When to eat or not to eat, that is the question.

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    When to eat or not to eat, that is the question.

    Where to start... Maybe I should start with me first.

    I am a 45 year old IT manager that (tries to) train aikido 3 times a week. On days where I cannot do that, I (try) to complete one of the full body exercises here, or I skip rope, or play tennis, or watch tennis... or netflix

    Last summer I weighed 84kg and got down to 77kg after following a strict Power-Fast (intermittent) like diet without much exercising. Now I am back at 82kg at 178cm height. I know it'*s all about the discipline, but somehow I cannot keep on keeping on... sometimes I have a feeling that I take only 800kcal daily, sometimes a 1200kcal in one meal is due.

    Here's how my typical training day looks like:

    06:00 Shower and Shave
    07:30 Work
    12:00 Lunch - Work
    16:00 Snack - Work
    18:00 At home
    18:30 out to training
    19:00-22:00 Aikido Training
    22:30 back home

    23:00 Snack
    24:00 Bed time

    So... The problem is my work and training hours. I am affraid of starving myself before training, and also affraid of puking on the mat when my instructor throws me on it if I eat. Often, I eat so much that I stay home digesting instead of rolling on the mat. If I eat real late, I cannot sleep because I am still digesting.

    Any meaningfull meal plan that will not interfere with my training where I do not starve myself to death and sleep good is appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch!


    PS: I know that 6 hours of sleep is not healthy...

    Hi Slowhand!
    I have found that if I make lunch the main meal of the day, I don't need that much to eat at night. This is not hard for me because that is also how I grew up: breakfast and lunch were the main meals, dinner was just a little bit of left overs or yogurt and cereal.
    You could give that a try and have something small before training (like a banana with peanut butter, maybe?) and something small after training (like yogurt with nuts). Adjust what and how much as you experiment with what makes you feel good.
    Also, when I was doing some training after work, I would drink soylent or a small protein shake and that would take me through the training without feeling like throwing up, so you could try that as well. The trick is to not let you get full before training, at least for me.


      Slowhand Welcome!
      I agree with eyedoono. As for your sleeping.. looks like the training would keep you up late.. normal to not be able to sleep until a couple hours after training. Not sure what you can do about that, I’m sure the aikido is a set schedule, as is your work. ​​​

      Also if you don’t wanna starve, make sure you’re consuming enough protein! Necessary for building and maintaining muscle, and good for keeping you full. Have you taken a look at Darebee’s meal plans?


        eyedoono , Hedwiga Thanks!

        eyedoono is right, I should make lunch my main meal. I was avoiding that because it makes me sleepy in the afternoon meetings, but I guess it is the only logical way to have both balanced meal plan and training that I can enjoy.

        Tanks again guys*!

        *girls included



          I don’t know how helpful that will be


            Work makes life inconvenient esp when you want to train. Do you commute? You get home pretty late it seems. Do you eat breakfast? It seems akido is only three times a week. Perhaps create an akido schedule and meal plans for those days so that you can be ready for class physical digestion wise, and then you can get directly home and in bed. When I am working sometimes it is impossible for me to get adequate nutrition in so when hunger hits I just tell myself it is a sensation and it will pass. I know. It sounds a bit bad but I don't think that our bodies will actually let us starve ourselves. I like to make sure I can eat adequately at home and every where else it is up to fate. But I make food schedules.

            Like I used to have evening rehearsals from 6 to 8 or 3-6. So on those days I did not eat dinner. I ate a late lunch. I brushed my teeth before rehearsal and then did the two hour commute home and made a beeline to my bed. And was up six and a half hours later. On my busy weeks I made sure that only two days of the week were six and a half hours of sleep. 6 is too little. It is all about tweaking the time. Some days you will be hungry. Some days you will be tired. It is all part of the process. Figure out what works for you.

            Good luck.