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Stretching after certain workouts

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    Stretching after certain workouts

    Hello there Hive!

    I wanted to ask an odd question, but one that I can't really find an answer to.

    So after every workout of a program, I do some stretching and it often, if not always, felt necessary for me to do so.
    However, this program that I'm doing at the moment has some workout days that ressemble just an intense stretch session. For example, doing 3 sets of 40 leg raises for each leg. Nothing else.

    I'm confused as to if that specifically requires any stretching as the workout itself seems to be an intense stretching? Or am I getting it wrong and leg raises are an actual workout that requires stretching afterwards?

    This might be a very specific question, but I'd be glad if someone could clarify this for me and, if anyone feels like I need to hear about it, lecture me on stretching after workouts. Needless to say, but I got really into working out with the help of Darebee and the community has helped me so far learn all about it!

    Thank you!

    When I do leg raises from laying on a mat it's more for my lower abs. Sometimes hold a dumbbell with feet and lift 90°. In a Yoga class we would come up and grasp the feet then it's a stretch.