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    Sevalys and friends

    Welcome friends and future friends to my new thread.

    Here I will log what I will do from now on.
    Feel free to read, comment, share some experiences with me, I'm opened to all new collaborations and discussions.

    What is done:
    50 Push-Ups
    My PU are not really good as my elbows are strange (but this is part of what give me good natural flexibility so I can't complain) but I decided that it must not stop me from doing them.
    Yoga Week with lpf
    Dragon Week with Gafi and Rogue
    Cardio Trim with LeicaEnergizer and Rogue

    Hero's Journey with twinkletoes

    Boxer Prime with lpf

    30 Days of Yoga with Adriene
    Strength Protocol and Yoga With Adriene

    Yoga Camp With Adriene with Sarasta and twinkletoes

    Revolution (Yoga with Adriene) with many friends : Yoga Team at work!

    Athena's Playbook

    Currently doing :

    30 Days of Yoga with Friends
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    Good idea Sevalys! And I really like the name of your thread, it's very inviting.



      Nice plan, I like it !


        Originally posted by Sevalys View Post
        - Weeks, normally in this order :
        Yoga Week
        Dragon Week
        Katana Week

        In between I plan to do some Cards of Avatar Upgrade Plus (I miss my dumbbells )and the Random Workout Challenge.

        All this will be done in parallel, added or separated according to the mood of the day.
        Now that is funny, as I thought, regarding to my new "career" in May, to do at least all the flexibility cards of the Avatar program
        And the Katana week for fun
        And the Yoga Week, because I really want to try this.

        So there will be some "pain" sharing


          Originally posted by Sevalys View Post
          - 2 challenges :
          50 Push-Ups [...]
          Ab Level II
          Can you read minds, Sevalys? That is exactly the combo I was thinking about. That is before I settled on postponing it for a month.
          I was planing on doing Dragon week soon, too (and maybe Katana Week if I can find some decent Katana surrogate and a way how not to destroy the entire furnishings of my room with it). Collaboration sounds tempting.


            That's so cool lpf and twinkletoes ! and welcome Ann-Core and Sarasta !

            I will start 50 PU and AbII after work, and I plan do redo as I don't think I did it correctly the first time. You have to do only 1 movement but hold and "bounce" it, am I correct? lpf , you already started if I remember well?

            If we stand on the current plan (we will adapt if necessary of course) I will start the Dragon week around the 14th, will you be ready twinkletoes ?
            As for the Katana Week this will be after, when I hope the weather will be better because I don't want to break everything in my home either...

            So : yoga week this week with lpf ?
            Next Dragon week with twinkletoes ?
            Next Katana Week all 3?
            + lpf let me know when you want to do an Avatar Card and I will do the same


              Sevalys oh, I didn't start Yoga Week yet, I wanted to take one day completely off, as the experiment I did was quite exhausting... so some complete rest sounds nice to me for today...
              I wanted to start tomorrow. (sounds funny )
              And yes, you just bounce in the position.


                Originally posted by Sevalys View Post
                and I plan do redo as I don't think I did it correctly the first time. You have to do only 1 movement but hold and "bounce" it, am I correct?

                I thought about starting Dragon Week on the 17th (and doing micro HIIT beforehand) but the 14th will work just fine. I can do both simultaneously or maybe I will just do some random workouts for once, there are so many I would love to try I will just follow your lead!


                  Good luck on the new challenges, Sevalys !


                    So, appointments made :

                    - restart Yoga Week tomorrow with lpf
                    - start Dragon Week the 17th with twinkletoes

                    Let's go!


                      Count me in for Dragon Week on 17th.
                      I'll do it at level 1, but I'll do it!
                      I'll postpone ab challenge by two weeks: one week I'll be doing some workouts I'll choose and one week for Dragon Week.
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                        Look at that, a new thread, and new workout buddy groups!
                        Hope you guys have fun, Sevalys, Gafi, lpf, twinkletoes (still love that name!)...


                          Thank you mkw !
                          Welcome Gafi ! There are tough workouts in Dragon Week, I'm not sure I will go beyond L1 on some days either!

                          Today :
                          Ab II Challenge D1 in one go (40 sit-ups, 60 flutter kicks and 1min elbow plank)
                          50 PU Challenge D15 (4 sets of 20sec PU Plank)
                          DD with EC (50 lunges with twist)
                          That's it for today, let's call it casual training.


                            Originally posted by mkw View Post
                            twinkletoes (still love that name!)...
                            Sadly this didn't came out of my genius but out of my TV series addiction. Well, nobody's perfect (Btw I still wonder what mkw stands for!)

                            And yay, I'm looking forward to the 17th. Even if I have to go back to L1 instead of up to L3


                              I have workout friends now! And ultra cool ones!