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    Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

    I am so so so late to this party .

    I started Foundation in February. And I really really didn't expect to stick with it so why start a check-in thread?? But I did for the first time in my life I consider myself someone who works out!! I finished Foundation in 29 days (I missed a few days and thought I was behind, guess I caught up) and started Gravity at the end of March.

    I've also STARTED RUNNING! (Trust me, that's shocking ...and even more shocking that I enjoy it. A little.) I added the Walking to Running challenge during my last week of Foundation. I LOVE the ZombiesRun app, and had to buy a burnout tank that said "Training for the Zombie Apocalypse"

    So here's an overview of where I'm at:

    Gravity Day 12
    I love love love this program. Even when I don't feel like working out it's easy to just get started because I like just about every single day.

    Wall sits to failure:

    Push ups to failure:
    18-12-11 (yipee!!)

    I think we all need to see progress, so this has been fun (My splits are NOT getting any better LOL but that's ok.)

    From Walking to Running Day 16
    This has been fun too as I've mentioned before I've tried the Couch to 5k programs a million times and never got past week three or four. I'm actually looking forward to finishing these 30 days so I can start The Long Run Challenge and progress further. This is the first time I haven't gotten to the end of a prescribed length of running and collapsed in a heap, in fact it's become a fun game to run an extra minute at the end of the my last set just because I can. My goal is to run a 5k. I don't plan on being a professional runner or going marathon distance, but like Damer said, it's important to be able to outrun the Zombies

    The group in the Running section of the Hive have been amazingly supportive . They ARE running marathons and I'm over there like "guess what, two minutes, WOOHOO!!" and they still say "way to go!"
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    Nice! Shame I can't read how Foundation went for you, but I'll take this anyway. Subscribed.


      You're funny...I can go back through the days and try to remember how I felt after each workout I hate lunge step-ups. I can tell you that right now. And punches and kicks just because I'm no good at them (bad excuse to avoid them, I know) but I feel like my arms and legs are flailing about, completely uncoordinated. Once I get through all the non- combat-focused programs I'm really going to have to do something about that LOL.


        Life got in the way again. SO forgot to vote after work, we have a meeting at 6 pm and what was plenty of time after work turned into leaving an hour before I'd planned. So, no Gravity and no running, but I just knocked out the workout of the day, 5-Minute Plank and nailed it I think I'm not a beginner anymore!!!


          Way to go, K e l l y!


            Thanks!! After the 2 minutes side plank each side DD the other day I thought, I've got this it was fun. It's the first standalone DAREBEE workout I've done. I'll have to add to my favorites


              Woo-hoo, following!


                I hate lunge step-ups. I can tell you that right now. And punches and kicks just because I'm no good at them (bad excuse to avoid them, I know) but I feel like my arms and legs are flailing about, completely uncoordinated. Once I get through all the non- combat-focused programs I'm really going to have to do something about that LOL.
                I also hate lunge step-ups, so I understandbut punches and kicks? I love them now. I couldn't do either when I was starting out, but the guides on this site helped me a lot and now I love them!Punching guide and kicks guide in case you haven't found them yet.


                  I found them, I think the biggest part of my struggle is punching and kicking air...if I had something to aim at it might not feel so clumsy? Or maybe if I was stronger it wouldn't be a problem? (Balance is an issue with some kicks.)

                  Not really sure!! Just know I dreaded those workout days on Foundation and right now I'm avoiding workouts that I dread I'll circle back around to them at some point!


                    Running. Does the first half hour ALWAYS suck?

                    Walking to Running Day 17
                    Four sets of three minutes walking, three minutes running and the pain is excruciating until about 23 minutes. Hello second wind, just in time for it to be over. I DID make the extra minute run at the end of the last set and finished episode four of Zombies Run. My Abel upgrades are coming along nicely

                    Gravity Day 13
                    Abs. After yesterday's 5-Minute Plank workout and today's DD, let's just say my abs are screaming.

                    I still can't do full sit-ups without tucking my feet under some furniture. I can do a few, managed the first few sets but eventually my feet come off the floor about as high as my shoulders!! But, I don't feel it in my abs when I "cheat". More my quads, which may have been due to the running. Also, new nemesis: hollow holds. I thought level three (one minute) would be a breeze. LIE.

                    This weekend we're heading out of town. Staying in a hotel Friday and Saturday night. This is pretty much our entire summer so I'm nervous about my workout schedule. Yes, most have an exercise room with a treadmill but I'm still not comfortable working out in front of strangers The bodyweight exercises are perfect for a hotel room (I'm bringing my workout mat, yuck on the carpet) but would love cardio workout suggestions when I can't/don't run. Anyone have a DAREBEE favorite to share??
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                      Well, you might try this article about running substitutes. I also highly recommend Cardio Blast as a full program (notice the badge), but some of the days should be enough for a substitute for running for a day or two.
                      Keep up the good work! (Even without running.)


                        I was looking ahead to this weekend and couldn't help but laugh...not a lot of cardio during Gravity but of course Saturday would be 100 half-jacks to warm up for splits. Hope we have a ground floor room!


                          You know, when I stay in hotels, I rarely worry about such things... no permanent neighbours! And 100 jacks will take you under 10 minutes, right?

                          And this reminds me, I keep hearing a strange noise out of the window by my desk: turns out one of my neighbours has installed a treadmill on his balcony and nips out for 10-minute runs! I think it's one of the mechanical ones. I wonder if he's one of us?!


                            Oh yeah, probably only two minutes, maybe three But, it may not matter. I knew I shouldn't have started a check-in thread, it's all going to hell.

                            Walking to Running Day 18
                            ...was AWFUL. Forget wondering if I was going to be able to finish, I was honestly wondering if the pain in my shins was going to make me puke all over the carpet.

                            Yes. That bad.

                            And Day 14 of Gravity is 80 lunge step ups at level one... Can legs cry? If so, mine are right now.

                            So, tomorrow the lunge step ups, which means Sunday (at home) will be half jacks. Problem solved and I don't even feel THAT bad... It's the first day of Gravity I've missed. I'll make it up later if I can

                            On a side note, my birthday's in June and after multiple "what do you want for your birthday?? "'s I finally admitted I really want a workout area in the basement. With my treadmill, a heavy bag, a pull up bar, a mirror, room for my weights, etc. And my sweetheart said "OK, I can do that" Happy girl here!
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                              Maybe this is exactly why you should a check-in thread.You have us to tell you to stop, take a breath and see how will you be feeling when you wake up. If you are not feeling up to the task on given day, just don't do it, but still do something. Like yesterdays workout or other low level activity from the workouts. I like the Star Master workout - it helped me move a little when I was feeling awful during my 90 Days of Action.
                              I am sooo envious. Actually more about a workout area itself rather than SO. When it will happen (the workout area) you will have a little to none excuse to not to work out.
                              For now a ilttle motivational mouse (I think?) will do the trick:

                              EDIT: I've just read it again and noticed common mistake: I feel envious, not jealous. REMEMBER: Envy is when you want what someone else has, but jealousy is when you're worried someone's trying to take what you have. If you want your neighbor's new convertible, you feel envy. If she takes your husband for a ride, you feel jealousy.
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