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I left their sheltered care and walked a rogue in total freedom

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    Day 83: Recover

    Walking: 1.3 km

    Day 84: Upperbody

    Workout: Isolated Functional Strength Workout


      Day 85: Dumbbells, Burpees and Runny Nose

      Walking: 2.4 km
      Workout: Upperbody Forge
      26 Burpees (in 5 sets)

      I have enough energy, but caught some cold - nose is meh...



          Day 86: Still Sick, But Can Walk

          Walking: 4.8 km

          Day 87: Care Center

          Walking: 4.1 km

          Cleaning the fallen leaves at the care center

          Day 88: I Want to Feel Good

          Walking: 3.0 km

          Still could only walk. So now I drink pu-erh, some meds and just wait to feel fine again. I skip Crossfit tomorrow! Incredible meh!


            Day 89: Do You Even Lift?

            Walking: 2.5 km
            Workout 1: Isolated Functional Strength Workout
            Workout 2: Upperbody Forge
            31 Burpees (in 5 sets)
            Today my body was almost telling me softly: "Bro, do you even lift?...Just something...Dumbbell, Barbell - doesn't matter...Lift somethin..." . I couldn't resist it, but I'm not fully recovered. I don't know if it's a good idea, but we'll see


              Day 90: It's like 90 days of Action, of my Action

              Walking: 2 km

              Day 91: Toy Soldier

              Still feel not fully recovered, so

              Workout: Toy Soldier Workout

              just to keep some shape


                Update to day 91:

                From nowhere I got a surge of energy, so Mass Building Lower Body Workout - and 36 Burpees in addition


                  Day 92: Not Bad

                  Walking: 1.1 km
                  Workout: All Strength Upper Body Workout -

                  Nose is still a bit heck, but I feel better overall. Workin' .


                    Day 93: Tired Productive Legs
                    Walking: 6.7 km


                      Day 94: Upperbody + Some Walk

                      Walking: 4.1 km
                      Workout: Upperbody Forge


                        Day 95: Getting Ready to Crossfit Again

                        Walking: 4.4 km

                        Day 96: And We're Done with the Yoghurt

                        Walking: 8.3 km

                        Warmup (3 sets):
                        10 Ball Throws into a Target
                        20 Alt Arm/Leg Raises
                        20 Barbell Rollings (not sure, how this exercise is called in English - I get the barbell overhead and lower to my back, and then repeat it)
                        Elbow Plank (to failure)

                        Workout (4 sets):
                        20 Sandbag Lunges
                        10/10 Kettlebell Snatches
                        20 Kettlebell Swings
                        80 Skip Rope Jumps
                        20 Squats with Barbell Overhead

                        I mean...It was supposed to be like that. But somewhere in the beginning of the 3 set, my body told me with the voice of Chandler Bing from "Friends":

                        -And We're Done with the Training.

                        My legs and lower body were just done, I couldn't do a thing, it was painful.
                        So for the rest of the time I was just throwing 6 kg Ball into the floor. It was the only thing I could do


                          Day 97: The Walk After

                          Walking: 7 km
                          Seriously, I have no idea how I managed to walk this much

                          Day 98: Back to Recovery

                          Walking : 1 km
                          Workout: Back and Biceps Express


                            Day 99: Hands Up

                            Walking: 1.1 km
                            Workout: Tempered Steel Workout


                              Day 100: Well, done.

                              Walking: 4.1 km

                              Day 101: Serious One

                              Walking: 6.2 km

                              5 min Skip Rope Jumps
                              20 Alt Arm/Leg Raises + 20 Dead Bugs + 10 Knee Push-Ups (3 sets)

                              Workout 1: EMOM 9 minutes - 5 Deadlifts
                              Workout 2 (3 sets):
                              20 Lunges with Dumbbells
                              20 6 kg Ball Throws into a Target
                              20 Burpees


                                A Pack of Walking:

                                Day 102: 4.1 km
                                Day 103: 4.3 km
                                Day 104: 6.1 km