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    Fireheart Combining Programs

    This question has probably been asked a few times with a variety of answers, but could not find an answer pertaining to Fireheart.

    Is it possible to combine a program like Strength Protocol with Fireheart to increase the strength training side of things?

    I don't want to stop punching and kicking, but want to add some more bodyweight muscle building to the program if possible.

    If you consider combat, as in shadow boxing, as cardio, here is a thread for you:
    and more specific:

    As an overall thought: It might be possible for some, not for others.
    It depends on a lot of variables. We do not know your gender, age, goals or fitness-level. So it is impossible to give valid answers to very specific questions.

    With that in mind:
    If you consider SP, with all its Pistol Squats and L-Sits, clapping and one-am pushups, you seem quite advanced. So what the heck, give it a try. A couple of Fireheart sets might be a good warmup.

    Best is to find out for yourself and listen to your body.
    Take care.


      Thanks a lot for the informative reply. I am not on a level where I can actually combine such programs yet, but I am planning on doing this in the future, as soon as I have reached a comfortable level with Fireheart which is still quite challenging for me.