Original homemade protein bar recipe / Flakes, almonds, honey

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    Original homemade protein bar recipe / Flakes, almonds, honey

    Hello bees !

    I wanted to share my own recipe of protein bar I make every week for breakfast. Short story: about one year ago I analyzed my food intake and realized my breakfast was only pure sugar and bad fat (industrial milk rolls + honey + industrial orange juice). Plus, at mid-morning I was very hungry and then tended to eat snacks (or suffer in silence ^^). So with a bit of research I changed it to get a protein breakfast, with the aim to reduce my intake of refined sugar and stop the morning hunger.
    And it is a success ! It also helped me loose the 2-3 kg I needed to loose (when you cut the sugar, usually...). Plus they are tasty
    I take 2 bars + 1 glass of milk every morning, and I do not feel hunger until noon. Sometimes I take one for an afternoon snack or after sport.

    Below are the picture of the bars, the recipe and the nutrition info.
    The base is oat flakes, almonds and honey (good sugar), peanut butter (good fat). You can change it of course - add other grain or dried fruits for example.

    I converted the measurements for US metrics as well, I do not know if they make sense

    Click image for larger version

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    Protein bars recipe

    Nutrition info for one bar (estimated via mfp app):
    90 cal

    Fat : 4.4g, whom:
    - Saturated fat - 0.4g
    - Polysaturated fat - 0.6g
    - Monosaturated fat - 1.6g
    - Trans fat - 0g

    Carbs - 8.4 g, whom:
    - Fibers - 0.5g
    - Sugars - 1.5 g

    Proteins - 3.6g

    Cholesterol - 0mg
    Sodium - 12 mg
    Potassium - 36.5 mg
    Calcium - 2.1 %
    Iron - 2.5 %