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    It's been a couple days. Haven't exercised cuz stinkin medical insurance stuff I had to deal with, but have been following my meal plan.
    Woke up the other day with a hip so sore it's affected my walking...must have pulled something tossing and turning in my sleep. Got some joint pain in my shoulder...possibly from medicine I'm taking, but it's the weaker shoulder of the two so I'm not 100% sure. Currently revising things for next week. Realized I was trying to do light exercise everyday duringthe week and that wasn't the original idea.


      Nothing like severe joint inflammation to make you feel like giving up because nothing ever planned works for more than a week...


        I wish for a speedy recovery Brontus


          I think it's been about a couple weeks since my joint pain has completely disappeared with the help of some steroids from the doc that first week after my last post. The pain was so terrible that I've really been enjoying the use of all four limbs with full-range of motion again.

          Today, to celebrate and because my muscles were getting antsy, I did the following:

          Level 1 - Knockout
          1 set - Epic Quest
          1 set - Push Squat Repeat

          I know that doesn't look like a lot, but to my body right now, it is. It's been a while since I tried to do that many pushups. I am satisfied with how tired my muscles are right now.
          I have some other things picked out for either later today or tomorrow. Played with the idea of doing heavy workouts on the weekend/light workouts 3 times during the week, but I also played with the idea of just doing a heavy workout on the weekend. I'm working on a series of fantasy books that is occupying my mind most of my time plus my work schedule, so my list of priorities is shrinking, so I'm not sure what I'll do.


            Been to the doc today...
            I haven't been exercising much, my diet hasn't been great, but I'm getting used to eating in moderated portions (goal achieved there), I sit in a chair all day....

            No wonder I weigh 307 pounds... I gained 30 pounds in 4 months...


              So, news.
              I've made progress with food. However, I've gained 30 pounds in the last 4 months. Most of that is likely because of my day job which involves me sitting at a desk for 8 - 9 hours a day (8 hours work, 1 hour lunch), but I was chatting with my dietitian and she put in my meals for the last week into a program and came up with 101g of fat every day. I thought I was doing good, so that whole day was a little bit of a wake up call. I weighed in at about 307 pounds(139kg). They scale the doc's office used was in kg so I asked the conversion method (x2.2) and it came out to that 307 and I just stared at the numbers thinking, "That can't be right." But it was.

              I've gotten to the point where I can buy food for the week so now it's just finding the right food.
              And I've started riding my bike in the morning to form that habit.

              So that message above, in this post, was written yesterday, but never save apparently. So to add to it...did 20 minutes biking today. Had to fight it though, cuz I was tired. Then I realized it gave me an excuse to read a book.


                Happy Birthday.


                  Well hello again.
                  It's been a crazy month. A little bit longer of a crazy time for other parts of the world...hope you all staying healthy. I started working from home March 23rd and spent the previous week helping get some employees prepared to work from home and spent the entire next week helping put the entirety of the University of Alaska Online. The nexy few weeks have been cleaning up the mess and dealing with new issues that come our way. So, no time for steady exercise at all.

                  There were some fitness things I was gonna start getting into again when things settled down, because I could use a good solid weightlifting session, but then we all got stuck at home. Started thinking, "What could I do at home from Darebee."

                  Looking at shadowboxing workouts and maybe some classic stuff like pushups to start.

                  Did some intense shadowboxing today for a little bit to my old shadowboxing mix from like...last year. So that was cool.


                    so I bought a TRX and a set of stretchy bands. If you haven't heard of a TRX, it's a set of straps that can anchor to either a door or around a bar and it be used for several types of body weight exercises. un addition to the main muscles, it works the stabilizer muscles. I've used one a couple times and it's amazing.

                    the stretchy bands i bought are in a set of 5 different weights, 10 20 30 40 50. I got an idea for rowing exercise that alternates between rows and tricep extensions.


                      It's been a little bit. Preparing for a comeback tour though. I've said before that I was getting serious about my health and then I'd disappear. This time is different. I've always seen exercise as something on the To Do list and never as a necessity, and because of that, I've had to think about rearranging other things on that To Do list in order to accommodate exercise. I've also attempted eating healthier and moderating my portions, which worked for a while, but then got out of hand. I don't recall if I've mentioned I've developed a bit of a lactose intolerance, but I have. Not sure where it came from. As of this writing, apparently my body doesn't like bread either. Or, maybe it's just developed enough of an aversion to gluten to stop me from eating too much.

                      Some of things that were on my mind before were things that I kept trying to accomplish, or thinking I still had to accomplish before a certain time. It was this thinking that prevented me from approaching exercise the way I needed to. However, I've come to terms with things in such a way that I can focus on my health properly. And that started with ordering the TRX and the stretchy bands as mentioned in the previous post. The stretchy bands got a lost though.

                      I recently discovered some health supplements through an old friend of mine who is also using them. I figured I'd give them a try. As I was discussing my health goals with my friend and her mentor, I described myself as a gaseous, lactose intolerant tub of lard with high blood pressure and heart burn. That kinda made realized how far I've fallen, health-wise. I bought a scale that could tell me much more than just my weight. Weighed in at 312 lbs (141.5 kg). Ordered myself a home blood pressure monitoring device. Resolved to find food that wouldn't immediately make me feel sick. And ordered more stretchy bands and some wrist weights for shadowboxing. Thought about spending a chunk of change on a studio exercise bike similar to the Peloton, but I have a recumbent stationary bike, that I have a plan for. I also plan to utilize Darebee workouts.

                      I'm giving salads a shot again. Haven't had much luck with them in the past, but fruits and vegetables look like my only way out now. I also have a metabolic disorder to consider, so I have to limit my protein intake. I'm not going full vegan or vegetarian, because even veggie sources of protein like soy are even too high for me. I'll be speaking with my dietitian and doctor about these things as well. I know my dietitian is a vegan and has been campaigning me to move toward a plant-based diet.

                      This time, if I don't keep to whatever plan I make....I'll be the only one responsible for my demise.


                        Hey buddy! Welcome back! I will be rocking in the front row! I believe in you buddy SMASH THIS!


                          Day 1 of the rest of my life...done.
                          Warmup: Boxer Arms
                          Workout: Bodyweight Rows with a TRX, 3 sets of 8 reps; The Brawler Level 1, with just under 2lb wrist weights; Strength & Power, modified with a 50 lb stretchy band (work in progress).
                          Cool down: Verity Level 1

                          Worked up quite the sweat and my muscles hurt so good. Probably feel it more in the morning.

                          Hashbrowns, eggs, and oatmeal for breakfast
                          Salad and cranberry juice for lunch, with peanut butter crackers for snack
                          Dinner --- TBD. I worked out on an empty stomach. Probably not great.


                            Well done Brontus. That is a good start. See you tomorrow for an update.


                              Day 2 - Done

                              Did 6 Stances of wushu. Found a nice diagram. I can't go as low as the picture, so I did the best I could, but still ended up with a good lite workout
                              Ma Bu - 30 seconds holding
                              30 seconds rest
                              Gong Bu - 30 seconds hold each side
                              30 seconds rest
                              Xu Bu - 30 seconds hold each side
                              30 seconds rest
                              Du Li Bu - 30 seconds hold each side
                              30 seconds rest
                              Ding Bu - 30 seconds hold each side
                              30 seconds rest
                              Ban Ma Bu - 30 seconds each side

                              And I'll do 6 more next time and keep cycling through.

                              Then did 30 minutes of cycling. Popped in some spin music on Youtube and pedaled away.

                              Breakfast: Hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, orange juice, coffee, water
                              Lunch: Apple walnut salad, cranberry juice, water
                              Snack: Potato chips with French onion dip
                              Dinner: chicken sandwich, grape juice, an orange

                              Dinner last night was an apple, 4 chicken strips, and water.

                              Also, got my health supplements that I had ordered, so I'll start those tomorrow as well.



                                Warmup: Boxer Arms, with wrist weights just under 2 lbs. Cut up a couple socks to use as wrist bands under the weights, so they wouldn't slip so much with the sweat.
                                Workout: 3x8 Rows with the TRX, Knockout Level 1, Strength & Power with stretchy bands
                                Cooldown: Verity Level 1

                                Hashbrowns, eggs, sausage, oatmeal, orange juice for breakfast, salad and cranberry juice for lunch, and random stuff for dinner. Plus supplements.

                                Had a doctor's appointment today for my metabolic disorder. I've been on this medicine, essentially an enzyme therapy, that once it works will allow me to eat higher protein food and more of it with no side effects. Long story short, Doc says we are so close to this stuff working. Had to spend time getting my body used to it and I was freaking out a little bit because I didn't think I was psychologically in a place that I could inject myself with two needles; i've been having enough trouble with one. But he promised me it'll work pretty quickly (a matter of days) with this new dosage, so I've got more hope than I did.