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    Instapot/pressure cooker recipes

    My beloved rice cooker died (and rly, it was a 20$ thing from target that lasted like 8+ years so z
    I'm not mad). I bit the bullet and upgraded to a pressure cooker when replaceing it. Now I need recipies.

    My 1st experiment was:
    1 bag (16 oz) dried lentils
    2 handfuls baby carrots
    Abt 4oz of chorizo, chopped
    5 cloves of garlic, crushed and chopped
    2 bay leaves
    Cumin and salt to taste
    Roughly 6 cups water.

    Cooked on high pressure 2 mins, poked at it a bit, added a bit more water for another 2 mins (these were rly old lentils) and done. Super simple and I may have eaten it all throughout day.

    Sounds good! I'll just hop on the bandwagon to see what comes up I have a pressure cooker too, but mainly use it to cook dried beans, chickpeas and soy. Soak it in water the night before, cook it the next day - freeze in portions. Chickpeas always make funny noises when they soak up all the water overnight - first time I didn't know what the weird sound was coming from


      Sounds yummy! Absolutely love my instant pot and use it most days of the week.

      Some of my favorite things to cook:
      Chickpeas (obviously ) for making Hummus, curries, falafels & burgers.
      Black beans - for adding to stir fry veg for fajitas
      Pinto beans with chilli powder & liquid smoke
      Black eyed peas cos they cook from dry super fast.
      Spanish rice (brown rice, 1 diced pepper, 1 diced tomato,1/2 onion, slice jalapeno + dolop of salsa at the end)
      Soups - I find a recipe i live then add lentils and pressure cook for 10min
      Lentil Dal
      Pasta (cook for half the packet time) - I like to add 150g red lentil pasta, cup chickpeas,cup tomatoes sliced,chopped onion,chopped pepper,chilli flakes,garlic,sliced lemon,salt& pepper and enough water to cover and cook for 6min.
      So many curries - pinterest has hundreds of amazing recipies.

      I always put boiling water in the pot to speed up the time to get to prehsure unless ive got them on a timer.

      Jette my chickpeas often 'pop' and crackle too. I usually put my beans in the pot with water in the morning on a timer for 9 hrs so they soak during the day and are automatically cooked when i come home from work.


        I made an awesome discovery today. Brown rice and boneless chicken thighs take the same amount of time to cook under pressure (22mins). Both tend to be cheap at my grocery store.....

        Today's batch I used the 2:1 water:rice ratio I normally would and it was slightly soupy (not unpleasantly so, tho) so I may cut back to 1.5:1 for my next attempt.

        I just seasoned w salt, much garlic, thyme, and a bay leaf, and added a few tbl olive oil. Came out rly well, will try a curry w rice in already next >.>


          Instapot experiment/recipe of the week. I aparently could not decide if I was making my white bean/pork/apple stew or beans and greens. Whatever it is is pretty good.

          Put pot on sautee
          Few tbl butter
          Small onion
          4-5 fresh sage leaves, chopped
          2 granny smith apples, chopped
          1/2 bag baby carrots, just thrown or chopped
          3-5 cloves garlic, chopped.
          1lb bag white/navy beans (rinsed, not soaked)
          Random soup bones from freezer (optional)
          Bay leaves
          Water to cover
          Set pressure for 30 mins, gtfo.
          Manual release
          Add 1 bag frozen spinach (if using fresh, add at very end and just stir to wilt)
          1 bag frozen broccoli bc spinach wilted to nothing and you want more veg
          1 lb spicy Italian sausage, uncooked, chopped
          Lid back on, 5 mins pressure

          Might be slightly soupy, saute down or just use slotted spoon to serve/store. It wants some salt (was afraid beans might not soften w it) maybe, and definitely some parmesan to serve.


            Also, last week's curry.

            Put pot on "sautee", add some fat (I used coconut oil) and starting spices - much tumeric and cumin, bit of coriander. Chop up onion, hot peppers, garlic, and ginger (in that order, adding to pot as you chop it). When veggies are translucent, add tomato paste. Cook a moment then chuck in chicken thighs and stir to coat. Add chopped fresh cilantro, coconut milk, diced tomatoes. Add a few cups brown rice and maybe a bit of water (and salt if you like), cook 22 mins under pressure. After release, stir in juice of one lemon, some good garam marsala (curry powder). Turn pot to saute again to keep hot as you add in a bunch of baby spinach, and if you like some riced cauliflower to bulk it out a bit/add more fiber.


              Some yummy sounding recipes -- thanks 'rin!