year 131 consecutive days of exercise.


                        Originally posted by PetiteSheWolf View Post
                        Yesterday crossfit-like class at the gym, 11,489 steps, and 1 year 131 consecutive days of exercise.
                        How did you find it?


                          I like it very much, BlackButler ! I do the easiest class - that an experienced crossfitter would probably scoff at, but it kicks my ... derrière I like the fast pace, the variety of exercises - learned things on the TRX, and with bars, that I'd never have dared anywhere else, and in this setting , we are a small group (always less than 10) so the teacher really follows us and corrects our moves and postures, so even if some things seemed scary, I only once hurt (other than DOMS) afterwards (and it was my knee, and I should have known better regarding that specific exercise).

                          ETA : however, DOMS ... yeah. Quads, shoulders, arms ... My body really told me it had worked out, LOL!


                            PetiteSheWolf I'm really glad you enjoyed it I certainly wouldn't scoff, all crossfit workouts are hard hehe. It's such a great community isn't it? Just like darebee they all just lift you up, they never look down on you and everyone cheers each other on


                              One gets stronger by stepping out of their comfort zone! Good job, Wolf!


                                Yesterday meditation, 30 mins run - cold but sunny, and I saw (and gave a hug to) an elderly gentleman I see regularly on the benches while I run, and who always smiles and waves at me, but with my running less in winter, it had been a while our paths did not cross. That was nice

                                12,144 steps, 1 year 132 consecutive days of exercise.

                                BlackButler , yes there is a good atmosphere, we encourage each other - now I start to know more faces from the different classes it's nice. Specially since I am still shy, and hesitant on my abilities. But as Cool Cat aveoturbo says, stepping out of the comfort zone can be very rewarding! It is not officially called "crossfit", I bet because of licence issues , but it is the principle.