Still Struggling With Diet

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    Still Struggling With Diet

    I have a history of disordered eating which is probably contributing to this.

    Whenever I try to make any sort of change to my diet... it backfires - psychologically. I become temporarily obsessed with what to do, which leads to procrastination or just outright failure.

    Its not that I can't do it. It just becomes so obsessive ...for like... an hour or two, that I just 'give up' and don't do it. I become mentally tired out from thinking about it.

    I'm trying now to make the changes gradual. But I lose interest very quickly. So lowering my sugar in my tea by half a teaspoon every week might be less stressful than taking it away altogether, but I lose interest because of the time it takes. This is just an example of how it goes. (I don't actually use sugar in tea)

    When I'm not trying to do anything, it doesn't bother me - but when I'm not trying, my diet isn't so great. I either eat way too much or way too little, and if I were to eat whatever whenever right now, it'd probably be a gallon of coffee, half a bread (just dry) and 5 heaped teaspoons of peanut butter.

    Any suggestions to help this problem?

    While this might need more help than friendly advise you might just need to find the method that appeals to you.

    For example I'm a numbers whore so I count and weigh everything. When I'm getting a little worn out I will stop weighing a meal and just guess (I'm pretty good at it by this point) for a month or I will pick a macro (generally fat because I don't tend to eat enough) and make sure I hit that target and forget about the rest. When I'm feeling motivated I go all out and set a goal (gain, maintain, or lose) and hit that.

    There are tons of different methods out there you just need to find yours.


      In my situation I eat more when I've been working hard such as heavy weights or when I worked for a builder. When I was only doing Yoga and Tai Chi I would eat much less naturally.

      My advice is to somehow plan a weekly meal plan and stick to it. When we go grocery shopping we buy pretty much the same stuff every week, the veg and fruit, some meat and fish, milk eggs bread.

      Fruit is apples, pears, bananas, then sometimes something in season like peaches. Veg is mainly broccoli, zucchini, sometimes cauliflower, string beans, asparagus. salad stuff like long cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes.

      There's potatoes, onions, pasta/noodle and basmati rice, not every week. We make juice so buy carrots, beets, ginger and celery. We use that juice in smoothies and add lettuce, cooked kale, peanut butter, nuts and seeds.

      We buy walnut pieces, cashews, pumpkin seeds, dates, prunes from the bulk food store.

      I think just make a meal plan and no cakes or such, maybe if you go out and have coffee some place have banana walnut cake as a treat but don't keep that in the house. Basically we stick to a plan between me and me wife.

      Meat can vary a little, often there will be a fish meal, chicken. Steak not very often, Beef liver sometimes.

      So there's my breakfast, lunch and supper. evening snack can be PB&J on toast, bread is usually sprouted whole grain kind.