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Lifestyle : Sleep schedule and sleeping on the back

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    Lifestyle : Sleep schedule and sleeping on the back


    1) My current life situation allows me to sleep at any time I want - so it always ends up with me going to sleep at 5 AM and waking up at 2-3 AM. Sometimes later. Currently I'm kinda in-between, which is worse.
    Cutting down screen time and applying some discipline is an obvious answer, but I would still appreciate advice on the general approach.
    I tried two things :

    A) Going to sleep an hour or two later each day
    B) Not sleeping for a day and trying to push through the next one, going to sleep at an appropriate time.

    With A it's just hard to stop and establish a new regime. With B I always end up going to sleep mid-day. Sounds like a discipline problem, but it genuinely feels like my body goes zombie-mode and leads me to bed. Also feels bad as hell.
    Even if I reach some temporary equilibrium and get myself to sleep like a normal human being for 3 days or more - it's always "when" will I break, not "if".

    2) Sleeping on the back. Pretty self-explanatory - it clearly has enormous benefits, especially for a fat man like myself, but my body just refuses to go sleep-mode in that position.

    Any advice?

    You may have heard these things already, but the first thing people recommend if you're having sleep issues is to set up a good sleep space and practice good sleep hygiene.

    - set a specific bedtime and wake-up time and try to stick to them
    - use your bed only for sleep or sex (no reading, TV/movies/screens, etc)
    - no coffee, soda, or other obvious caffeine/sugar intake during the two hours before bedtime
    - no naps

    Those are some starting points. Obviously adjust as needed. You can also try melatonin or valerian root at bedtime if you need something to fall asleep faster.

    Good luck!


      Thanks! I'll need it. We are talking about fixing a multi-year habit of going ballistic on my poor circadian rhythm.

      - "Setting" is easy. "Sticking with it" is another matter entirely... :.D
      - I allow myself some ASMR from time to time... And it helps, in a way, to sleep in the moment, but maybe cutting it out entirely will help with the bigger picture, ja. Will try.
      - Already on that!
      - None of those in my house.

      Using sedatives and hormones is an option... That I prefer to avoid without consulting with my physician. But the option itself completely eluded me. Needs pondering.


        Great advice so far - also making sure you get bright light (ideally natural light) when you do wake up/intend to wake up. That helps jumpstart your circadian rhythm in your "morning." I like to wind down with a hot shower/bath before bed to lower cortisol and help promote better sleep.