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    • Continued working on spreadsheet. Not sure it's actually going to help. That's okay, trying new ideas means a bunch will fail.
    • Planned tomorrow's dinner: sauteed fish, homefries, herbed peas and a strawberry & peach crumble. Pulled fish and fruit from the freezer to fridge to defrost. Went ahead and mixed seasoning mixes for fish and homefries. Will go ahead and mix the crisp/crumble topping once MrLoverMan is done with the kitchen (today's his night to cook.)
      • I wouldn't mind another veg to go with this meal. For tomorrow, I'm working off what we have on hand. For future ideas... okra and cornbread or corn pudding/spoonbread are all that come to mind. I'm sure I can think up other veg side dishes. Salad. Hrmmmmmmm. Any ideas, Bees?


      Note to self: Apple Coleslaw will work for adding vitality and I have sufficient ingredients on hand for this.



        Sauteed Fish. I mixed up two spice mixtures and instead of just butter/oil and herbs had a dredging mixture designed for deep frying or sauteeing fish mixed with butter/oil. Oops! So, this turned out edible but not something to be repeated.

        Homefries. The mixture from the Ellyn Satter book was really good. Parmesan, paprika, and some other herbs. I wonder how much I can crowd these with them still baking up crispy instead of steaming. I wound up prepping two batches, which was far too time consuming, in my effort to not overcrowd the pans. I preferred the waxy potatoes over the starchy ones for this recipe. I needed to wait longer than I wanted to before turning them. When I tried to turn too early, they stuck to the pan. Next Steps: Create a recipe in Plan to Eat and tag. Slight preference to waxy potatoes over starchy. Experiment with how close I can crowd without trouble. Add this to a list of foods that can be prepped in bulk and eaten over time. Freezer friendly? More time consuming to prepare than say, the coleslaw below.

        Herbed Peas. Just peas. Didn't go to the community garden. Thus, no fresh herbs. And the plain peas were just lovely. Yay for freezers and microwaves. Next Step: make a list of herbs that are in the perennial garden at the community garden. Review list with head gardener.

        Apple Coleslaw. I've been trying to work out a coleslaw recipe that I actually like for ages. Finally! I've hit on one! This turned out really well. It also only took ~30 minutes to pull together. Next Step: Record a "base recipe" in Plan To Eat and tag. Add this to some sort of "Quick to Prepare Foods I can make in big batches and eat off of throughout the week" list.

        Strawberry & Peach Crumble. This one absolutely blew me away. I didn't know what to expect and was keeping my expectations low. It turned out... amazing... though. AND it's made out of ingredients that are either shelf stable, frozen, or last a really long time in the fridge. So, I think this will be entering a regular rotation. Next Step: Update receipe in PTE. Tag. Add to a list of recipes with similar key qualities.

        Pumpkin Custard. This I made not for dinner but for eating off of through out the week. It turned out well. I'm still working out the best method to dirty as few dishes as possible while still comfortably mixing all the ingredients. It's the first time I've considered that a stand mixer might be useful. Just a really big cheap bowl from a restaurant supply store may be sufficient, though. Next Step: Figure out volume of ingredients and then check local restaurant supply to price out a large stainless steel bowl.



        Today and tomorrow are off kilter from my regular schedule. So, I may or may not have food-related updates. Will return on Saturday!
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