I’m Thin and Want To Get Heavier and Stronger

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    I’m Thin and Want To Get Heavier and Stronger

    Hi, I’m 5.81 feet (1.77 cm) and 127.8 lb (58 kg). I’m very thin and want to change this ASAP.

    But as I see most of the mealplans are for losing weight not giant except Mass Effect mealplan I guess.

    Do you think I can apply it to get fat and also should I exercise while applying the meal plan?

    My last question: in Mass Effect do we need to eat four times :0 during the day?


    The change you are looking for is not easier than losing weight, let me warn you about that.

    Mass Effect mealplan is fine for getting weight, but yes, you have to do exercise. A heavy session actually. You are supposed to do weight lifting and bodyweight exercises if you want to let your muscles grow instead of your belly.

    In any case, this kind of changes should be seen by a doctor. Try to visit one with your plan, and decide together how to approach this issue.


      If your current diet/exercise level is maintaining your size, you need to eat more, basically. If you want to gain muscle, you need to add more protein and do strength focused work. There are more plans focused on dropping weight bc that is a more common goal, and takes more willpower. Just add a healthy but hearty snack (say, a yogurt + banana + some nuts) or a few extra ounces of protein to each of your existing meals, imho.


        What really worked for me was doing these exercises twice a week . . .

        Squats 1 x 20 reps

        Dumbbell Pullovers 1 x 20 reps (Immediately after squats)

        Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Presses 3 x 6 to 8 reps

        Chins 2 x as many reps as possible

        Bent Over Barbell Rows 2 x 8 to 10 reps

        Seated or Standing Dumbbell Press 2 x 8 to 10 reps

        Barbell or Dumbbell Curls 2 x 6 to 8 reps

        Standing Calf Raises 2 x 15 to 20 reps

        Sit-ups 1 x 25 to 30 reps
        But every new workout day add 5lbs to my lifting, so 1st workout was 100lb barbell for 20 rep squats, next time it was 105 and kept doing this with each exercise no matter what.

        The other important thing is I drank a cup of milk with my normal meals and between meals, 5 to 6 cups a day. I gained 24lbs in just over 3 months, my 100lb squat became 230lbs for 20 reps. My belly was a bit thicker but my strength was great and measurement all over were much bigger.

        This is a proven old school method to get big and strong.


          Lift heavy and eat in a surplus.

          Weights aren't required but are probably the fastest route to a bigger size. Since you are new to the realm there will be added benefit of newbie gains (basically improving your mind-muscle connections) so it is a prime window for gaining size.

          Eat more than you are burning (like JMed said it isn't an easy task) and aim for healthy foods unless you truly just want to get fat. Also like what 'rin said it could be as simple as adding a good hearty snack with good fats and protein but you will need to make sure you hit that surplus. At your current size I'd be willing to say you could eat 500+ calories surplus a day (nearly an additional meal) for the next 3-6 months and come out looking really good on the back end.

          If you have a longer time period to work with you can use that as well and not have to eat so much each day.




              Might, Muscles, and Miracles-Doug Hepburn

              Anatomy of Strength-Doug Hepburn


                things to start with:
                whats your overall goal? ie weight or body type?
                whats your intake?
                Number of Calories?
                Whats your % breakdown of those calories?
                How many times a day are you eating now?
                timeline to met your goal?