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I left their sheltered care and walked a rogue in total freedom

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    And 60 days achievement unlocked


      Happy 60!!


        Day 61: Ah, might as well jump (c)

        Walking: 3.9 km

        Warmup (3 sets):
        10 Kettlebell Swings
        Walking Lunges with a Barbell
        30 sec Superman Stretch

        Workout (check dat thing):

        Two exercises, Deadlift and Skip Rope Jumps. Ten sets.

        10-10; 9-20;8-30; 7-40: 6-50; 5-60; 4-70; 3-80;2-90; 1-100.

        I have no comments about it, really. But somehow I managed to finish it.



            Day 62: When in doubt, do Tempered Steel Workout

            Walking: 20 minutes

            Workout: My whole being was not interested to do something today. Legs - hurt, abs - hurt, back and hands - made of old wood So I opened the YouTube version of Tempered Steel Workout and Did It.


              Day 63: Routine is important


              Mass Building Lower Body Workout -

              Post-Workout Meditation:
              10 minutes

              Routine, maybe even strict one, is important. When your mind will try to betray you with "Let's chill today. Why we even should train this hard? We do enough already, and you must recover, you must watch yourself. Do you feel this little pain after last Crossfit session? You must recover, chill, man!" , it's great to have the knowledge:

              -There's no serious pain, I care about myself and in case of something I will stop, that's fine
              -I have understandable things to do, I know why I do them, and when these things will be done - I will stop. And chill, of course.


                Day 64: When you missed something

                Workout: Upperbody Builder
                Post-Workout Meditation: 10 minutes

                It's cool to catch that feeling when your body gets exactly the exercise it needs this moment. My upper body had some rest and I wanted to do some dumbbell stuff, so my hands and back were actually: "Yeah! C'mon! 3 sets? We can do even more!" . Good, good.


                  Day 65: No Extra Moves

                  Walking: 5.9 km

                  Day 666: I thought I'm Ready. I was Wrong.

                  Walking: 6.4 km
                  Warmup (3 sets):
                  Lunges with Bodybar - 20 reps
                  Sit-ups - 25 reps
                  Superman Stretch - 30 seconds
                  Workout (3 sets):
                  Squats + Shoulder Press with Kettlebells - 25 reps
                  Skip Rope Jumps - 50 reps
                  Step-Ups on a Box with Kettlebells - 25 reps
                  Skip Rope Jumps - 50 reps
                  Post-Workout (2 sets):
                  Rowing Machine - 1:30 min
                  Renegade Rows - 15 reps



                    Day 67: No Valour. Just Walk.

                    Walking: 4.6 km

                    Tomorrow it will be heck again, so just some walking today. To recover.


                      Day 68: I Forgot how to Cat

                      Walking: 4.9 km

                      Warmup (3 sets):
                      -50 Skip Rope Jumps (new record - 27 Jumps non-stop)
                      -25 Sit-Ups
                      -10 Squats on a Ball

                      EMOM system. You do a set for a minute, if you managed to do it before the end of this minute - you can rest. If not - you skip the next minute. That stuff lasts 30 minutes.

                      5 Pull-Ups
                      10 Push-Ups
                      15 Squats

                      That's me in the end.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        Day 69: Pain at any angle

                        Walking: 30 minutes
                        Workout: 7 minutes of stretching

                        I wake up. Everything aches. A little, but everything. I managed to stretch a bit, I managed to walk not to lose a day activity, and that's it. I recover


                          Day 70: Still Recovering

                          Walking: 20 minutes
                          Workout: Back and Biceps Express


                            Day 71: Well, OK

                            Walking: 20 minutes
                            Workout: Mass Building Lower Body Workout -
                            Post-Workout Meditation: 15 minutes
                            Interesting. Had no strong intention for training today. You know, one of those days with cloudy weather, cold air and no rain or anything.

                            -OK, I have no intention, that's fine. But what about overall condition? Seems good

                            I've done all the training I need and feel better. There's no need to seek motivation. Emotions are not your friends, when you try to do good and serious things. They're your pals at best. Sometimes you can move the mountain, you have joy, sense of reason, motivation - all the psychical blessings. But then comes the day, when you feel fine, but the sun doesn't shine, it's too cold, etc. And HERE emotions can betray you, if you listen to them. So you need to watch your physical condition. If you can do - you do. That's it.


                              Day 72: Too much energy

                              Walking: 5.5 km

                              Workout: Upperbody Forge

                              Came home from my vocal lessons. Usually I'm tired. Today I have too much energy. That's strange. Did some dumbbells


                                Day 73: Burpee Hate

                                Walking: 6.1 km

                                Warmup (2 sets):
                                - 50 Skip Rope Jumps
                                - 25 Sit-Ups
                                - 30 sec. Supermen Stretches
                                - 10 6 kg.Ball Throws into a Target

                                Workout (4 sets):
                                -25 calories on Rowing Machine
                                -20 Burpees