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    Brontus A belate welcome back buddy! Looking great! Keep up the awesome work!


      BlackButler What up man! Thanks!


        It's been quite a week. First full week back at work, first week of the semester, looking at moving to a new place, and dealing with some medical insurance crap. Most of the week was spent in observation mode, feeling out things with a co-worker, the new work schedule and how it works with my class schedule and free time.

        This morning I did 3 sets each of Knockout and The Brawler to clear my head a bit, only I alternated sets so I started with a set of Knockout, then rest, then a set of The Brawler, and so on.


          Did some punches....400 to be exact. I needed to contribute to the battle, so I turned on a song and threw punches the whole 3 minutes


            Did one set of Knockout and one set of Brawler


              Good grief, it's been a bit. Today I did the daily dare with EC, plus 2 sets of Knockout and 1 set of Brawler.

              But, as much as I love throwing punches, they are getting boring, and I've been wanting to do more with pushups, so I'm gonna do more of them now.


                I forgot to post this yesterday, but I started a few challenges. Easy ones. "First Thing Water", "1 Minute Meditation", "Get To Bed On Time", and "Chest and Arms".

                First Thing Water is a way to help me drink more water....I tend to get busy and intentionally don't drink enough water so I don't have to use the toilet as much.
                I already "Get To Bed On Time" so why not cash it in?
                I have a pretty active mind, so I thought "1 Minute Meditation" might help me try to calm it down a little.
                I wanted to do more upper body stuff than just punches, so I thought I would do some "Chest and Arms"

                Day 2 of FTW done
                Day 2 of 1MM done
                Day 2 of CAA done
                Day 1 of GTBOT done


                  Day 4 of FTW done
                  Day 3 of CAA done - day behind
                  Day 3 of GTBOT done

                  Day behind on 1MM too.


                    Same day as previous post...I did two minutes of meditation to catch up.


                      Yesterday was a doozy. Didn't get to do any chest or arms. Or much of anything. A situation at work and working both jobs took up my whole day.

                      I looked at my challenges today and saw that:

                      Day 5 of FTW is done
                      Day 3 of CAA is still there
                      Day 4 of 1MM is done
                      Day 4 of GTBOT is done

                      I need to stop biting off more than I can chew....why do I do this to myself. It's like eating with my eyes instead of my stomach...


                        Well, no challenge update. This weekend was kind of a bust. I think mentioned a situation with a co-worker and my boss before? Well....it blew up in my face because of my own stupid self and it left me pretty outta sorts. Actually led to a borderline ugly cry. I'll make it up...somehow. Maybe try my hand at this superhero theme week.


                          Again, no challenge update. Been focusing on getting myself together the last couple days after a near debacle at work with a co-worker (long story). Trying to get my place cleaned up and restructured and stuff. My boss helped with making a personal schedule for everything that I need or want to do. He gave me a template and then I just tweak it when I need to. One of the things I planned out was meals for the week. I actually went to the store yesterday to get some stuff and here is what I came up with: (keep in mind I don't have a lot of time to cook)

                          Breakfast (home)
                          1 Formula (I have PKU, this a protein supplement designed specifically for this disease)
                          1 Banana
                          2 cups Coffee w/ Chocolate mix (to wake me up and stimulate my brain)

                          Second Breakfast (work)
                          1 serving Scrambled eggs and/or a pastry or two

                          Elevensies (home - after I get off work and before/on way to class)
                          2 Fruit & Grain bars
                          1 Formula

                          Afternoon Tea (home)
                          1 Fruit & Grain bar

                          Dinner (M-W)
                          Up to 2 servings of quinoa or rice
                          A small bunch of grapes
                          Up to 2 servings of veggies
                          1 Formula

                          Dinner (Thurs)
                          Whatever I can get from the vending machine at work (I have to work during the usual dinner time)
                          Maybe a Fruit & Grain bar or two

                          Dinner (Friday)
                          Dine out at my favorite restaurant - Village Inn.

                          Meals on Saturday and Sunday (home)
                          Scrounge around or stare at the wall


                            Day 1 - new meal plan - DONE
                            threw in a half a chocolate shake and another fruit bar, but the shake won't be a regular thing.


                              Day 2 - new meal plan - DONE
                              threw in a few bites of ham, a cookie, a brownie, one tortilla chip (yes you read that right, ONE chip), and 20 oz of soda.

                              An hour and a half or so after dinner however...I'm hungry again. I WANT GREASE! ...I'll have another fruit bar I guess...


                                How do you only eat one tortilla chip? That's unpossible.