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    Modern Hero - no snacks?

    Hey everyone,

    I've got my meals purchased and planned for this week and will be starting Modern Hero, but I'm confused about one thing: No snacks?!

    Why would having some cucumbers in vinegar or a salt and pepper tomato in between meals hurt anything? Doesn't it just keep my metabolism going?

    Well, technically no, the metabolism will stay the same no matter what you eat or the frequency of the meals. A combination of diet, exercise, daily activity and sleep over long time range will change the way it works.

    About the actual question, I believe you are right. If the snack is healthy and doesn't make you go over your daily calories goal, there is no reason for it to be bad. Since Modern Hero is mainly focused on weight loss, the probable reason to tell you not to snack is simply to:

    - avoid temptation
    - control sugar levels (and therefore, hunger)
    - create an habit

    It is true that a healthy snack would be no problem, but no snacking at all and eating nice amounts on each meal would be the optimal thing to do. But in the case that you are not struggling with a weight loss diet or your weight in general, and you measure your calories, snacks are no problem to you. I wouldn't overthink on that.

    I mean, I try to control the calories I eat, but still take bread with peanut butter for breakfast, before working out, with the protein shake after working out, and even some nights as a dessert. That's 3 to 4 peanut butter based snacks a day. And no one will ever stop me, haha.


      Thanks brother, good explanation!