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    YouTube cookery channels


    I've got interested more in cooking lately, and I've been using YouTube as a resource. I thought I'd share some of my favourite channels/videos here. Please feel free to add your own.

    I'm vegetarian (vegan when I can be). I tend to like Asian cusine, and I suppose I'd like to think I'm eating quite "healthily"!

    East Meets Kitchen:

    This is Christina Ng, who makes vegan (now - her earlier stuff wasn't I don't think) Chinese and East Asian food, and has specialised in vegan dim sum.

    This is my favourite:

    She has a recipe book too ( which I may buy.


      Chinese Cooking Demystified

      I watch these videos for fun sometimes! I believe it's very authentic. It is NOT vegan or vegetarian, but there are vegan and vegetarian recipes, and they do a lot of good videos on techniques that can be used more generally - stir frying vegetables, fried rices, noodles - as well as some guides to ingredients.

      These are my favourites of theirs.

      This is great. You will never eat broccoli any other way!

      This is really fun and impressive to cook.

      There's so much more there and they have a reddit (I don't use the site) that I gather is extremely detailed too.

      (I reduce the salt and sugar in nearly all of the recipes. Some of the ingredients they use can be hard to find outside China, but they usually offer alternatives.)


        Maangchi has a Korean cooking channel. She is very cheerful!

        I first found her channel when looking for kimchi recipes. There's a load of stuff, and she also publishes recipe books.

        A couple of favourites:

        Really lovely.

        Really lovely and very easy.

        There's loads more. This isn't a vegetarian or vegan channel.


          I used this channel for their vegan kimchi recipe:

          I don't think it's active any more.

          This guy is nice and does decent vegan recipes, usually with American ingredients.

          Mary's Test Kitchen is quite a technical vegan channel and often involves making vegan versions of classic meat dishes (though not only, there's lots more) like burgers, fried chicken, and lots of East Asian dishes.