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I left their sheltered care and walked a rogue in total freedom

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    Day 242, part 2: Trim and Tone Arms

    Good stuff. Me gusta dumbbell stuff


      Day 243: 4.8 km of walking

      Day 244: 5.2 km of walking

      Ironborn day 17

      Day 245: 3 km of walking

      Ironborn day 18

      Day 246: Ironborn day 19

      Man, I love dumbbells


        Nice work there Glad you're loving the dumbbells And plenty of walking too!


          Day 247: Band It Workout


            Day 248: 3.6 km of walking

            Day 249: 3.3 km of walking

            Day 250: 2.5 km of walking

            Trim and Tone Arms

            Day 251: 4.4 km of walking

            Warmup (2 sets):
            20 Jumping Jacks
            20 Bird Dogs
            20 Inchworms
            20 Barbell Overhead Rolls

            Workout 1 (10 min):
            100 Pull-Ups on TRX

            Workout 2 (4 sets):
            20 Lunges with Dumbbells
            15 Burpee
            10 Box Jumps
            100 Skip Rope Jumps

            Back to Crossfit at last. Today it was pretty painful. But it's OK.


              Day 252: 4.3 km of walking

              Day 253: 4 x Power Squat Workout

              Day 254: Man Down Workout (I feel awful since last Crossfit session)

              Day 255: 3.9 km of walking

              Day 256: 4.4 km of walking

              Day 257: 5.1 km of walking

              Day 258: 4.6 km of walking

              Warmup (2 sets):

              200 Skipping Rope Jumps
              20 Inchworms
              20 Superman Stretches
              20 Barbell Overhead Rolls

              Workout 1 (8 min):
              40 Deadlifts

              Workout 2 (4 sets):
              5 Turkish Get-Ups
              10 Knee Pull-Ups
              20 Walking Lunges

              Day 259: Tempered Steel Workout

              It's that kind of weather again when you wish to send everything to heck - no sun, no rain, no snow. Just wind and clouds.

              Some weeks ago I decided to try psychotherapy. I was very tired overall last 2-3 months, maybe more. I was not that I would say indifferent to things, but burned out, I guess.
              And now it's my kind of Friday night party: to go and look inside myself and clean the mess inside. Also I wish to change my job this year - I'm tired of my recent one and I see no growth in it right now.
              Also I was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux. Now I shouldn't eat some things and drink coffee.
              Right now things are not very easy. Stable, good, but there were easier days, I guess.


                Day 260: Ironborn day 20


                  Day 260, part 2:

                  20 Skipping Jumps
                  20 Jumping Jacks
                  15 Assisted Squats
                  10 Hip Raises
                  5/5 Shoulder Bridge Leg Raises
                  5 Windmill Forward
                  5 Windmill Backward

                  Technique Training:
                  20 Ground Twists

                  Workout (2 sets):
                  10 Step Jacks
                  20 Squats
                  20 Step Jacks
                  40 Squats
                  40 Step Jacks
                  20 Squats
                  20 Step Jacks
                  10 Squats

                  Standing Side Stretch Left/Right - 15/15 sec
                  Chest Stretch Left/Right - 20/20 sec
                  Triceps Stretch Left/Right - 20/20 sec
                  Toes Reach - 30 sec

                  I guess it's a first time when I did some workout stuff just for the joy of motion. For real, I did Ironborn today, it was fine, I was working at home - and then I feel the need for serotonin, to feel good.
                  Usually I ate something in a moments like this. But today I did some workout and I thought: "Maybe it can make me feel cool".
                  And yes, it works.
                  It's heckingly interesting, I never felt this before.
                  We'll see


                    Day 261: Ironborn day 21


                      Day 262: 3.7 km of walking
                      Day 263: 6.7 km of walking + Boxer Training. My coach is on business trip, and he was replaced by our boxing trainer.
                      And it was hard. When you do Crossfit, you get the acceleration, you get weightlifting, and you're done in the end. It's logical, it's easy to understand, it's fine (I never thought I'd say such a thing).
                      And boxing training was...not that awful for me, was JUST cardio. 45 minutes of cardio stuff non-stop.
                      It's okay to do it once, but...not again, I guess.
                      Day 264: 3.8 km of walking
                      Day 265: 3.4 km of walking
                      Workout: K-Sculpt workout.
                      I visited my father today, found an old kettlebell under his table.
                      I thought:
                      -Hmm, what can I find on Darebee about it...
                      And that's it. Pretty fine.


                        Day 266: Band It Workout
                        Ironborn day 22


                          Day 267: Ironborn day 23


                            Day 268: Ironborn day 24


                              Day 268, part 2: Band It Workout, lvl 3.

                              Sometimes you do a good, serious workout, but later that day you think:
                              -I want more .

                              Typical sedentary job, you know.
                              And Band It Workout feels here just awesome


                                Day 269: Ironborn day 25