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    72oz water, 40oz coffee, 2 cups herbal tea

    630 yogurt w jam, banana bar, coffee
    8am coffee
    2pm salad, miso soup, sushi! Shrimp tempura roll, Philadelphia roll, spicy crunchy tuna
    430 coffee (unplanned, friend wanted to catch up a bit)
    8pm 2 burgers (no roll) w broccoli tots

    I let myself get way too hungry before lunch


      80oz water/tea, 24oz coffee, 8oz hot cocoa
      730 curry w rice, coffee
      1130 2 banana bars, more coffee
      6pm thai fried rice (1/2 side order), larb salad (too shattered to make supper)
      945 pb cracker, cocoa


        80oz water, 28oz caffeine (counting herbal tea as water)
        630 coffee, last of old batch of curry (no rice)
        930 mocha (keurig hot coca + coffee lol) and a chocolate pb protein cup
        12 2 mandarins, chorizo
        2 pb cup, coffee
        630 instapot chicken and rice

        Pb protein cups = .mixed natural pb w a bit of honey + unflavored whey until it was a doughy texture. Pressed into small muffin tin. Melted 5iz good choc chips w a bit more pb to pour over (sprinkled some good salt between layers) and set in fridge. Pb choc layer doesn't stay set long at room temp so they won't travel well (boo hiss) but otherwise they are awesome.


          Sick 'rin = snacking all day. And into night, since I was coughing and couldn't sleep. (And I have to go back to work today...)

          108 oz water/tea. 24oz coffee.
          645 oats w protein powder and frozen raspberries, coffee
          1030 chocolate pb thing I cannot make again soon lol
          130 instapot curry
          4 coffee
          7 chicken rice and broccoli w parmesan cheese
          930 pb chocolate thing


            Yesterday was a shit show >.> but, I was running on 5 hrs sleep
            48oz water/40oz coffee

            845 coffee, 2 hb eggs, English muffin w butter and last of my jam, 2 mandarins, chorizo
            1145 more coffee, jalepeno cheddar scone
            405 curry/rice 2 mandarin
            530 coffee
            945 coffee (this was so I could wait in warm pizza place instead of outside for bus..should of bought water)
            1045 .....4 slices of bacon pizza, dipped in garlic butter, eaten in hot bath to try to steam lungs so I'd cough less


              70oz water 28oz coffee 24oz cocoa

              8am coffee
              11am lox avocado sammich, banana, coffee
              4pm coffee, curry, mandarin
              545 coffee
              930-1030 1 slice wait for bus pizza, pb crackers and cocoa once home (not buying more crackers when out)


                again w the water fail at work. I got a perfectly lovely swell bottle just sits on a shelf just inside stock room. I guess I need to set some alarm or just tell myself to go drink half a bottle every hr on the hr after all. This is absurd, and I KNOW it is contributing to my night time eating.

                36 oz water, 36 oz coffee, 24 oz hot cocoa
                730 coffee, scrambled eggs w ham and cream cheese, mandarin orange
                1230 big serving curry, some awesome tumeric tea a colleague gave me
                645 2 beef patties and a spinach roll
                730 cocoa!!


                  84oz water 29oz caffeine 8oz cocoa
                  915 coffee
                  1130 almonds and a mandarin
                  1pm coffee
                  4pm - 2 bowls beans/rice/chicken w cheese
                  830 mocha, pb cup


                    A fairly decent day 76oz water, 44oz caffeine
                    830 beans and rice, coffee
                    1130 yogurt, coffee
                    3pm coffee
                    430 salad, curry
                    7pm coffee
                    945 Turkey sammich

                    followed by I don't even know what, some def eating of feelings
                    64oz water 24oz coffee + 12oz coke
                    740 eggs, beans, avocado, coffee
                    12 burger, fries, coke
                    3pm coffee, redic coconut macaroon thing
                    430 beans, rice, avocado
                    945 pizza slice
                    1015 sushi - 2 salmon rolls


                      so ya. when my sleep is messed up (lots of late shifts when I also needed to get up early this week) my diet becomes trash, quickly.
                      60oz water, 56oz coffee, 8oz cocoa
                      830 beans and rice w a poached egg, coffee
                      1130 sausage egg cheese english muffin, coffee
                      130 coconut thing (again) coffee
                      330 curry, salad
                      9pm coffee, chicken fingers w garlic mayo

                      42oz water, 28oz coffee, 24 oz limeaide
                      7am coffee, pb choc thing (last one)
                      930 bacon egg cheese w tomato, coffee
                      1 curry... then coffee and coconut thing (I need to never have discovered these)
                      9pm nachos! and juice


                        Yesterday was a better day.
                        76oz water, 24oz caffeine
                        8am coffee
                        1030 kind bar
                        1pm 2 dishes of chicken and brown rice w broccoli, cartots, and tomatoes w parmesan cheese
                        415 coffee
                        830 2 poached eggs on buttered toast, bit of chorizo


                          84oz water, 28oz caffeine, 8 oz booze (bloody mary), 8oz cocoa

                          social food day

                          645 coffee, yogurt
                          noon brunch w one of the few ppl I've kept in touch with from former job. Split order of ricotta fritters, coffee, bloody mary, "breakfast pasta" -sausage broccoli rabe and eggs in a creamy sauce w bucatini
                          4pm coffee
                          830 sushi - 2.5 rolls bc hubby sharked some. Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, salmon avo


                            72oz water, 12oz caffeine, 24 oz booze (3cocktails), 24oz milkshake

                            7am coffee, yogurt
                            930 post gym chorizo, baby bri, cucumber, mandarin
                            12 realized shrimp I bought had to be cooked that day...pre museum going shrimp linguine
                            5-730 snacky dinner w hubby, friend, joind by friend's husband. Bit of shortrib nachos, 2 cheese stuffed dates, 2 phylo rolled pork things they served in an adorable cigar box, lavash bread w hummus, olives, many shishito pepper, 1 toast w salmon and capers. 3 cocktails - gin, st germain and prosecco, so good.
                            9pm chocolate milkshake


                              36oz water, 20oz caffeine, 16oz cocoa
                              7am hb eggs, brie, cucumber, chorizo, mandarin, coffee
                              10am fruit salad, coffee
                              12 chicken and rice w carrots, mandarin
                              415 100 cal pack dried green peas w garlic someone gave me
                              730 turkey sammic, mandarin
                              830 popcorn w paprika, toast w cinnamon sugar and butter

                              36oz water, 28oz coffee
                              630 coffee
                              8am poached eggs over chickena nd rice
                              1145 brownie, coffee
                              4pm chicken and rice, mandarin
                              5pm coffee and coconut macaroon madness
                              10pm pizza

                              40 oz water, 32oz caffeine, 20oz booze (cider)
                              630 chorizo, brie, mandarins, cucumber, coffee
                              930 coffee
                              1015 coffee
                              230 bean stew, mandarinn
                              7p cider in honor of uncle ricky, totrlini w burrata and panchetta

                              62oz water 32oz caffeine 20oz juice
                              7am coffee, choizo, brie, mandarin
                              10 coffee
                              12 burger and fries
                              9 limeaide, chorizo nachos

                              Feb 1
                              74oz water, 36oz caffeine, 8oz cocoa
                              745 coffee
                              830 coffee, lox and avo sammich, yogurt
                              1015 coffee, small pastry that had nutella on
                              1pm banana, soprasada
                              745 cupcake
                              8pm burger w cheese (no roll) and broccoli cheddar tots
                              815 cocoa

                              Feb 2
                              66oz water, 28oz coffee
                              6am coffee
                              8am coffee, 2 egg omlette w broccoli, tomato, cheddar, and a side of bacon
                              11am more coffee
                              1230 tuna, cucumer w hummus, mandarin
                              2 some dark chocolate sharked from collegue
                              8pm haddock fillets (frozen>oven) w cucumber dill salad dressing in leiu of tartar sauce


                                96oz water, 24oz coffee
                                7am coffee
                                1035 overnight oats w pb, protein, frozen raspberries
                                1130 venti skim latte
                                3pm coffee
                                4 chicken breast, cuke, tomato, orange
                                9pm Turkey sammich
                                10pm popcorn w parmesan cheese