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    I found ground beef sort of tuff and I would simmer for hours, chicken it's always tender, this week turkey meat balls but they were dry which I find with turkey fresh sausage, chicken was better. Have sometimes bought ground pork but not often but really like good quality pork sausage, there's a meat stand at the market that has a variety of large fresh sausage. I have made burgers out of fresh beef and pork not often used ground lamb.

    I have zero diet restrictions, I'll eat anything I like, for the most part it is good healthy. At 67 have no health problems or on any medication which I'm told is a good thing.


      Hmm... I think my favorite meat recipe so far are turkey and sage breakfast patties found here: Since we're all talkin' meat.

      As for sweet tooth indulgence... I make those from scratch... And for a special holiday recipe:

      1/4 cup cacao butter
      2 tbsp cacao powder
      1 tbsp dark and rich maple syrup

      fresh mandarin orange slices (wipe off any extra pulp juice that may have caused the oranges to become moistened)
      crushed almond slivers

      Carefully melt the cacao butter in a heat-resistant bowl over a pot of boiling water (not in the water or directly in a pot). It's very important that NO water droplets find their way into the bowl or it'll affect the consistency of the chocolate.
      After the cacao butter is melted, remove from heat immediately, and carefully sift the cacao powder into the butter. Stir to blend, followed by the maple syrup.
      Let sit just long enough to not be too hot to the touch anymore (not too long, or it'll harden), stir one more time, and dip the mandarin orange slices halfway into the dark chocolate mixture. Set to solidify on freezer paper.
      Before the chocolate is hardened, sprinkle a pinch of crushed almond slivers over each slice.

      That's it! This particular recipe is pretty easy and looks decadent.

      And anyone trying for one of those "New Year, New You" type programs, I look forward to seeing some excellent "salad of the day" options. Most people don't consider salads to be comfort foods, but not only are salads pretty simple to make and have amazing emotional and well-being benefits, but if you make them right, you won't even notice the green leaves that you just added to your plate. My best salads come on sandwiches... HAHAHA! (I can't believe how funny I actually thought that was )


        I have some friends with teething babies, and even though this isn't comfort food for us, here's some comfort you can provide of you are parent to one such poor tot:

        1) Frozen fruit (especially bananas), fruit juice, or fruit smoothie pops. Why? Because it's cooling, which soothes inflammation and throbbing, and fruit is sweet. To a baby who's new to foods, sugar is baby crack. It's why some doctors still recommend karo syrup to sooth just about any infant/toddler ailment. Foods that contain citric acid are hard on some babies because of the burning on cut baby's gums, but if it's cold-flu season, definitely consider antioxidant-rich ingredients.

        2) Clove! It's better than Orajel (Benzocaine, for those who don't follow brand names), and more natural. If you use essential oils, 1 drop clove to 4oz fractionated coconut oil. If you're herbal, but not EO, crush a whole clove, make a paste with 2 tbsp olive oil, and rub the paste over the ache.

        3) Warm jello water! Why? Because it's baby crack on steroids! I recommend the green jello... It doesn't soothe the ache as much as it give the baby a warm, comforted, full-bellied feeling that puts them to sleep easier. I'm sure if our ancestors knew about green jello, babies would've been spared the rum. HAHAHA!

        4) Teething necklaces! I wish I had known about these things when mine were young. They are meant for the adults to wear while handling the babies. DO NOT PUT THEM ON YOUR TOTS UNSUPERVISED! Strangulation is a real concern! Amber necklaces are cool and soothing before teeth break through, and the silicone ones are excellent for after the first break.

        5) Finally, you may want to invest in a baby swing and a digital copy of "The Music Man". Sometimes, you're just lucky in that you have one of those kids that will ONLY settle down while in constant motion. Your arms and legs will wear out walking the block, and the moment you stop the car, your baby will start screaming again... For your sanity, get a baby swing, put on a bright, colorful, musical classic, and go take a nap. If sleep is hard to come by, warm jello water is not limited to babies... It really hits the spot!


          It's been a while since I've done anything here on Darebee, but here's something that I thought I'd put out.. Some people like grits, and I'm not one of them... I don't mind loaded grits for breakfast, but they've always felt like a nuisance to make. So, here's my "Grit Cake" recipe: 1 cup almond meal, 1 egg, 1 tbsp coconut oil... Stir it all together, put it in a greased (I used coconut oil) 2-cup measure oven-safe dish, and bake at 350F degrees for about 10 minutes (until outside edges are golden and crisp like a cookie)... Note that this is a basic recipe for a giant "grit" biscuit... You can add some salt to bring out its flavor, and make it either sweeter or loaded... If you want, you can mash the mixture into the bottom of a muffin tin and make a whole bunch of tiny cakes to munch on the go, but I don't have a particular cook time for those. They could end up too crisp. The grit cake is meant to be crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, but have its "grits" texture all throughout. Keep in mind that this recipe is bland without a little salt. And for all who are familiar with "milk chunks", let me know how that goes!