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    What's the order we should follow

    I recently started the 30 days of change program and I was wondering if the order written matter ?
    Should we do part 1 of the day before part 2 or it doesn't matter ?
    Thanks for your answers and good luck with your journey !

    Hello Zimbou, and welcome to the Hive!

    As a rule, yes, the written order does matter. For day 1 of 30 days of change, for example, if you do the second part before the first one, it may fatigue your muscles excessively before running, and since the latter is a high-impact exercise, it may make you more prone to injury.

    Note that I used "may" twice. In a lot of cases, you'll be able to switch the two parts without noticing much of a difference, but it still makes more sense to do them in the prescribed order.

    I hope this helps.

    (Note: tu as posté ta question dans la section française, mais en anglais. Du coup, j'ai répondu dans la même langue. Mais si tu préfères une réponse en français, n'hésite pas à demander!)


      Salut redline,

      merci pour ta réponse et pour tes supers explications. Et je n'avais pas remarqué qu'il y'avait différentes sections avec les langues ahahah ducoup merci pour ça aussi !

      Bonne journée