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What if I do the classic workouts as circuits or superset combos?

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    What if I do the classic workouts as circuits or superset combos?

    Hi y'all,
    (first post!) I've been following Darebee programs since March. I had hernia surgery in April and had weight restrictions during recovery, so I've either been doing bodyweight programs like 30 Days of Gravity or resistance programs like Iron Heart with low weight. I've really enjoyed the programs because I can do them in 15-25 min before work, and I've found it easier to stick with than any other time I've started a strength regimen. Now that I'm more or less fully recovered from the surgery, I'd really like to work on getting stronger and, frankly, looking fitter too.

    I've been doing my Darebee workouts (I'm now I'm on day 21 of IronBorn) as circuits so far. So, for example, if the workout is all of these from Iron Born, then I'll do a set of each back to back, usually with just enough rest to switch weights and positions, but, regardless, I try to spend less than 30 seconds between each exercise, and then no more than 2 minutes before doing a set of each again.

    I've recently read on The Hive and also Nerd Fitness that if your aim is strength gains, then traditional exercise programs (doing all the sets of one exercise before moving on) is the best way to go. So my question (finally) is how bad is doing a workout as a circuit (or maybe pairing up exercises as supersets?) instead of as written? By bad I mean less likely to give me the results I want/more likely to lead to injury. The main reason I want to do it this way is that doing a short workout everyday has been much easier to maintain as a habit than longer workouts 2-4 times a week. And I just enjoy alternating between the exercises more than doing all my sets at once. Of course I've always assumed that the programs here on Darebee are meant to be done daily anyway, right? And it won't take me much more time to do it the proper way, I suppose. It's not as big a deal now because I'm a teacher off work for the summer, but once I'm back at work, five or ten minutes saved can make a difference.

    Sorry for the long explanation, thanks for your help!

    Darebee's programs are intended to be done as specified for best results, as has been explained several times but many of us for various reasons modify them to better suit our needs.
    A simple example is someone who does not exercise every day and therefore makes a program last longer than the 30 days usually expected.
    Personally I have tried to experiment with various modifications and I have come to the conclusion that for me the important thing is to continue training every day and have fun so as a general rule I try to follow the program I have chosen but I do not hesitate to modify it if I feel like it or need


      Doing those exercises as written fatigues and damages the muscles (in the good way!) so you're more likely to see strength gains quicker. Doing the exercises as a circuit won't give you those same gains, but if you're not in a hurry for those, and if you enjoy doing things the way you're doing them, then that's fine. Accept that you probably won't see those gains quickly but if you're exercising and enjoying what you're doing, by my way of thinking, that's the important thing.