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I left their sheltered care and walked a rogue in total freedom

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    So, let's do a quick check-in for this serious date.

    100 consecutive days of meditation, 46 hours of straight meditation time, 344 sessions - could it give anything valuable?
    I use Headspace app for practicing. It has various meditations for any situation:
    -Going to Sleep
    -Waking Up
    -Before Sport
    -After Sport
    -Working with Self-Esteem, Positivity, etc.
    The only rule I had these days - meditate EVERY.DAY.
    Of course, I had lots of days, when there was no interest for meditating even for 5 minutes.
    These days I meditated for 3 minutes (Thanks to Headspace - you can choose 3,5,10,15,20 minutes of meditation).
    Other days I was pretty meditative and practiced for 20 minutes for 2-3 times a day.

    What I found out:
    -I became less anxious. Some situations don't bother me that much anymore (I think: "Even if it will be the heckest of hecks, I will find what to do and how to move on"), in some situations I can observe, see this anxiety, say to it: "Henlo". And go on without being sucked in it.
    -I can work better under pressure. I have pretty stressful work now, sometimes tasks come with comment: "You need to do this 2 hours ago, do it NOW!" . I panicked before in situations like these. Now I'm like: "OK. Let's see what do I have time for in this situation?" . And it turns out actually fine.
    -I sleep better. Not every night it's these 8 hours of sleep, but the actual quality is better.
    -I'm more stable overall.
    -Meditation is pretty good way to relax and have a good chill almost anywhere. I was coming home from work on a subway train that was just full. And I managed to meditate for 30 minutes so good, that I arrived home in a pure chill and rest. It doesn't work this way every time, but it CAN be like this. That's awesome.
    -It's very hard to describe these changes since they are little and occur every day

    What do I wanna say? It's a great thing, guys.


      That sounds great indeed, thx for sharing your experience!


        That's a big accomplishment! Well done sir


          Day 405: Band It Workout


            Day 406: 6.6 km of walking
            20 Jumping Jacks
            15 sec Hip Stretches Left/Right
            15 sec Chest Stretches Left/Right
            30 sec Toes Reach

            Technique Training:
            4 Sprawls

            Workout (3 sets):
            8 Knee Push-ups
            15/15 Shoulder Bridge Leg Raises Left/Right
            20 Ground Twists
            30 sec Rest

            Standing Side Stretch Left/Right - 15/15 sec
            Chest Stretch Left/Right - 20/20 sec
            Triceps Stretch Left/Right - 20/20 sec
            Toes Reach - 30 sec


              Well hello there

              I'm back. I had pretty messy 12 days. I left my job (after 4 months) because my boss started to give me tasks that are not listed in my job description (really not very nice things, I'm glad that it's in the past now), I had some interviews (hope to have the answer next week).
              I still manage to keep my badge of consecutive days (with Crossfit and walking). We'll be back to standard diary protocol soon

              My Crossfit coach retires in September and moves to Saint-Petersburg, so big changes are coming

              Stay tuned


                Nice to hear from you again


                  Day 419: Band It Workout


                    Day 420: Butcher Workout


                      Day 421: 5.2 km of walking

                      Warmup (3 sets):
                      100 Skipping Jumps
                      20 Superman Stretches
                      20 Seated Push Press
                      20 Plastic Pipe Pass Throughs

                      100 Knee Push-ups+
                      10 min. As much Reps. as Possible:
                      8 Sumo Deadlifts
                      12 Sit-Ups
                      5 Pull-Ups

                      This was my final Crossfit session. Maybe just for some time, but we'll see. Next week I will try some Krav Maga with Neutra
                      Day 422: 9.6 km of walking
                      Day 423: Muscle Factory: Lowerbody
                      Day 424: House cleaning
                      Day 425: Band It + Upperbody Builder


                        Day 426: Band It. Absolutely saves the day when you have no time

                        Day 427: Krav Maga. I don't know yet, I can't predict too far, but it seems I may specialize in it for years. 1,5 hour of cardio and fighting, helps to feel awesome and has main idea: You don't need to fight/kill/be brutal - you just need to survive. That's awesome. For now we learn basic punches and do cardio stuff
                        Day 428: Muscle Factory: Lowerbody
                        Day 429: Butcher Workout
                        Day 430: Krav Maga. We have 2 coaches, on Monday we have a bit lighter training, but on Thursday things go serious
                        Day 431: 7.6 km of walking
                        Day 432: Band It
                        Day 433: Upperbody Builder
                        Day 434: 5.9 km of walking + Krav Maga.
                        Day 435: 4.4 km of walking
                        Day 436: Muscle Factory: Lowerbody
                        Day 437: Krav Maga. We'll see tonight how it will be

                        Still looking for a job, it took more time than expected (wanted ) , but I'm pretty consistent with my training and movement, I'm a bit surprised that I can do it like this.
                        So for now:
                        1. Continue searching
                        2. Keep moving and working out.

                        When job stuff will be more stable, I'll do some new challenges - I have some ideas on my mind


                          Day 438: House cleaning
                          Day 439: Upperbody Builder


                            Day 440: Band It
                            Day 441: Krav Maga
                            Day 442: Muscle Factory: Lowerbody
                            Day 443:
                            30 Skipping Jumps
                            20 Jumping Jacks
                            10 Assisted Squats
                            10 Hip Raises
                            10/10 Windmill Forward/Backward
                            10/10 Shoulder Bridge Leg Raises Left/Right
                            10 Knee Push-Ups
                            10 Lunges
                            Technique Training:
                            10 Supermen Stretches
                            5 Knee Push-ups
                            10 Lunges
                            20 Jumping Jacks
                            7 Knee Push-ups
                            15 Lunges
                            30 Jumping Jacks
                            10 Knee Push-ups
                            20 Lunges
                            40 Jumping Jacks
                            7 Knee Push-ups
                            15 Lunges
                            30 Jumping Jacks
                            5 Knee Push-ups
                            10 Lunges
                            20 Jumping Jacks
                            Speed Training:
                            50 High Knees - 25 sec.
                            Glutes Stretch Left/Right - 20/20 sec
                            Hip Stretch Left/Right - 20/20 sec
                            Chest Stretch Left/Right - 30/30 sec
                            Shoulder Stretch Left/Right - 30/30 sec


                              Day 444: - Mass Building Lower Body Workout
                              Krav Maga

                              444 days of doing stuff, heck


                                Day 445: 6.0 km of walking
                                Day 446: 9.9 km of walking
                                Day 447: Butcher Workout
                                Day 448: Krav Maga
                                Day 449: Upperbody Builder
                                Day 450: - Mass Building Lower Body Workout