Nutrition in a bottle, can, tub, etc.?

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    Nutrition in a bottle, can, tub, etc.?

    Hi everyone,

    So just curious... I know many of us stick to a diet plan or take specific supplements and certain nutrition intake like Protein, Aminos, etc. What are ya'll taking, is it working, and do you like the products you currently or have used? Let me know as for a lot of us, we'd like to know your suggestions! If you even follow a meal prep plan or subscribe to something please share. Thanks, can't wait to hear whats everyone is taking or doing...

    Here are some that I have taken myself or gotten feedback from others: (supplements)
    GNC products
    Monster Milk
    Premier Protein
    Quest (Diet)
    Core Power (Protein)
    Bang Energy Drink (for Aminos)
    Optimum Nutrition
    Max Muscle Nutrition
    Herbalife Nutrition
    Vitamin Shoppe (vitamins & minerals)

    back around 1997 I took EAS Phosphagen powder and my 3 rep one leg squatting went up to 10, I have never experienced the same since with many other brands. I've done all kinds of protein powders but they never did anything, only thing that made me gain was drinking 5 cups of 3.25% milk everyday, with and between meals. I gained 24lbs in 4 months ( went from 150 to 174lbs) with the milk and my strength shot way up. My weight nowadays is steady at 146 and I'm 67, I just gain fat if I try bulking so don't. I'd been working as a construction general labourer for 13 years and lost much of that bulk and returned to 150lb.

    I drink about 2 cups of 3.25% but recently switched to Joyya milk which in fine filtered to have 75% more protein 16g a cup and 25% less lactose. I have whey protein which is usually after a hard workout and creatine with it. My main source is from food which is fairly complex.

    I've tried Beta-alanine plus Taurine, sometimes I take Panax Ginseng.


      ...for my bicycle rides (and recovery drinks) I generally use products from

      The Feed
      Hammer Nutrition

      Hammer has a wide variety of products for endurance athletes. The Feed people are a kind of service that brings together many companies products.

      Both companies (imo) have good knowledgeable support for endurance programs.


        I do GNC or ON protein powder (depending on sale) everyday. Beyond that I love me a quest bar and usually have one on the weekend. I do take a couple of supplements but they are for specific reason (biotin for nails, magnesium and Vitamin D for migraines).

        If I find a good sale on Beyond Raw or Ghost pre-workout I will buy that up in a heartbeat but that only happens a few times a year.