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    84oz water, 24oz coffee
    530 yogurt, coffee
    1130 coffee
    115 leftover goulash and potatoes
    645 Turkey sammich, salad
    730 coffee, Cadbury bar


      72 oz water, 24oz coffee, 8oz cocoa
      515 coffee, ham egg cheese on a roll w tomato, strawberries
      545 more coffee
      1030 hummus, cucumber, carrots, chorizo, cheese, coffee
      5 sloppy joe, broccoli tots
      730 yogurt w raspberry jam, cocoa


        64oz water, 16oz coffee, 5oz juice
        530 coffee
        6 coffee, cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuit, strawberries
        11 cucumber, carrot, dressing to dip, ham, turkey, pepperjack, chorizo, peanuts. Bit of limeade mixed w seltzer
        640 spaghetti w meatballs


          68oz water, 24oz coffee, 12oz cocoa
          630 coffee, leftover spaghetti w cheese butter and tomato
          845 coffee w protein powder
          1145 yogurt w jam, peanuts
          5 coffee
          6 chicken over cabbage salad
          8 cocoa, girlscout cookies

          48oz water, 32oz coffee, 8oz tea
          7 coffee, sammich (turkey, ham, tomato, cucumber, pepperjack)
          830 coffee
          1030 coffee
          130 last slice of rye toast, chicken salad (chicken, cucumber, spices, dressing)
          6pm Italian delivery treat- chicken w asparagus and cheese, side of green beans and roasted potatoes
          7 nonna torte, coffee
          8 tea


            60oz water, 14 oz coffee, 24 oz cocoa
            630 coffee, french toast bacon
            1145 yogurt w strawberry sauce
            2 coffee, chorizo, cheese, pickle
            6 coffee, meatballs over rice
            8 cocoa
            845 chocolate, more cocoa, peanuts
            1015 pbj toast, more cocoa

            (I was wondering why I ate the whole kitchen thurs night but yesterday I started my period so.....that explains it rly)

            Fri 56 oz water, 48oz coffee
            7 coffee, eggs and rice
            715 coffee
            8 coffee
            12 yogut w strawberry sauce
            245 giant iced coffee
            4 chocolate milkshake
            745 pizza

            saturday 76 oz water, 40 oz coffee, 8oz tea
            615 coffee
            730 coffee, pbj toast, peanuts
            1135 yogurt w strawberry sauce
            1 coffee (large)
            3 ham and cheese toasted sammich w tomatos, carrots
            730 last of leftover meatballs on a slice of toast
            8 tea and chocolate


              Sunday... odd food day
              48oz water 28oz coffee 16oz cocoa
              530 pb granola bar, coffee
              7 coffee
              2 coffee, single burger on small roll, mandarin
              6 cabage salad w chicken and tomatos
              7 strawberries and some stinky cheese
              8 cocoa
              930 cocoa, peanuts


                Monday: 44oz water 32oz coffee, 16oz tea
                630 coffee cream cheese and lox on a balay
                7 coffee
                1230 party food - tzatziki with carrots, turkey, cherries, strawberries, mini orange
                640 burger patty w cheese, mac and cheese broccoli, coffee
                7 coffee
                10pm many girlscout cookies and tea in bed while reading >.>

                52oz water 32oz coffee 8oz tea
                7 grilled ham and cheese w tomato, coffee
                715 coffee
                9 coffee
                1145 party food again, cukes, tomatos, carrots, tzatziki, cheese, chorizo, turkey, strawberries, cherries
                1230 tea
                215 coffee
                7 - local sushi place reopened! Gave them some business bc happy they are back. tuna/avo roll, shrimp tempura roll, philedalphia roll (lox cream cheese and cuke). I appreciate that they really use very little rice on their rolls. just enough to encase things, not enough so you are eating mostly rice.


                  44oz water 32oz coffee 16oz tea
                  7 coffee
                  730 strawberries Shortcake, more coffee
                  845 coffee
                  1145 cukes, carrots, tzatziki, Turkey, cherries, chorizo, cheese
                  145 tea, biscuit w jam
                  430 chicken and broccoli fried rice
                  730 coffee cherries peanuts
                  830 tea

                  Thursday- all the carbs all day
                  52oz water, 24oz coffee, 10oz booze (2 glasses wine) 16oz tea
                  630 coffee, small bagel w cream cheese, mandarin
                  730 coffee
                  930 tea biscuit w jam
                  330 coffee, chips and salsa
                  530 tea
                  630 steak, roasted baby potatoes w garlic, 2 glasses wine
                  730 chocolate


                    my fluid intake has been HORRIBLE. I need to make a concerted effort here.
                    Friday 22nd
                    53oz water, 32oz coffee, 8oz tea, 16oz cocoa
                    6 coffee, rye toast w cream cheese and turkey, mandarin
                    630 coffee
                    9am coffee
                    915 chicken salad on rye w tomato
                    1245 carrots, cucumbers, taziki dip, and turkey
                    2 coffee
                    6 tea, cherries and cheese
                    8 tomatoes, turkey, chorizo, cukes, taziki
                    830 cocoa and pb toast
                    9 more cocoa

                    Saturday (bday)
                    28oz water, 24 oz coffee, 8oz juice
                    630 coffee, toast w pbj and toast w cream cheese and turkey
                    645 more coffee
                    715 more coffee
                    1130 toasted sammich - rye,munster, peppered turkey, tomoato and a mandarin
                    420 ice cream sunday! (chocolate w pb sauce ofc)
                    7pm chorizo nachos and lemonaide

                    Sunday 24th
                    24oz water, 32oz coffee, 16 oz juice, 8oz tea
                    515 coffee, yogurt with jam
                    530 coffee
                    545 coffee
                    8 coffee
                    1145 juice, turkey/munster rollups, cherries, cukes, taziki
                    130 tea and girlscout cookies (1 serving thin mints)
                    445 lemonaide
                    5 mac and cheese w broccoli mixed in, keilbassa

                    Monday 25th
                    48oz water, 24 oz coffee
                    630 coffee, toasted sammich (rye, munster, turkey, tomato)
                    730 coffee
                    1 flourless pb cookies w dark chocolate chips, coffee
                    830 turkey sammich from deli, doritos


                      I did better on fluids yesterday...... even if I did have a LOT of coffee
                      60oz water, 48oz coffee
                      8am coffee, yogurt,sliced strawberries, oats toasted w cinamon nutmeg and maple syrup
                      945 coffee
                      11 coffee
                      130 coffee
                      215 tzaki dip (basically yogurt, lol), cukes, carrots, tomatos
                      315 coffee
                      630 pastrami on rye w mustard, corn
                      815 coffee


                        I am drinking a lot of coffee this week, but, if that also means I'm snacking less, so be it. I don't put sugar in coffee, a small splash of half and half only, so 50 cals/8oz is still better then whatever I'd of snacked on.

                        48oz water, 48oz coffee

                        645 coffee
                        745 coffee, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, 1 slice rye toast, strawberries
                        815 coffee
                        10 coffee
                        130 coffee, yogurt with jam
                        645 coffee
                        8 beans and rice (w tomatoes) and flank steak


                          I have some health shit necessitating that I drop a bit of weight but I really do not want to go back to actually calorie counting etc as that just fucks with my head. Hopefully I can continue with "just getting my act together" and getting more active again and it will sort out.

                          68oz water, 40oz coffee
                          7 coffee
                          9 coffee
                          11 bagel w cream cheese, lox
                          1130 coffee
                          330 coffee
                          5 peanuts
                          630 coffee, strawberries
                          915 italian! Motz and roasted red peppers, chicken breast w asparagus, small bit of pasta w vodka sauce


                            My food has been...getting smarter. W a bit of unintentional husband sabotage bc I did not communicate my desire to get sugar in check to him.

                            fri 5/29
                            84oz water, 32oz coffee, 12 oz cocoa
                            6 coffee
                            730 coffee. Turkey/cheese rollups, 2 small slices leftover Italian bread, toasted, chorizo, carrots/cukes, tzatziki, strawberries
                            830 coffee
                            2 coffee, beans and rice w tomato and onion, flank steak
                            730 turkey sammich from deli, mandarin, coffee
                            1030 cocoa, 1 serving girlscout cookies (thin mints)

                            Sat 5/30
                            60oz water, 40 oz coffee
                            730 coffee
                            815 poached eggs over leftover rice/beans
                            930 coffee
                            10 coffee
                            1130 strawberries
                            115 coffee w some protein powder
                            4 ice cream sunday (husband sabotage, he went to get himself a milk shake and just snagged this for me)
                            7 coffee
                            8 turkey munster and tomato on rye w tzatziki, mandarin

                            Sun 5/31
                            60oz water, 44 oz coffee
                            5 coffee
                            530 2 slices white bread w pb and raspberry jam
                            6 coffee
                            11 huge iced coffee w butter pecan flavor nom
                            2 fancy brunch bc fucking sunday. Waffles (cinnamon and vanilla) w scrambled eggs w fancy cheese and herbs. Real breakfast sausage.
                            4 coffee
                            8 made Somade-ish chicken salad but, used greek yogurt in leiu of mayo (so dressing was yogurt, apple cider vinegar, salt, honey, poppy seeds) w grapes and cherry tomatoes (no pecans, tho)


                              2 "bad patterns" I need to continually address. "Not enough protein for breakfast = hungry all day" and "not enough water all day = require bednight snack".

                              40oz water, 52 oz coffee, 8oz gin and tonic, 12oz cocoa
                              7 coffee, sausage, 1 slice buttered rye, mandarin
                              745 coffee
                              945 coffee
                              1130 Turkey/ham/cheese/mustard rollups. Tzatziki, carrots tomatos cukes to dip, grapes
                              115 giant iced coffee
                              415 coffee
                              6 pasta w chicken and broccoli and cheese, gin and tonic
                              815 rye toast w butter, cocoa


                                So. I indenify bad pattern. I partake in it anyway. Fml.

                                6*/2 (did not miss a month I just mistyped lol)
                                64oz water, 48oz coffee
                                8 coffee, yogurt w jam
                                930 coffee
                                12 big iced coffee
                                315 Instagram worthy lunch. Taziki, carrots, celery, tomato, brie, cheddar, ham, turkey, prosciutto
                                430 coffee
                                845 chicken "sonoma" salad w greek yogurt, honey, vinegar, grapes, tomatos, poppyseeds

                                56oz water, 32oz coffee, 12oz cocoa
                                645 coffee
                                7 pickled egg, chorizo, cheddar, mandarin
                                830 coffee
                                1045 coffee
                                1230 ham and munster w mustard on toasted rye
                                3 coffee, brie, grapes
                                530 sushi- shrimp tempura roll, Philadelphia roll, tomatos pickled ginger
                                9 cocoa, pbjam toasts

                                64oz water, 36 oz coffee
                                530 coffee
                                7 coffee, bacon, rye toast, scrambled eggs
                                830 coffee
                                12 chorizo, brie, grapes
                                1230 coffee
                                6 pot roast, roasted potatoes, carrot/celery/tomato sauce

                                72oz water, 44oz coffee, 5oz cocoa
                                6 coffee
                                645 coffee, 2 hb eggs, mandarin
                                1030 coffee and donut bc free for some made up holiday
                                1145 2 apricots, cheddar
                                2 yogurt w jam
                                6 gnocci w last nights sauce cooked w some sausage
                                8 mocha

                                44oz water, 24oz coffee, 12oz dt coke
                                630 coffee, overnight oats w pumpkin,
                                7 coffee
                                8 coffee
                                1230 ham and munster on rye again
                                5 burger and fries and dt coke (support local place ttakeout)