Somebody who survived the Modern Hero diet?

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    Somebody who survived the Modern Hero diet?

    Hi, first of all I would like to start with the basic details - I'm a male, 174 cm/ 5 feet 8 inches tall, 75 kg/165 pounds.

    I've been craving to start with the modern Hero diet for a while now. Currently I have no idea if it's:
    a) even possible to hold on this diet.
    b) isn't too drastic.

    I mean I see the 100 grams for protein and half a cup of whichever suggested carb for a meal and I can't see myself having these meals and not losing weight and muscle mass drastically or starving throughout the day.

    Anybody here who maybe shares the same body stats as mine and could tell his survival story throughout this diet?

    Diets aren't meant to be prison sentences, there are guides to get yourself healthy and to stay healthy. A lot of people build a cheat day into their meal plans just so that they can feel like they are getting some satisfaction out of their food. I dropped about 90 pounds in 10 months and even managed a few cheat days in there. Now I am looking at slower loss with more maintenance, so I get a few more luxuries in my diet. I found though that the more fit that I became that I craved healthier foods anyway. In my experience too, hunger pangs are a conditioned response from your body to expecting food at certain times, after you cut back you won't feel them as often.


      dareBeer I have been following the Modern Hero Mealplan more or less since last November and more strictly since the middle of January. I have been losing weight, at the rate of ~ 5 lbs. per month, but this is healthy and intentional weight loss. I fully expect that, once my weight returns to what is an optimal level for me, my weight will stabilize without the need for any further significant adjustments to my diet.

      Some things to remember with Modern Hero:

      1. You can eat as many vegetables as you want. With every meal. Load your plate up with those things! Vegetables are packed with fibre, nutrients, and water. They will make you feel full, help to keep you hydrated, and ensure your body is getting the vital ingredients it needs for optimal health.

      2. Vegetables contain protein! Whole grains do as well. The "Protein" portion of the Modern Hero plate is not meant to limit the amount of protein you're getting. It's meant to ensure you receive at least the minimum amount necessary to maintain good health. You will still receive additional protein from other sources in your diet. Choose vegetable and carb options which are higher in protein if you're concerned you may need more here.

      I did find the switch to no snacking challenging at first, but I got used to eating only three meals per day pretty quickly (within ~ one month). I eat until I feel satisfied at every meal, and I almost never feel hungry between meals now.

      I am female, 5'6" and 143 lbs. (In November, I weighed 175 lbs.)


        Rainbow Dragon Wow that's amazing! Did you do programms from Darebee with the mealplan? You're giving me hope, as you seem to have a similar hight and weight (especially your weightloss is amazing and pretty much the same amount I want to lose, too!) as me

        dareBeer I could do it strictly for 30 days, along with Athena's Playbook. That was fantastic, as I lost some weight and felt fitter than before.
        I personally felt hungry between the meals somedays (but I didn't feel it was a bad thing for me), as i tried to maintain about 400g Potions per meal, because I was afraid, otherwise I might overeat. Also back then, there was no quarantine and my husband went to work/uni so I didn't have to care what I cooked for lunch (If I could I would have 24/7 warm meals). He has a different meal plan (never get hungry, eat snacks like an apple if you start to feel a little hunger until the bigger meals) what makes it difficult.

        I did adjust it for both our needs as, for example, I couldn't figure out what to eat for breakfast, as I only could imagine sweet breakfast like oatswith fruit and yoghurt (which I don't really like to be honest) or fried eggs with veggies (which I can't eat daily as it gets boring, but I prefer over sweet). I am attentive to eat a lot of veggies and less carbs and "protein" (less then the amount of vegetables to make it clear) so it kind of fits the Modern Hero mealplan.

        Less fat (e.g. oven bake homemade fries instead of deep frying them), less sugar, less salt (if possible), more veggies and more fruit. (I try to eat atm an apple a day and I bought frozen fruit, as my body didn't crave anything particular fresh the last two weeks, like that I still get my input) and I drink a glass of water with every meal; little to no juices, NO soda (only on special occasions), only buy a bag of "bad snacks" like maximum once month, don't stop snacking if you cannot do without (unless you force yourself to be super brave like Rainbow Dragon and manage to cut it out - good job btw ) but keep track of what you eat and how much you eat, so if you need a piece of chocolate, try dark choco and only one to two squares.

        This basically sums up my adaptation to the Modern Hero Mealplan. (I hope I didn't forget anything haha) I even designed a mealplan for a month to repeat. I guess you can use it with the Hero mealplan, too. If you want to, feel free to check it out

        Now you have someone who "survives" the mealplan, and me who adapted it to my needs. Maybe that helps you, if you feel like the change is too drastic, adapt step by step


          dareBeer as someone who is 5'9" and 175lbs I can say I see the meal plans that same as you. I would not be able to do them without drastic weight/muscle loss. I eat a lot of protein and additional calories (I start dropping weight once I start consuming less than 2500-2800 calories). That being said you can use the meal plans as a basic plan structure. Find your macro markers (I use fat) and then scale everything up from there until the plan fits you. The balance of the meal plans is generally fairly good but I find the caloric content lacking.


            Originally posted by MoChan98 View Post
            Rainbow Dragon Wow that's amazing! Did you do programms from Darebee with the mealplan? You're giving me hope, as you seem to have a similar hight and weight (especially your weightloss is amazing and pretty much the same amount I want to lose, too!) as me
            Also curious to know this.


              Thank you everyone, I love this awesome community.

              CaptainCanuck Wow that's a significant weight lose, great job man. And I guess your'e right about the hunger pangs.

              Rainbow Dragon Thanks for the detailed reply. It seems that you've making a huge progress!
              I believe I should just really switch my mind set and my actions towards having more meals that a big part of them is based on fruits and vegetables, as by now they where just a small addition (and not that frequent) to my meals.

              MoChan98 Thanks for your insights. I like your approach with starting the diet but having some easy boundaries at the beginning so you could actually succeed with it in the long run.

              That being said you can use the meal plans as a basic plan structure.
              That sums up our concerns pretty well. Several months ago I managed to have my meals based on the Modern Hero diet but with modifications and I DID make a significant body weight loss. Now I want to give a shot to the whole plan, but I suppose I’ll add more calories to it, meaning that I have the same foods as instructed but with bigger portions.


                Thank you MoChan98 dareBeer .

                MoChan98 StickyHammer I run, hike, practise yoga, and do DAREBEE programs. In the summer I also do stand-up paddleboarding. I don't do everything on the same day though. (I usually don't have time!) My goal is to "workout" for a minimum of 60 minutes, 6 days per week. Working out includes the DAREBEE programs, running, and vinyasa/flow style yoga. Hiking, paddleboarding* and restorative yoga I do not count as part of my 60 minutes.

                *Usually I paddleboard on calm water and go slowly to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. If I was working hard to go fast or paddling into a strong wind, I would count it as a workout.

                MoChan98 I did not do a 0 to 360 when I made changes to my diet. Six months ago I was eating pretty badly. I made changes a bit at a time, over a period of two months, until I got to a diet that was both healthy and sustainable for me.

                If you are interested in more details:

                Rainbow's Heroic Year - chronicle of my plan for eating healthy and getting back to a healthy (for me) weight, along with monthly summaries of my progress
                Cook90 2020 - what I actually eat each day (I'm behind on updating this thread. But there is two and a half months worth of menus there so far, which will hopefully give you some ideas.)
                Rainbow Dragon's Dares - my workout log