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    This is so awesome-- Darebee & The Hive, so many dedicated and inspiring people giving their all at improving their health and living an healthier lifestyle. Good job! I joined the community approx one month ago, and I'm so glad I did. The Darebee team has thought about everything, by the looks of it, and are looking for ways to enhance the site and put together new and sweaty workouts/ programs for us, awesome! Every member on here are really grateful for the work the Darebee team has done to make this site an altogether experience. I know it has helped me a lot with taking the first step to a healthier living.

    One small step at a time right?

    Earlier today I finished up 30 Days of Cardio Blast, my first Darebee program! Excited, and I'm really looking forward to my next chapter (ooh, that was pretentious, haha). 30 Days of Gravity looks like a natural continuation for me-- so that's something to look forward to, probably next Monday or so. After I was done with day 30 of CardioBlast I wanted more, so I did No Capes workout, on level two. It's a great feeling to finish a workout, it really is-- a sense of achievement, every small step count right? Anyways, this is a great site, and I'll stick around-- for a long time.

    March 28/
    Day30 CardioBlast/ lvl two+
    No Capes/ lvl two, one minute rest [link]

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    Congratulations on your first program!

    To many more




        Way to go!!


          TheRaven Gee KageKitsune28 Thanks!

          March 29/
          Night's Watch / lvl two+ (an additional 20 push-ups after my last set)
          DD+ / 2 minutes butt kicks, EC.

          This week I was going to focus on different Darebee workouts before starting 30 Days of Gravity-- next week. Or, so I thought. Now, I'm not so sure. The thing is-- a couple of days ago I managed to strain my upper right thigh, and yea.. Today I did the Night's Watch workout, but my thigh was not happy about doing lunges.. I fought through, not a wise thing to do I guess, but I did.. I also did today's Daily Dare and it was not that big of a deal. That being said-- a couple of unintentional rest days are next-- meaning that I can't do any working out, starting new workout programs. So yea, sigh. I guess I can do some upper body and ab workouts tho. What I know is that I need to stay focused, and not let this hold up get the best of me. I'm still motivated and still eager to continue what I've started! /nonamex.
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            Earlier today, at work, I didn't think I'd do a workout later in the evening. Reason being-- my right upper thigh/ quad was a bit painful. But then, after coming home from work, I remembered what I wrote yesterday; [...] "I guess I can do some upper body and ab workouts tho". Yes! And here we are. Just finished today's workout, and I'm feeling great! Not only because I turned my "mood around"-- my energy was very low coming home from work-- but I stayed focused and motivated even tho my right thigh was giving me a hard time.. /nonamex.

            March 30/
            DD+ / 60 seconds tricep dip hold, EC.
            Upper body and ab workout/
            20 push-ups
            10 push-ups | 2 sets
            10 tricep dips | 4 sets
            20 sandbag [10 kilograms] push-press | 5 sets
            5x2 kettlebell [12 kilograms] bicep curl | 10 sets
            50 flutter kicks | 2 sets
            25 crunch kicks | 2 sets

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              March 31/
              Upper body and ab workout/
              push-ups/ 20 | 2 sets
              tricep dips/ 10 | 4 sets
              sandbag [10 kilogram] push-press/ 25+20+20+20+15
              kettlebell [12 kilogram] bicep curl/ 10x2 | 4 sets
              kettlebell [12 kilogram] bicep curl/ 5x2 | 2 sets
              flutter kicks/ 50 | 2 sets
              crunch kicks/ 25 | 2 sets

              Basically, the same workout from yesterday-- with some small set adjustments. Feeling good, and, today my right thigh is a lot better. So, maybe I can start 30 Days of Gravity on Monday after all..? Fingers crossed. But if not, I'm not too annoyed. Every small step counts right? I'll start it eventually anyways, so, in the meantime I'll just do other workouts. Bah. /nonamex.
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                April 1/
                Core Fusion / lvl three [link]
                20 tricep dips

                Leg days are no go atm, so I've just finished another ab workout+.
                The unbeatable feeling you get when you're finally seeing some results.
                It's kinda funny how little it takes to get some results-- just a few short weeks,
                but that's just the beginning-- I'm ready.
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                  April 2/

                  April 3/
                  Grinder / lvl two [link]

                  As you can see-- this weekend hasn't been a very productive one. Been kinda lazy tbh. Saturday I had some people coming over, aka eating 'lots' of cake and chocolate. I was planning on doing some kind of workout after they had left, but, one thing lead to another-- so I didn't. Today, I managed to squeeze in a HIIT workout; Grinder-- which I liked very much! ..and I will be revisiting it later on. As previously mentioned, I was hoping to start 30 Days of Gravity this upcoming Monday, but, I'm not too sure. My right thigh isn't 100% healed, so, in a couple of days I'm ready to go. Again, fingers crossed. Also, I need to focus more on a healthy diet and portion control. I'm still very motivated tho-- in case anyone was wondering.. Anyways, I guess that's that. /nonamex.


                    April 4th/
                    Morning, before heading for work/
                    DD+ / 400 overhead punches, EC
                    100 flutter kicks
                    25 tricep dips
                    Afternoon, after coming home from work/
                    Inferno / lvl 3 [link]
                    10 push-ups | 3 sets
                    20 high crunches | 2 sets
                    15 seconds sitting punches | 5 rounds, 25 sec rest between rounds
                    15 seconds side planks | 4 rounds, 20 sec rest between rounds*

                    Feeling good, I really enjoy these HIIT workouts, well-- 'enjoy' is a bit much, but u know what I mean. Also, this particularly workout was not suitable for beginners (level 4), soo-- I'm not a beginner anymore? Haha, anyways, pretty excited about finishing the workout without any cardiac arrest or anything. Seriously, it wasn't all that bad-- and as previously mentioned, I will be doing more HIIT workouts. My last exercise of the day wasn't a very positive one-- side planks. My balance is terrible, so I need more practice I guess. Bah, that will sort itself out later on. But, I pushed through side planks and took it as a fairly decent practice round. What's in store for tomorrow? I don't know, but I'm ready for it, which means that I'm not paying attention the slightly creeping pain in my right shoulder. /nonamex.
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                      April 5th/
                      Savage / lvl 3 [link]
                      35 minute jog
                      ab workout/ 15 reps | 2 sets
                      . high crunches
                      . crunch kicks
                      . flutter kicks, 30 reps in one go
                      . heal taps
                      . knee to elbow
                      . climber taps

                      I'm still trying to balance things out. a level 3 upper body workout in the morning--
                      then a jog and ab workout in the evening. Feeling good, energized, happy and motivated.

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                        April 6th/
                        part 1: DD+ / 60 seconds reverse plank hold, EC.
                        part 2: Paladin / lvl two / 30 seconds rest between sets [link]
                        part 3: Plan B / lvl three+ / 30 seconds rest between sets [link] (threw in some extra reps, +)

                        A slight pain in my right shoulder is a bit troubling-- especially during push-ups..
                        Maybe I need to hold back a couple of days? Still motivated tho.


                          Throughout the day my energy level has been very low.
                          While at work I wasn't really present, just wandering around, kinda.
                          So, I decided not to do any exercising when I got back home--
                          but later in the evening one thing led to another.. and bam! here we are.
                          I don't regret the change of plans tho. I've developed a habit/ routine I guess.

                          April 7th/
                          abs upgrade / lvl three* [link]
                          10x2 bicep curls | 2 sets
                          15 tricep dips | 2 sets

                          *2 sets, intermission-- aka dinner.. and then, the remaining 3 sets.
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                            April 8th/ a short morning workout
                            DD+ / 50 leg raises, EC.
                            50 bridges
                            Stardust / lvl three+ / 20 seconds rest between sets [link]
                            (+ threw in some extra reps, including double reps on the final set)
                            10x2 bicep curls, 12 kilo kettlebell | 2 sets
                            15+15+15 tricep dips

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                              Hey noname , you are doing great! If you feel like taking a break because something hurts just go for it, it will only do you good

                              I have followed you old thread but didn't know you had a new one until now (I somehow missed your last post on the old thread with the link to this new one), but now I'm here