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I left their sheltered care and walked a rogue in total freedom

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    Day 179:

    20 Jumping Jacks
    Chest Stretch - 30 sec on each side
    Hip Stretch - 30 sec on each side
    Toes Reach - 30 sec
    10 Knee Wipers
    10 Reverse Lunges

    Workout 1:
    10 Jumping Jacks
    10 Climbers
    10 High Knees
    25 Jumping Jacks
    25 Climbers
    25 High Knees
    10 Jumping Jacks
    10 Climbers
    10 High Knees

    Workout 2:
    Back and Biceps Express

    Standing Side Stretch Left/Right - 15 sec
    Chest Stretch Left/Right - 20 sec
    Triceps Stretch Left/Right - 20 sec
    Toes Reach - 30 sec
    Hip Stretch Left/Right - 30 sec
    Butterfly Hold - 40 sec
    Glutes Stretch Left/Right - 30 sec


      Day 180: Happy New Year in Hell, Or Progressive Ways to Create a Workout and Alienate People

      Walking: 5.8 km

      It all started not that grim. Just 2 sets.

      70 Skipping Rope Jumps
      10 Up and Down Planks
      20 Alt Arm Leg Raises
      20 Dead Bugs

      That's it, looks within your powers.
      Actually, what can possibly go wrong?

      But the fact, that coach decided not to write the whole training on a desk, has alerted us all.

      He asked:
      -Will the last training session of this year be easy, what do you think?

      Nervous laughter was the answer.

      -Name any 4 digits from 1 to 9. There are exercises encoded, and we will do the ones that you choose this way.

      We did it.

      -Fine! Now look, soon comes year 2019, and I want 2019 reps from you...

      Nervous screech was the answer.

      -Listen, y'all! There are 4 of you, I need 2019 reps by the whole team. For a one of you we have in total:

      120 Push-Ups
      120 Sit-ups
      120 Deadlifts
      120 Walking Lunges
      25 Burpees as icing on a cake.


      I finished it alive.
      Yes, I did Knee Push-Ups, I went off the count at least twice, but I finished.
      I am too tired to think about it "THAT WAS AWESOME/HORRIBLE/SOMETHING ELSE".
      That's what it is.
      That's just what it is.


        Fun times Well done.


          Day 181: 3.1 km of Walking

          Day 182: Band It Workout (Now I will use power stretch band as a part of routine, Neutra )



            1. I don't track weight too much, but I lost something like 7 kg this year (with all distortions in my food behaviour and workout routines)
            2. I got through 2 coaching programs. First one just got me out of the shell, the second one was Crossfit! Amen!
            3. I eat better. I have some work to do about it, but I drink way less sweetened drinks, for example. Progress, eh?
            4. I have become accustomed to be more active because I write here. Thank you, Bees, love you all

            And also I have an assumption. I created kinda good habit of being active. And I want to look at all the aspects, want to see WHY it works and then transpose it on my relations with food.

            1. I have one mini thing that I must do to keep my badge of consecutive training days. If I don't do a workout, I must walk at least 30 minutes. (I always follow this rule).
            2. I have Events during week. It's Crossfit now. Twice a week I get lots of hecks, and my activity is kinda forms around it - I'm slowing down the day after and pushing forward the day before.
            3. I have this diary, where I get positive vibes and feedback about my stuff. It means A LOT


            1. I must create a little food activity to know that today I ate good and everything's fine and the sun shines
            2. I must create Food Events to form my activity around it. Twice a week will be enough, I guess
            3. I will track down food here. After winter holidays, of course. How - I'll think about it.
            4. I will keep doing what I do already (Crossfit! Amen!) and add power stretch band.

            Gonna work on those things next quarter.



                Day 183: Band it Workout + 2.7 km of walking

                Power Stretch Band is just great - I'm on holidays now, far from home, with not enough place for serious training, and this band really saves



                  Day 184: Band It again


                    Day 185: Band It Workout

                    I understand why it works so well. It's the 5 Second Rule (It's called so, if I remember). The less time you need to start something - the more stuff will be done, actually. And here it is - just get the band out of the bag, step into the corner and there you go.


                      Day 186: Band It Workout


                        Day 187: Band It

                        In a day or two I'll get back to standard and more various training


                          And also Daily Dare done with EC


                            Day 188: Home, Dumbbells, Some Joy About It

                            Walking: 1.6 km
                            Workout: Upperbody Forge​​​


                              Day 189:

                              Hardgainer Workout
                              Touch your Toes day 1



                                Day 190:

                                Band It, level 2

                                Woah, I'll have 200 days of doing stuff soon

                                Wish we'd have a badge for 200 days