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I left their sheltered care and walked a rogue in total freedom

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    Day 451: Krav Maga
    Day 452: House cleaning
    Day 453: Upperbody Builder + 1/2 Muscle Factory (Lowerbody)


      Day 454:

      Workout (4 sets):
      20 Jumping Jacks
      5 Knee Push-ups
      10 Squats
      10 Leg Raises
      60 sec Rest

      Day 455:
      6,8 km of walking
      Krav Maga

      Day 456:


        Happy Birthday.


          Happy birthday!




                Thanks, Bees ​​​​​​

                I'm still alive, just still into job searching (nothing too bad, just solving some stuff. Maybe I'll tell a bit later, when things will be absolutely fine).

                I lost consecutive days achievement due to some heckful cold some weeks ago - could not do a single thing

                Now I do Krav Maga twice a week and dumbbell workout 1-2 times a week. Krav Maga became serious and it's unreal to do anything the next day yet​​​​​​I'll have P1 level exam in April, so after full dealing with work stuff I will get back to serious training schedule: I need to be cool at push-ups, sit-ups and squats.

                For now - I keep doing Krav Maga twice a week and some dumbbellinos here and there.
                When job thing will be fine - back to regular training schedule depending on my condition after work.

                Yippee ki-yay, friends


                  Sometimes it feels like I should combine Crossfit routines and Krav Maga.

                  (I'm not still not getting back to an established workout schedule (except Krav Maga, of course), just trying this and that to see what works better).

                  Today I've done Butcher and felt absolutely fine after.

                  Then I found Crossfit generator and it blessed me with this:

                  Dumbbell Squat Clean - 21 reps
                  Wall Push-Ups - 36 reps
                  Dumbbell Squat Clean - 15 reps
                  Wall Push-Ups - 36 reps
                  Dumbbell Squat Clean - 9 reps
                  Wall Push-Ups - 36 reps

                  Ah, it seems I begin to get it.

                  Probably the ideal plan for me is kinda like:
                  -Functional training, new movements, cardio - twice a week (Krav Maga)
                  -Short KILLIN sessions with dumbbells/barbell/kettlebell - twice a week too, I guess (Crossfit at home? maybe)
                  -Rest days. Because, you know, walking is fine, but serious training every day is not a good idea.

                  Interesting. Noted.


                    OK, I've got my mission.

                    My Krav Maga coach said that I need to learn:
                    -30 push-ups
                    -30 squats
                    -30 sit-ups

                    In order to pass the exam in April.
                    That's what we'll be working on.
                    30 squats and sit-ups, thanks to Crossfit background, is possible (It doesn't mean that I can chill about it, it's just a bit easier). But 30 push-ups is a real task

                    So, today's attempt at home Crossfit:

                    Hopping - 1 min
                    Jumping Jacks - 30 sec
                    24 Shoulder Rolls
                    Arm Circles - 30 sec
                    10 Elbow Circles
                    Knee Circles - 30 sec
                    20 Ankle Circles
                    10 Squats
                    14 Lunges

                    Movement Skill Training (2 sets):
                    5 Turkish Get-Ups

                    Workout (5 sets):
                    Dumbbell Deadlift 5 reps
                    Dumbbell Hang squat clean 5 reps
                    Dumbbell Push Press 5 reps
                    Dumbbell front squat 5 reps


                      Results of the Year (well, not year actually. 22.02 - 29.12):

                      Weight: - 12,2 kg
                      BMI: - 3,5
                      Blood pressure is much better and healthier
                      Better feel the needs of my body overall
                      Meditation has become habit

                      ​​​​​​​I won't do a New Year's Resolutions, because it's hard to stay motivated for this long, and things can actually change a lot. Instead let's make a Quarterly Resolutions

                      ​​​​​​​I use 300 g containers for food for the whole week. The more diligent I use them, the better results I have. So I will keep on using them. (It's actually hell of a lifehack for anyone, you know. At the end of the day any diet it's just creation of a calorie deficit. The best way to create this deficit is to eat less. How? To eat a fixed amount of food. How? I should not think about this amount, and I should not decide what to eat, when I come home hungry as heck. How? By preparing a good amount of food for a whole week and putting it into 300 g containers and putting them into freezer).

                      1. Keep meditating. I do it at least twice a day, and it's awesome.
                      2. I have some ideas on deepening my practice, but I need to test them


                      Gonna find it​​​​​​. It turned up to be not so easy. But it's fine.

                      1. Keep learning piano. I want to accompany myself and actually write music on it
                      2. Keep studying HTML/CSS. I thought that I'm bad at computer sciences, but it turned out being pretty manageable and interesting.

                      Happy Holidays, bees ​​​​​​​





                        Back to regular posting when the job stuff is done x_x


                          Phew. What a time to be alive, guys

                          Me and Neutra have self-isolated successfully. I do clinical trials logistics now, our jobs allow us to #stayhome as long as needed, so we're fine.

                          Currently we do Krav Maga twice a week with our coaches via Zoom, and I also do Xpress Tone.
                          Xpress Tone is awesome, I think I like it even more than Ironborn.

                          Day 1 or 2: Damn, this is serious stuff. My upperbody is hecked.
                          Day 10-11: Well, that's not that bad

                          With Xpress Tone I felt really serious progress in my upperbody, I feel overall different now. I can't describe it properly, but on 10-11 day I felt redistribution of muscular load on my body (wat). Something new in my body is in tone now, something new is relaxed.
                          Currently under "until fatique" criteria I get 15 reps of exercise. I'll keep the progression here (Day 17 is done today).


                            Great to see you again. Glad that you guys are safe.


                              Matan and how are you in these interesting times?