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Beginning Again: ArishaNomad keeping track.

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    Day 19 of 30

    Days 17 and 18 i went light because of some knee pain.

    Today I did
    Fighter's Warmup
    The White Rabbit Workout
    Full Body Stretch

    Partner is back to work so I have to sneak updates before he goes or I get too busy.


      Day 20 of 30

      Was poking around the Fitness tab when I came across the substitutions for high-impact workouts and felt like a silly because I completely forgot about doing quieter substitutions for workouts. With that in mind I did the following.

      4 Minute Workout (I did bounces for the hops)
      Superset Workout This one was surprisingly intense. Not in a "I can't finish" kind of way but in a "I was not expecting to sweat kind of way." Surprising that I sweated because for whatever reason it takes a Lot to make me sweat; which is part of why learning to run in a desert was... difficult.
      The Finisher Workout. I did cut some of the reps in half because I wanted to lower my heart rate and I could feel the leg raises threatening that notion. Plus my legs were tired from the Superset.
      Overall a good workout day. Very soon it will be time to start tackling my diet better. (I've got the calories but not so much the protein, sugar and fiber intakes right) I just ordered a tortilla press so I think I'll be eating quite a lot more wraps instead of sandwiches. I have several veggie, corn and whole wheat tortilla recipes to try.


        Day 21 of 30

        Bad migraine today. Managed a workout cause sometimes it helps. It didn't make it worse so that's something.

        Precursor Workout
        The Corrector Workout (Tried the workout of the day and I can just do a plank; no way can I do balance planks yet; my four year old did the base plank with me though. ^_^)
        Chest & Lower Back Workout


          Day 22 of 30

          In migraine recovery mode today. Well; sort of; technically I still have the migraine just almost no pain. That sometimes means a lighter workout; today it meant the following:
          Back-to-Basics (As warm-up and first part: I did Lvl 1 with EC)
          Legs & Core Workout
          Gravity Hold Workout.

          Again no increase in pain so it further suggests my migraines have nothing to do with hydration. That would have been the easy answer honestly. Guess it's back to the Neurologist for answers. Well; once my partner can drive again or we can figure out a logical bus route. (I'm basically blind in my left eye plus have panic attacks so no driving for me)


            ArishaNomad that migraine sounds really bad. I usually loose sight for 20 minutes before the pain starts but didn't know it can last that long. I hope you'll feel better soon


              Originally posted by Amirsh View Post
              ArishaNomad that migraine sounds really bad. I usually loose sight for 20 minutes before the pain starts but didn't know it can last that long. I hope you'll feel better soon
              I've been lucky to not lose sight. I'm sorry you have to deal with that; it seems like it'd be really scary.
              My sister and I both average 3-4 day migraines; so it's probably genetic.
              Usually though with a migraine that long there are about 3-4 periods of bad pain but then most of the time it's what I like to call 'walking migraines' where you can carry on as usual just with some head pain and nausea. And thanks for the well wishes. It should be gone soon.


                Day 23 of 30 I did a bit of a walk with my four year old. Tornado watches now though so I'm not going outside. I'd spend the whole walk with my eyes glued to the skies and end up falling flat on my face most likely. Hopefully all the Bees South of me are safe. :/

                I'm going to grab an ab workout now and try to forget about the weather.


                  Day 24 of 30

                  Shoulder Work (Because nothing prepares you for making bread like working out your shoulders right?)
                  Anywhere Abs Workout
                  Upperbody Stretch

                  And now to get bread made so I can take out my stress on something.

                  Note: The previous post was for yesterday's workout; I just didn't get around to posting it until today. Tornado watch is for today.


                    Day 25 of 30

                    I was so tired when I woke up that I was tempted to skip my workout. I am happy that I did not. Decided on a combat workout because of the Daily Workout.
                    Fighter's Warmup (Seemed fitting)
                    Rowdy Workout (That was fun. I did do different punches than shown in the diagram but I was trained on a certain type and figure I currently get a better workout from doing one I know well)
                    Stakeout Workout (Lots of balance work. It's good for me)

                    We did not get any tornadoes in my area. Some parts of the state did but we thankfully did not. I did spend part of the night in my bathroom because the wind gusts and power outages terrified my four year old. We were lucky in that we only lost power for at most 30 seconds but it was enough to make my poor lad scared. He felt better in the bathroom. (A side effect of the Rowdy workout is it helped loosen my knees from all that sitting on the floor).


                      Day 26 of 30
                      Random workout today. Some squats and lifting basically for 15 minutes.


                        Day 27-29

                        I can't remember what all I did on day 27. Silly me. I know it was a full set of Darebee workouts.
                        Feeling poorly yesterday so did WiiFit
                        Still feeling poorly so going to go do more WiiFit now.


                          TLDR: I walked and got my 30/30 yesterday and 31/60 today.

                          Walk yesterday and today. I've gained some weight but lost some inches. It's simultaneously frustrating and exciting. Right now I'm looking to lose about ten-twenty pounds before I start doing most Darebee workouts. I deduced that it was the squats that were causing my knee so many issues. As such I need to lose some of the weight that's pressing on it. I will look at going to the Apartment Gym to do weight machines a few times a week to help speed up the muscle gain in my legs so I Can do squats and lunges when I lose the 10-20.

                          Another reason I'm walking (And it is brisk walking) is because I want another dog. We lost our Onua in May. So I walk to make sure that I can give our future puppy the fittest life possible. There won't be any overweight dogs in this household again if I can help it. I'm looking at Labradors, Boxers and German Shepherds. Maaaybe low drive Huskies. And Shepherds are bottom on that list; as I am least familiar with them. I considered Newfoundlands but I live up too many stairs for a giant or long dog. (Too much pressure on joints or back). I'm looking at a puppy too so they can see my youngest child's crawling/walking when they're full of vim and vinegar and less likely to get overwhelmed by a suddenly mobile child. Depending on what my spouse's Dr tomorrow we may be on the path to getting his vertigo fixed and then we can start actually visiting shelters to evaluate their pups. (I'm open to a mixed breed of course but the listed breeds are the ones I primarily want to look at because of family friendly reputation and my desire to have a dock dog or agility dog).





                              40 min walk
                              15 min wiifit


                                Hope things work out and you can get a pup!