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    Day 74

    8 Weeks to 5K Day 20 (30 squats, 30 calf raises)
    Generic Workout.


      Day 75

      8 Weeks to 5K Day 21 (10 min run 5 min walk x2) I wasn't sure how this would go but it went pretty well.

      Day 76

      I might do 8 Weeks tonight. Depends on how I feel when Aknord gets home. Right now it feels like I caught his cold so I did a 25 min pacing walk around the apartment just in case.


        Day 77
        Walk at a park. Definitely caught Aknord's cold so I just did that. My congestion is pretty clear today though so 8 Weeks will happen in about an hour.

        Needed a venting moment. Been reading a lot of mommy sites and it just feels like there's a lot of negative energy there as far as feeling good and healthy as the stay at home parent. As though having any children; but especially more than one; make it impossible to do anything for yourself. I dunno it makes me almost not want to have a second kid but then I come here and I'm reminded that there are other parents here who are fit or on that journey. And my toddler reminds me by standing and doing punches with me; or he'll do wall push-ups or crunches and all I can think is maybe a lot of these bloggers don't involve their children? He's only three and he likes to work out with me even if he's still getting the coordination down and falls over when doing squats (which is hilarious and adorable).

        Like is it really that impossible to eat healthy and do workouts with kids around? Anyway; just feeling bleh about that right now; plus it's shark week and my little sister's dog that she's had for fifteen years had to be put down today so that's not helping my energy but that's part of why I'm going to go running.


          Day 78

          8 Weeks to 5K Day 22 (5 min run 2 min walk x3). Had to restart partway through my warm-up because I'd set my timer to track two reps instead of three. Ah well; at least I caught it early. It went pretty well.
          Daily Dare with EC.


            Day 79

            The Corrector workout on lvl 1 to wake-up and help get rid of a migraine.

            4 mile bike ride

            8 Weeks to 5K Day 23 (20x2 Squats, 20x2 Calf Raises) Aaaaand I just realized that I Was only supposed to do two sets yesterday. The three sets is tomorrow. Oops! I survived though so that's good lol.


              As far as working out as a mom is concerned... I can't speak from experience, but both inbetween and Loba5472 have 3 kids if I'm not mistaken and they seem to be handling it just fine. Like you said, it's probably rather a matter of how and not if you can handle it.


                Don't read negative blogs! Don't read stuff that makes you doubt in your capabilities!!! Internet is full of frustrated people who try to convince others their life is also crappy

                If you WANT, then you CAN In most cases, of course, I know there are always exceptions, blablabla...

                I have four kids and I am in a better shape than ever. I started working out regularly after my third birth...

                And giving your toddler a sibling is one of the best gifts, go for it


                  inbetween; Thank you for your words. ^_^ And we will go for it; I think my little guy will make an excellent big brother. Plus my dog will be relieved to have someone else around to distract him from pestering her.

                  Thank you twinkletoes for thinking of people who could remind me that there are always ways to make things work.

                  I tend to forget that colds make me more susceptible to reading a blog first then realizing just how negative it was. I kinda go on auto-pilot. Pfft. I just need to stick to reading Darebee if I want to read articles when I'm sick.


                    Day 80

                    Started feeling a bit feverish around the time I expected Aknord home so I didn't do 8 weeks last night just a gentle walk so to keep my streak but not hurt myself.

                    Day 81

                    Wake Up & Connect so far. Wow do I have the flexibility of a rock at the moment. I think it's past time to do yoga daily. So I'll either grab a YouTube vid, WiiFit yoga or a routine off here. I do know enough to go slow and not past the point of stretch so I'm not worried about hurting myself. I do also study the poses beforehand to make sure I understand them and so far Pigeon Pose is my favorite.

                    One set of Guardsman. Not the best to do this late so that's why only one set.
                    Followed that with The Corrector on lvl 1.


                      Day 82

                      Backup and Restore so far. Held the poses for the extra credit and it felt really nice. Now I feel all limber and stuff.

                      8 Weeks to 5K Day 24


                        Day 83

                        The Fold Workout on level 1 with Aknord; he's... not a morning person so it wasn't his favorite. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Still don't have much flexibility of course (That would be scary results) but it was fun!

                        Generic Workout
                        8 Weeks to 5K Day 25 (20x2 Squats, 20x2 Calf Raises)


                          Day 84
                          Office Yoga.
                          My left ankle felt weird; it was almost clicking so I left 8 Weeks off the list and did a 40 min walk instead.

                          Day 85
                          WiiFit Yoga
                          8 Weeks to 5K Day 26 (5 min run 1 min walk x3)


                            Day 86

                            Everyday Yoga
                            DD with EC
                            The Corrector on lvl 1
                            8 Weeks to 5K Day 27 (20x2 Squats and calf raises)


                              Day 87

                              Don't remember all; I did do 8 Weeks to 5k Day 28 though (15 min run)

                              Day 88

                              Bad day. 15 min walk.

                              Day 89

                              8 Weeks to 5K Day 29 (6 min run 2 min walk x2)
                              Better Sleep workout

                              Day 90

                              Generic Workout
                              8 Weeks to 5K Day 30 (25x2 squats 20x3 calf raises)
                              The Aurora workout on lvl 2 with extra credit. This one was fun!

                              I've decided to do Yoga every other day until I get settled with it being in my repertoire. I figure that way I'll be more likely to do it. I'll give it about two weeks like this and then add it back to being an every day thing.


                                Day 91

                                1.5 mile walk
                                8 Weeks to 5K Day 31 (6 min run 2 min walk x3) It was hard today; probably because of the walk earlier but I managed it.
                                Better Sleep